Sunnybowl Dinner

Before the concert (Coldplay) on Monday night, Bobby and I grabbed a quick dinner at a local Korean restaurant.  It’s called Sunnybowl – Balance Your Nutrition: Well Being Korean Restaurant. it’s right next to Microsoft and so is Shoreline Ampitheatre – the perfect location. Sunnybowl is a Bi-Bim-Bap place – they only serve different types of cold bi bim bap (a rice-y salad of veggies, egg, and meat or tofu over rice with a spicy red sauce and oil). This is from their website (beef bowl).  What you get looks just as fresh and delicious (see below)!


After seeing Food, Inc. (review to come) I did not want to order a meat dish. I don’t know where they get their meat and I don’t want to take chances. Even Bobby was affected by this movie and made his choices accordingly.  I decided to get the regular size “Tofu & Broccoli” ($5.50 total).  I finished everything but a little bit of the rice (which is hiding underneath). Those are orange slices in the upper left.

11 tofu bi bim bap

Bobby opted for the large “Shrimp & Fishcake” (seafood instead of meat!) which was $7.50.  It’s a dollar more for the large, but we couldn’t tell the difference between our sizes. That’s red sauce + oil in the upper left. He finished it all, of course, except for the cherry tomato (he gave it to me).

12 shrimp bi bim bap

With each dish comes fresh kimchee, red sauce + oil (premixed), and dessert.  If you do takeout the dessert is fresh orange slices; if you eat in it’s a little cup of frozen yogurt. I snagged both of our kimchees and also doubled up on red sauce and oil. There’s some yummy sauce that was drizzled on top of my tofu and Bobby’s shrimp – it was brown and sweet.  It was a really nice addition.

We’ll definitely be back to Sunnybowl as soon as we can.  It’s cheap, fresh, healthy, and my favorite kind of food.

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  1. I am so impatient, it is awful. Question for you about your tofu choice. I saw Food, Inc last night — did the information about soybeans factor your decision to order tofu? Of course, it us FAR better to order tofu than meat that came from who knows where, but I was just curious!

  2. Your dinner out looks sooo good and fresh!
    We just did Chipotle the other day too! perfect for everyone!

    patience comes with time and practice. I definately AM impulsive…AND calm (depends on the situation) if it’s about my weight…I struggle…or anything that causes me anxiety.

    I am much better now than I used to be (and I am much easier and forgiving of myself too)

    our life has been ALL ABOUT waiting and is just NOW becoming, to me, a more normal kind of life. but for a good decade (or more) it seemed all my goals, dreams, etc…were just shelfed and that is the most IMPOSSIBLE feeling and no escape (except eating RIGHT!?)

    you are doing FAB and your food choices are wonderful!
    just get your mind on other things!

    Happy Wednesday

  3. Oh my gosh that sounds soooo amazing! One of my favorite foods is bibimbap, and that is definitely and healthy twist. I prefer mine without meat, but restaurants usually have beef in there 😛 I wish we had one of those places up here!

    I’m so glad that you were able to control your binges and realize that you need to gain weight a healthier way! I have to say I am an impatient person too. When I want to lose weight, I just feel like starving myself, but I know that it won’t get me anywhere (and very very unhealthy!!). This is extremely frustrating, but being healthy is sooo much more important!!!

  4. That salad looks amazing! I wish I lived near that restaurant. I can be so impatient too–I’ve been impatient with weight before, and with fitness improvements. I had surgery 3 weeks ago and I’ve been SO anxious to workout again! I got cleared to start next week, but it’s just been hard to be patient. Everyone keeps saying to just take it easy, I’ll have the rest of my life to work out. I know that, and it’s good advice. Still… I want to do everything now 😉

  5. that dinner looks incredible! so fresh.

    i feel your frustration on taking the weight gain slow and steady. i remember just wanting it to be over. it feels so slow and so often uncomfortable. just keep at it and remember that you’re doing it the right way! meal planning is definitely a good, helpful thing too!

  6. grrr…i feel ya. sometimes i have those crazy nights where i go overboard eating a ridiculous amount of something i (perceive) to be unhealthy…or i”ll just have 4 helpings of the same dinner (of which i only show one on the blog) and even though i get frustrated as all hell, i try to remind myself that nothing is permanent and change is a long term project. im just like you – i want results yesterday.

  7. I’m the most impatient person ever. I used to get mad because I couldn’t feel myself getting abs from doing crunches after running, but eventually they showed up. Usually if I see a small sign that something I’m doing is working, I get less impatient. But most of the time I just want things to happen!

  8. I am definitely impatient!:) It can be so frustrating at times because when I want something done–I want it done YESTERDAY! The food looks yummy. I don’t think I’ve ever had Korean.

  9. Oh dear, I am definitely the most impatient person in the world. I hear you, about hating that long process and wanting to get there, FAST. But I found out that my impatience only ultimately set me back, and now I’m learning to take it slow, one day and one step at a time.
    Bibimbap! Remember, you don’t even have to pay that much to make it at home! Hee hee! Then you can put the meat you can trust in there…Bibimbap is really best with good meat 🙂

  10. I feel ya! It’s especially tough with weight loss because when we DONT see the progress we want to see, it’s easy to say “screw it” and go back to normal habits. But, you are doing awesome and I have faith that you will get to where you want to be! Keep it up! 🙂

  11. I like that balanced bowl, it looks like the balanced plate that I had in Argentina. ommmggggg….. so good and pretty! 🙂

    I used to be impatient about what I want to get/achieve, but I think during last 2/3 years I’ve grown up and learned that everything takes time and there’s no need/help rushing it!

  12. Impatient for sure. That food looks good. I really wish we had more healthy places like that around Nashville. So awesome that you stopped yourself last night. You should really give yourself a pat on the back because that is a big step. You can do it today. Eat good and drink lots of water, don’t leave your stomach empty 🙂


  13. I would go to Sunnybowl for the name alone 😛

    I am a very impatient person- I want instant results and quick fixes. But, I also want long-term solutions and slow and steady is better for that.

    Good luck with today- I plan my meals in advance with a little flexibility, and it works for me 🙂

  14. we are all impatient in that respect – just try to keep eating healthy, working out and not focusing too much on the number. then in a couple weeks, see where you are at. i always feel I do better when i don’t think about it too much – then i want to start shoving my face with food too. you will get there, no worries 🙂

    lovin that korean food!

  15. Good job on coming up with a meal plan for a full day. That definitely helps people have a sense of control (whether needing to gain or lose weight). I plan out most days, honestly. It helps. A Lot.


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