Chipless Nachos

For dinner tonight I had…

04 chicken nacho salad

Chipless nachos. This was a bed of massaged kale, topped with:

  • 1 sauteed chicken thigh (sustainably raised – from whole foods)
  • tomatoes, onions, raw corn
  • salsa
  • parmesan & cheddar – Sophia, you’re right – more cheese is always better 🙂
  • massage dressing – olive oil, bragg’s liquid aminos, rice vinegar, brown rice syrup

I went back to make another bowl. Bobby had real nachos; he’s not a kale fan.

I, on the other hand, cannot get enough kale.

03 kale pb

Especially with peanut butter. I have made major progress in reducing my peanut butter stash in the last few days, with the help of my new friend, Kale. The word kale comes from the Middle English word cawul, a Scottish variant of cole (cabbage – like cole-slaw). Apparently it can be used in slang to mean “money” as well.

I loved hearing all of your favorite words on my last post. Now, I have some more geometry prep to do.  I did finish writing that test for Friday; they said it was easier than usual but they did worse, so… guess not. This is my last week teaching.

I started and finished this book: Against Medical Advice. It’s about one boy’s horrible struggle with Tourette’s syndrome – so fascinating. It was a quick read and I highly recommend it.

Have a great week 🙂

13 Replies to “Chipless Nachos”

  1. I need to try that massaged kale, sounds delish!!! 😀
    Good luck with GRE vocabulary study…. glad you like it because otherwise it would be a nightmare! 🙂

  2. I did so poorly on the GRE’s. But I still got into the only masters program I applied to, so I guess it is OK! I only did well on the writing section!

    Nachos = MMMMM. And I want to read that book, I will look for it!

  3. I wish I liked raw kale, but I don’t. Tried it so many ways, and I always end roasting the heck out of it and then covering it in ketchup. Love my kale chips!

    Good luck with all the vocab studies and thanks for the book rec. Against Medical Advice sounds like something I would really enjoy.

    Just did a number on the PB myself for breakfast. 🙂

  4. I just tried almond butter wrapped in romaine and loved it!
    So I can see this being good….

    I juice my kale…haven’t tried kale chips yet but VERY curious!

    I LOVE your word break downs! keep posting them!


  5. I’ve never tried kale with peanut butter before. I guess anything is good with pb 😉

    good luck memorizing those GRE words! fun stuff.

  6. peanut butter on kale?! i don’t think i ever would have thought that one up! but it actually sounds like it would be really good. i love massaged kale! and i love peanut butter!

  7. I love kale. My husband tolerates it.

    Tourettes seems like an awful disease. I read a book about it a few years ago written by an elementary school teacher who has tourettes.

  8. Love your version of chipless nachos. Kale and pb? Thats sounds interesting. I do love kale and I do love pb so I am sure it is great. Better than romaine and almond butter? IDK about that!! Good luck in your last week teaching. Hope you had a great weekend.


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