Whirlwind day!

Yesterday I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers, Jenna (Eat, Live, Run):

33 me and jenna

I need a haircut, ick. Jenna’s in the last stages of interviewing for A Really Goode Job for Murphy-Good Winery.  Good luck Jenna!  Bobby and I both went to her wine tasting and we walked away with a delicious bottle of white (which I normally don’t like) – The Fume (Sauvignon Blanc).  Here’s what they say about it: “The 2008 vintage boasts flavors and aromas of citrus and tropical fruits expressed over a bright, yet rich mouthfeel.”  It sure tasted good to me 😀

the fume

We tried a whole bunch of different wines, and while our favorite was actually a red (Terra a Lago – Cabernet Sauvignon), we couldn’t justify spending $45 on a bottle of wine.  The Fume was only $12.50, and really awesome. Bobby was tipsy by the end, so I got to drive home.

Oh, boy.  There was traffic on the highway and we got rear-ended (just a few scratches, but there were actually 2 other cars involved so we all had to pull over and exchange information, and it took a while).  We were the front car so insurance should cover it and it was NOT my fault in the least.  The guy in front of me slammed on his brakes, so I braked too and stopped, and the person behind me stopped in time, but the person behind HIM hit him and shoved him into me.  Blah.

And then I got pulled over for speeding. And Bobby doesn’t have his registration in the car.  But I was very sweet and flustered and told the officer about getting rear ended and he just let us go with a warning. California cops are much nicer than any others I’ve met – when I lived in New Jersey and New York I had several speeding tickets and was never let off with a warning.

Before the eventful day started, we had breakfast.  My breakfast for the last few days (since Saturday) has been tons and tons of fruit (watermelon and cantaloupe).  Unlimited fruit for breakfast is really great.  I also wanted to share Bobby’s well-combined meal:

31 bagel avo sesame mustard

A whole wheat bagel (starch) with mustard (neutral) and avocado (combines with starch!)… and sesame seeds (this does not combine well, but he wouldn’t leave them off).  I love how you don’t have to go crazy with the raw stuff – you can do something as simple as properly combining a bagel with avocado and it works.  It’s so easy to incorporate food combining.

Speaking of amazingly combined meals, I had the same thing for dinner on Saturday and Sunday nights…

29 chipotle

A humongous salad from chipotle.  This is:

  • extra lettuce
  • black beans
  • extra fajita veggies
  • extra red salsa
  • extra corn salsa
  • a ton of guac, which I finished both times!!

The ladies making my salad all commented on how huge it was.  I just smiled 🙂  After dinner I have been eating Ezekiel bread with honey (and dark chocolate).

On Saturday I got a package from the lovely Justine (I won her contest) – oat bran and peanut butter. I got Artisana raw coconut butter from her the other day as well (what great timing).  Thanks, girl!

30 justine's winscoconut butter

Check out Clare’s chayote creation – she tried it after seeing it on my blog the other week.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I got a job teaching 2 classes for 4 weeks (2 hours/day for each class) – Alebra 2/Trigonometry and Geometry.  They start today, and I hope it’ll be fun.  My SAT teaching ended on Saturday.

If you got through this monster of a post I applaud you – and I hope you’re having a great Monday.

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  1. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the accident! I’m so glad to hear that you guys are not hurt! Whew, at least you didn’t get a ticket–those are definitely not fun. Good to hear you had an awesome time at the wine tasting though!

    Mmm the chipotle salad does look huge, but mighty delicious 🙂

    Good luck with the new classes!

  2. I’m so sorry about being rear ended! But good thing you got out of that speeding ticket!

    I want to go to Chipotle just for a hugh jass salad now! haha

  3. Maggie,

    It was so nice to meet you yesterday! I see you bought the Fume which is what we got too! 🙂 I checked out your blog on my blackberry on the way home – it kept me busy while we were stuck in traffic too! (sidenote: we were 5 cars behind a 3 motorcycle/vehicle accident … SCARY – 101 was an unlucky road to be on yesterday I guess!)

    We will have to talk soon and get together for lunch or something since we are so close – Matt and I are just in Campbell.

    Anyways – shoot me an email sometime. Talk to you soon!

  4. Ahh, I hit the “send comment” button too soon – I meant to end the comment with saying that I’m relieved that you’re alive and okay after that car accident!! Stay safe!!

  5. You and Jenna look lovely!

    I am proud of you for dealing with the stress of an accident and getting pulled over on the same day. I know that would have used to have completely sent me off the edge!

    Amen on combining and being good to our bodies…and Chipotle is perfect!!!

  6. Mmm wine tasting how fun!! I love Sauvignon Blancs 🙂

    Glad your car issues weren’t too serious and y’all made it home in one piece! And Kroger Natural PB is my absolute favorite!! Both creamy and crunchy are fabulous, hope you enjoy them!

