My own healthy yums

I’ve been enjoying lots of healthy yums recently…  Like fried chicken and kabocha.  Yep, I ate fried chicken.  It was from Whole Foods and I mostly scraped off the outside bit.

22 kabocha chicken

And of course I had a salad with it.

20 salad

The salad was red (or green?) leaf lettuce, corn (that came with the fried chicken), daikon sprouts, red onion, bolthouse’s mango vinaigrette, and sesame seeds.

21 salad closeup

I found a new squash at Whole Foods called Kuri squash – it looked pretty similar to kabocha, so I thought I would give it a try.

19 kuri squash

But it was unripe. Summertime stinks for getting good squash.  I cut it in small thin pieces and spread them out on a plate, then microwaved them for 3-4 minutes.  It wasn’t the best, but it was okay.

24 micro kuri

I chewed on them almost like squash chips. Speaking of squash…

I had a long chat with my Grammie yesterday (she lives in New Jersey and I don’t get to see her much) and discovered that maybe I inherited my love for kabocha.  She loves it too.  We chatted about engagement stuff (she’s thrilled), moving back east, and lots of randoms.  We can always talk for a while.  I think she’s nearing 90 (she’s at least 85) but she’s very sharp.  I miss her a lot.

On my agenda for today – yoga, working on Healthy Yum, and finding coconut milk kefir that Heather reviewed today.  I hope I can get it at Whole Foods.

Hope y’all have a lovely Friday! It’s almost the weekend – what are your plans? I have parent-teacher conferences tomorrow night and I’m seeing a comedy show afterwards. We’re seeing a Coldplay concert but I think that’s on Monday. I might get in a farmers’ market run too.

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  1. Coldplay – so jealous Maggie as I would love to see them live!

    My weekend – work, yoga, lunch on Sunday with the girls, Tour watching, time with CD. Looking forward to it!

    Sorry about the Kuri squash…maybe Whole Foods will redeem themselves by having the coconut milk kefir…although I don’t think it’s even up on the company’s website yet. Hope you find it soon. I think you’ll love it. 🙂

  2. you get to have “chats” on the phone with grammie! I never had that! must be so nice to have a chat with you elder family members…

    I am gonna have to be that grammie some day… my lil grand kidlets…nana??? how do you make pulp cookies again?

    No plans this weekend…JJ’s cutting teeth hard so I plan on just emptying my calendar, juicing and keeping him cool and comfy. poor bubba.

    lots of ENTERPRISE, reading my KINDLE and playing in the kitchen while hanging with my MAN!

    sounds pretty nice to me!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Mmm, salad looks delicious… makes me wish we had a Whole Foods around here somewhere. But alas, Eastern Washington is a little slow on the uptake for that one. 😀

    Congrats on all the success Healthy Yum has had so far! Seems like it’s really taking off, and I’ve been checking it out daily to see all the great new recipes, etc. that everyone’s been posting. Hope it continues!

  4. Your grandma sounds adorable–haha, both my grandmas love kabocha too. Maybe we are secretly related, Maggie, and have the kabocha gene?

    I am sadly lactose intolerant too, but able to handle most yogurts. So maybe pinkberry will be ok for your tummy?

    Healthy Yum is so awesome–I finally submitted something 🙂

    I think I will be doing some grocery shopping, regular shopping, and getting some sushi this weekend. Mmm. Hope you have a lovely Friday too!!!

  5. Hi Maggie,
    I haven’t had a chance to visit Healthy Yum yet. Maybe I’ll get to do that later:) I know what you mean about finding good squash now. The last kabocha I got wasn’t that great. I’ve never seen the Kuri squash before.

    This weekend–on the hunt for the coconut milk kefir. I bet it’s not around here yet though. I have to work tomorrow but also planning on doing some hot yoga:) My fave!!

  6. That salad looks really good. I am gonna try to get that mango dressing …right now I am addicted to Annie’s HoneyMustard Vinagerette.. My grandma is like 86 and she is still sharp like your grandma too that’s so awesome. My grandma always is fun to talk about her Judge Judy and her Soaps ahahha! Hillarious! MMMM that chicken looks so good!

  7. Good luck at PTCs. No big plans this weekend. My 2 nieces do have birthdays though. I am still recuperating from my holiday weekend. hehe


  8. I’ve tried those kabochas too, and sometimes they’re really good and sweet and dense. so I guess you just got the wrong one. Actually I think these are more common in Japan than the green kabocha!
    oh…. talking about kabocha just made me crave it!! I haven’t had it for almost two weeks now! really miss it!!!!

  9. haha, can you really inherit a love for kabocha? Strange, my parents don’t like it much. But then, they are weirdos. They only like stinky miso and kimchi and squid. Erk.
    That’s too bad abt the kuri! I hope that was just a dud. I’ve never come across a pumpkin I didn’t like!

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