Some favorites

I had a really nice breakfast yesterday.  It had lots of healthy fats, and was filling, and creamy, and very nutritious.

10 oatbran pb granola

This was oat bran, peanut butter, chocolate soy milk (just a splash), then topped with sesame seeds, granola, and some cherry preserves (no sugar, just fruit sweet).

I’ve been going through my old posts, and I wanted to share some of my favorite meals of all time.






Before I forget – Clare is having a Nut Butter giveaway. It sounds pretty awesome 🙂 Go check it out, but don’t enter because I want to win 😀 Just kidding. Sort of.

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  1. I want to hug you! You’ve been doing so great, this is just a minor setback and now you will be back on track. Try not to let it get you down too much… Yoga sounds like a great idea, and maybe try to get into a good novel to take your mind off things. Remember, no one can be perfect 100% of the time, we all have our things… all you can do is your best, which is what you have been doing.


    big big hugs and love to you CHICA
    the bluey blues are going around.

    your food is awesome…maybe it’s just combining issues or something!

    anyways….much love your way!

  3. sending a hug. don’t beat yourself up. today’s a new day, and you’re doing just fine. no one is ever perfect! and yoga always helps! 🙂

  4. I’m sorry, Maggie. I understand though. Don’t see it as a defeat. It’s just a tiny bump in the road. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed by any means. You’re doing lots of wonderful things for your health. Try to relax, and not dwell on it.
    *Bear Hug*

  5. Don’t worry, everyone has bad days! Otherwise, how would we know what a good day is? Keep strong and the good days will start outnumbering the bad!

  6. Sending a big virtual hug to you!!! I feel kinda icky/ funky today but I’m trying everything to snap out of it – about to put on the ginger tea and curl up with my library find – the latest Dean Koontz book!

  7. *HUGS* Aww, Maggie, don’t beat yourself up for that one time! You’ve been doing fabulously and I know you can jump back again. Just remember that we are human and not meant to be perfect. Little mistakes here and there are ok! It’s all part of the learning process (I hope this all didn’t sound cliche!). Being sick once isn’t going to affect the rest of your life, or matter later on.

    We’re all here for you <3 Hope you feel better!!!!

  8. Concentrate on your victories, Maggie. Slipping up will always, always be a part of progress! It just happens less and less frequently until, soon, it barely ever happens at all (but it still can pop up every once in a while). Don’t feel defeated, dear. It isn’t your fault or any sign of weakness on your part; it’s just the nature of recovery, okay? Be strong and keep on chugging along.

    Everything will be okay. <3

  9. i would love to give you a huge hug right now girl 🙁 leave last night in the past and try to embrace this new day with a clear mind and clean slate!

    lots of love to you and my email is always open if you ever need to chat 🙂

    xo, Jenny

  10. {{{{{{Maggie}}}}}} Sorry things are tuff for you right now. Just do the next right thing until you feel all better. Yoga is a great idea.

  11. gosh hun, I am sorry to hear about your rough day, here is a quote I use to get me through trying times… “I am stronger than this moment”. Although you feel defeated at the moment, you can overcome this and be stronger than you were in the past moments. I now cheesy, but kinda holds true… maybe?
    Sending you a hug of course 🙂

  12. big hugs Maggie!!! Email me if you want to chat!!!
    I heart you!!! I’ll be sending you positive energy!!!

    Your breakfast combo looks delicious!!!!~~~

  13. Oh hon I’m so sorry!! Big hugs coming your way! I wanted to comment on yesterday’s post and ran out of time but I totally understand how you feel. I get really impatient too, and stressed/ upset, and have also been having the same troubles the last few weeks culminating in the worst the night before last. My stomach is still mad at me for it and I don’t want to look at any nut butters for a while 😐
    Don’t feel defeated though and don’t give up, it doesn’t negate all your hard work up until now, you just pick up and keep going.
    Focus on destressing and treating yourself well and you’ll get through this.
    Email me if you need anything and maybe we can work out some strategies together!

  14. Oh baby girl – sending you the biggest hug from Nashville right now. It’s 3:45 AM where you are…do you feel my tight squeeze in your sleep?

    The Futters Nut Butter – don’t even try to win it…That one is so mine my friend. 😉

    Off to do my own yoga flow. So not feeling the studio today.

  15. You know my spiel–new day, new chance to feel healthy! (And a chance to win free hummus.)

    Learn something from this minor little stumble, figure out how you can handle things better next time and move on. What can help, too, is writing down what you’re feeling right after the craptacular series of events–how crappy you feel, why you did it, how you hate that feeling, etc.

    Then the next time you’re headed in that direction, read what you wrote. Making yourself be aware of the guilt and frustration you are heading towards can sometimes be just what you need to turn things around!

  16. Hey Maggie,
    Hugs, hugs, hugs! You know I’ve been there. You know what the beauty of it is? Tomorrow is another day. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be tomorrow…a new minute just started as I am typing this comment 😉 I hope you are feeling better since you have posted this.

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