    Best of luck with your healthy weight gain and with the food combining!

  7. Sorry about the accident and getting pulled over! That is awful. I got pulled over once for a broken brake light (obv not my fault) and I was hysterically crying and so shaken up! Your wine sounds delicious. Food combining makes so much sense and I am so glad it is helping you feel better! I am always interested in trying it but I can eat so few foods as it is with my stomach that I have almost no choice but to combine usually.

    OH and the Chipotle — YUM. Now I need to go there!

  8. So sorry about the accident! Glad you made it home safe and sound eventually!

    Glad the food combining is working so well for you…bread with honey is a great combination 😀 I’m still reading the book…

  9. Sorry about the accident and pulling-over. Lucky that you didn’t get a ticket. But even when you only get a warning, it’s still so nerve-wracking.

    Great that you got to meet Jenna!

  10. Wow, you’re so lucky about the speeding ticket! Like you said, here in NYC they would NEVER give a warning haha.

  11. look at all the quac on that salad! looks soooo good. i’m happy for you that the food combining is working to help you’re stomach! enjoy the rest of your monday. 🙂

  12. I hate to say it, but I did laugh at loud when I read you got pulled over for speeding. When it rains, it pours, no? I hope you didn’t tell the cop you had come from a wine tasting!

  13. so awful about getting rear ended and then pulled over! glad you made it home safe though.

    i love how excited you are about food combining. it’s so nice to be excited about food. 🙂

  14. It’s so fun to meet other bloggers!! For your plan you mentioned PB is off limits, what if you made “raw” PB?! Just a thought :0)

  15. blogger meet up is always so fun!!! 🙂
    and that gigantic chipote looks sooooooooooo delicious!!!!
    If no PB for the oats, so how do you eat your morning oats now? I can’t imagine my green oats without ABU now! 🙂

  16. OMG! I don’t know how I have missed a few of our post!!! Urg:( Anyway, I’m glad you are venturing into more raw and food combining. It is seriously changing my life–in very positive ways:)

    Sounds like you had an eventful day. I’m glad you are okay. I have never been to a wine tasting–I really don’t think I like wine.

    Look forward to seeing more about your adventures with more raw!

  17. I love reading about your raw “segue”. I am doing the same… not even striving to go all-raw, but to do it as much as possible, and I feel great!

  18. Maggie,
    you are so CUTE! how tall are you? Such a beauty!!!

    I am seconding what Sarah lovin said about being good to your body. I am proud of you! I think you are gorgeous and being healthy in our skin is a great gift. Love to you, sweet Mags!!! XOXO

  19. Oh my goodness! What a crappy things that happened to you that day. At least you and your man weren’t hurt. So glad you got your package. I am sorry that it came at an odd time. I hope you are still able to enjoy it. The extra carbs and fat will be great for your clean weight gain 🙂


  20. That coconut butter is so rad. And I love the look of that salad! I’ve been trying to eat avocado more often; gotta get in those healthy fats!

  21. wow crazy day! you are so cute you could have talked your way out of bloody murder! 😉

    thanks for the shoutout, i can’t wait to have the rest of my chayote tomorrow.

    best of luck with the new jobs! have a happy Tuesday maggie.

  22. Oh, what a day in the car, eh? So sorry about both incidents but at least you could console yourself with Chipotle 🙂 Your salad is beautiful.
    Love the photo of you and Jenna! You are both gorgeous.

  23. i started reading about food combining in the book last night and am totally intrigued! after i finish it, i am going to turn into a foodie magician and see what kind of magic i can do.

    why is PB not okay on the raw plan? i don’t think i’ve read about that yet.

    you look fabulous with miss jenna – love your dress!

  24. I am SO Happy all this is helping you!

    and right now Chipotle is one of my happy going out places because you can eat and no guilt and combine right and it’a all good!

    more places should be like them!
    I am glad you are finding you can still eat all you wonderful foods, just a little differently!

    Happy Tuesday!!!

  25. Love all the guac – my kind of salad for sure Maggie!

    How fun you got to meet Jenna. She is such a sweet girl. I always forget how tall you are, and I loved your dress. 🙂

    Oat bran + avocado is an awesome combo – never tried it with honey though. This morning I topped my oat bran with raw corn. I know, it sounds totally bizarre, but the crunchy sweet corn paired perfectly with my hot creamy oats. Yum!

    Sorry about the rear-ending, but glad you got off with a just warning when you were pulled over. Ugh, my stomach does flip flops when I see those flashing lights.

  26. ick thats just too much drama for one day…poor maggie…glad the po were nice about it 🙂

    food combining is entering my life too…

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