Diner Food

We decided to go NJ-diner-style for dinner last night. I looked up “breakfast food” on Yelp.com and stumbled across American Diner in Sunnyvale.  This is what I got:

25 breakfast

That is 1/2 a Belgian waffle, 2 halves of French toast, and a fruit cup.  I also poured some HFCS-free (!) maple syrup on top.  It was a very large portion and I did actually finish the whole plate (well, I didn’t finish that huge pat of butter – but probably half of it).  I also had some of Bobby’s muffin and a bite of his ham (eh – I’m not really feeling meat so much ever since Food, Inc.). American Diner was actually pretty cute, but… not really a place that we’ll be going back to very often.  It was very – well, diner-ey.

24 american diner

Another food I got the other day was protein powder.  I bought this on Wednesday and I have tried it several ways, but so far my favorite is added to oat bran.

protein powder

The company is Jarrows Formulas (link to nutritionals and ingredients).  This product is vegan and vegetarian. They use non-GMO soybeans (a must).  One serving has a whopping 25 grams of protein and only 110 calories.  It is not sweetened at all and it has spirulina.  I made a bowl of oat bran with peanut butter, protein powder, and sesame seeds. It was fabulous.

21 protein oat bran

The protein powder gives the oat bran a strange/odd/different consistency.  It’s a little chalky, but it’s not bad.  I had to add some extra water because I think it sops up more water and makes the oat bran fluffier.  And greener!

Today I plan on going to Borders to look at a new book that Cindy recommended. What are your plans this week?

P.S. It’s my wonderful mom’s birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I miss you!

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  1. So glad you’re feeling better! That french toast waffle meal looks amazing, I want that now! I’m really happy you ordered it. It’s so good for us to do things like that sometimes. I might make some whole wheat challah french toast for Rob this weekend actually.

  2. That waffle meal looks so good!

    I’m really glad to know you’re doing better. My weekend plans are pretty light – just a festival tomorrow and who knows for the rest of the weekend! 🙂

  3. Those waffles & french toast look SO good. Those are two of my favorite foods, and like you, they were also my “fear foods.” Good for you on facing that fear!

  4. Happy Bday Salad Mom!

    I adore all things carbs, so your meal looks faboosh to me! I’m glad you’re trying some new things and moving forward!

  5. I think we learn from the darkest moments and end up stronger and happier as a result (in the long-term…short term just hurts!). Still thinking of you…

    The diner is so cute and food looks fabulous 😀 I am pretty new to protein powder and am experimenting a lot. Today’s oatmeal was the best so far, but yeah- weird chalky texture tastes some getting used to!

    I am meeting up with another blogger tomorrow to go to a health fair and have lunch- can’t wait!

    Happy birthday to your mom!

  6. Glad your spirits are up! That diner sure looks delicious. I love the idea of just getting 1/2 a belgian waffle. And belgian style is definitely superior to normal waffles.

  7. Hey girl. Not sure what happened, but love and courage to you always. I’m not having such a fabulous moment as well, but it’s good to *try* to stand positive as much as I can because eventually, you’re the one who can change things. But it seems like you’re well aware of what’s going on, so bravo to you. Keep up the spirit. You can always shoot me an email if you need to vent. 🙂

  8. That waffle breakfast looks delicious! I’m glad you’re doing better 🙂 And since you said HFCS free, that reminds me…I found out Holey Donuts have HFCS in them 🙁 So sad. Not all of them, though, I think it’s just the ones with fillings.

  9. That waffle looks great! I’ve been craving “real” breakfast from a local organic restaurant lately–just something different that I don’t make at home. Yum!

    Glad you’re feeling better. Day at a time.

  10. I’m glad it was better 🙂 Sorry, I’m a bit confused…are you trying to put on some weight? So snacking after dinner is only an issue because you don’t like the behavior, not because you don’t want the weight gain? You totally don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to, just trying to understand your situation a little better 🙂
    Whatever the situation, waffles are always a good idea.
    Oh, and I was SO happy to read that I am not the only girl alive who has a thing for Alan Rickman. It just confirms what I already knew…you have great taste 😉

  11. i’m glad to hear that you’re feeling much more positive today! and happy birthday to your mommy. 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!

    I’m so happy to hear you are feeling better, Maggie!!! It’s the struggles in life that help us learn, change, and make us better people. So glad that you recognize that 🙂

    Hehe, it is very diner-ish. I love that you are trying different foods, because I’m in need of that too. I’m so set on only eating “safe” foods, and need to let go! I think a great place to start is french toast + waffles, since I adore it!! Looks sooo goood!

    I’ll be going to the Bite of Seattle this weekend (lots of food!!!), so yay!! Haha, food = happy Maria 😉

    Hope your weekend is very enjoyable and fantastic!!!

  13. Happy Birthday to your Mom! I’m glad you are doing better. Isn’t it amazing when you can eat something that keeps you satisfied and not wanting to binge or snack:)

    I am headed to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow and then to a cookout(I will take my own food). By the way–what is Food Inc.? Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  14. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! Those waffles look really good 🙂 And happy b-day to your mom! I’m going berry picking and prob seeing Food Inc this weekend 🙂

  15. I’m so glad you’re feeling more positive and feeling good! That’s awesome 🙂
    YOU CAN DO THIS. I know you can 🙂

    That oat bran looks delicious!

    Happy bday to your mommy!
    <3 jess

  16. hey girl! i had no idae you had a blog! thanks for leavin me the comment and letting me know 🙂 just catchin up on your last few posts– glad you are in better spirits– the food looks SO yummy! belgian waffles are so good!

    and happy bday to mum 🙂 xoxox

  17. this is so fantastic!! you’re totally in control and making the best decisions. plus that meals looks amazing! 🙂

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