Sesame Seed Lovin’

Finally, my ode to sesame seeds! But first – Tanya (, and I launched a new blog site!  It’s called Healthy Yum. It’s similar to some communities that are already out there, but ours is dedicated to health. You can submit photos from blogs, comment on them, vote on them, subscribe to a newsletter (with healthy ideas and recipes), and gaze at lovely healthy food photos all day long.


Okay, back to mr. sesame… I my quest to get more healthy fats, I’ve fallen in love with sesame seeds.  I’ve been putting them on everything – breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert.  I wake up to sesame seeds in my PBU (peanut butter + chocolate milk blend) oat bran.

12 sesame oat bran

I make salads of shredded chayote, dressing, and sesame seeds.

15 sesame chayote

I make salads of broccoli slaw (finally found it! It’s delicious), dressing, and sesame seeds.

14 sesame broccoli slaw

The dressing I’ve been using is by Bolthouse Farms – it’s an Olive Oil Vinaigrette – Tropical Mango flavor.  Delicious.

bolthouse vinaigrette

You didn’t think I would forget kabocha, did you?  Of course not – it’s even better with my new favorite seed.

16 sesame kabocha

Bobby loves sesame seeds too.  This was our breakfast on Sunday – Bobby’s was umeboshi soba noodles, some meat and onions, and lots of sesame seeds.  Mine was miso soup (+ sesame seeds) and peanut butter oat bran (+ sesame seeds).

13 weekend lunch

I did a little research (thanks, Wikipedia! you’re not good enough for my old college professors, but you’re good enough for me!).  Sesame seeds are rich in manganese, copper, and calcium.  They also have vitamin B1 and vitamin E. They contain lignans (which have anti-cancer and antioxidant qualities).  Awesome!

Don’t forget to check out Healthy Yum!

(P.S. Yesterday I did a yoga handstand.  It’s about time.  I’ve been practicing it for a month! I tapped against the wall after about 5 seconds though.)

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  1. Love sesame seeds AND headstands…. I haven’t tried that in a while…balance all awhack after pregnancy….should give it a go!

    I’m off to go check out healthy yum


  2. All the sesame seed covered dishes look yummy! The seeds at a great color and appeal to the meals too. Yay for the handstand 😀

  3. Congrats on the headstand! That’s so awesome, I’m not quite there yet but hope to be sometime 🙂

    Congrats also on the new website!!!

  4. Oooh–I need to try that dressing. I am getting burnt out of our favorite (Newman’s Asian Sesame, of course!).
    I already love Healthy Yum. Such a great idea. I am pondering and hoping to come up with a yummy submission 🙂

  5. I was so excited to see my email about Healthy Yum too! What an awesome idea!!!

    I have to say it felt good driving by McD’s this morning with my smoothie in hand 🙂

  6. I’m excited about the new website!
    Sesame seeds are tasty. Congrats on the handstand!! I’m still working on getting better at headstand. Handstand seems soooo hard!

  7. I like sesame seeds a lot too but forgot about it for a while, thanks for remind me! 🙂 I just registered on Healthy Yum, it’s such a great site!!! 🙂 You should have told us about that…. for how long you’ve been planning that? I loveeeeee it!!!

  8. I’ve already checked out Healthy Yum, Maggie, and I’ve already registered! I think it’s a brilliant idea! Yay! And haha, way to sneak us up on that one! No wonder you were gone from the blogosphere for quite some time…

    And also, I do love sesame seeds, too, but esp black ones…apparently they prevent your hair from turning white soon! haha!

  9. whoa that’s awesome you did a yoga handstand.. i’m still working on my headstand
    congrats on the new site– i love it!

  10. Healthy Yum looks great! And woah, I’ve totally been neglecting sesame seeds! I haven’t had them in a long time–I need to pick some up. Your post has inspired me, haha.

    Congrats on the yoga handstand! Thanks awesome 😀

  11. I am also in love with the dear sesame seed. They’re delicious sprinkled on tofu for a stir-fry…

    Have you ever had Bumble Bars? They’re a great snack and the main ingredient is none other than sesame seeds. Very nutritious, very delicious (and no, they didn’t pay me to say that.)

  12. P.S. I just tried to register at HealthyYum and it told me my url is invalid? Not sure what to do now, as it’s what it’s always been 🙁

  13. congrats and thanks on creating healthy yum – it’s beautiful already! and congrats on the handstand! i am so far from there, but someday…someday it will happen.

  14. i am lovin up on your eats – ive always wanted to try chayote since seeing it on the food network, but can’t find it anywhere. yay for sesame seed love!

  15. I feel like sesame seeds are underrated! Hooray for a post on them 🙂 I’ve never thought about putting them on cooked oats.

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