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This summer and this year have flown by. It seems like yesterday I was starting a blog, graduating college, and moving out West. That was all over 1.5 years ago. I want to share some of my favorites from Cornell and Ithaca (my college years). Ithaca is a wonderful place to find vegetarian/vegan/healthy food… at any time of day or night. This is a hummus plate from Aladdin’s.

1 hummus

My favorite meal to order there was this Fruit & Nut Plate. It’s yogurt, granola, nuts, fruit, and honey. The fruit varies every time you go.

2 fruit nut salad

This falafel salad was always a winner as well. Bobby even ordered it several times.

3 falafel salad

And the desserts can’t be beat (chocolate mousse cake)…

4 chocolate mousse

Here are some word origins:

  • school. the oldest meaning I can find is “to hold, hold in one’s power, to have”. the word scheme shares this root. that root comes from Proto-Indo-European.
  • favorite. this comes from French, and it means “to favor”.
  • fruit. this is from Latin. it comes from the same root as frugal; the root meant “to use, enjoy”. up until ~1225AD it also meant vegetables!
  • dessert. this is also from French. it means “last course”, and literally means “removal of what has been served”. it’s from the verb desservir, which means “to un-serve”.

If you’re graduated, do you ever miss the “back to school” feeling? Or if you’re still in school, are you ready?

P.S. Want another book rec? I started Panic in Level 4 last night and am about to finish it now. It’s by Richard Preston, author of The Hot Zone. It’s several long essays on crazy science things – nonfiction. I liked it a lot. He’s an amazing writer.

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  1. It’s funny that you wrote about “back to school”–I thought about it all last night since I am thinking of going back next Fall 2010. I do miss that feeling, but I wonder if it will be the same this time around. What do you think? It just seems like now the balance with adult life/school life will be trickier!

  2. Curiously I never miss back to school except fourth and fifth grade in the primary school. But I do like the student life, I mean student life, not researcher life 🙂 because life is a routine that involves taking interesting classes, doing homework, take exams to show the world that you’re smart, make your parents proud of you, etc. 😀 but life of researcher is much harder, it involves too much freedom and too many things to do that has no deadline.

  3. My God, that hummus looks spectacular!! I am dying for some soft warm ww pita now. Thanks a lot Maggie!! haha I didnt graduate but I do sorta miss the back to school feeling. Maybe its only because I know it means I am getting older :(. I still plan to go back some day. Unless we win the lottery :). Enjoy your last week teaching.


  4. The food from Aladdin’s looks incredible. And that chocolate mousse cake! It’s funny how Binghamton was just an hour away and had almost no good food options!

    Where is the word vegetables from?

    I’m going to school in Feb . . . 🙂

  5. I’m leaving on Thursday to drive back up to school in Arizona. I’ll be a junior, but I just changed my major from harp performance to kinesiology. It’s gonna be a huge change, and I’m excited but also scared!!

  6. I miss back to school now that I’m out of school. It makes me want to go to grad school and get my masters degree!

    That falafel salad looks so good – I’m a huge fan of falafel and putting it in a salad is a great idea!

  7. Wow, that hummus looks soooooooo good. I went to undergrad in Bloomington, IN, which was thankfully a huge hippie town and had TONS of fabulous ethnic and vegetarian restaurants! I miss it, there were more there than here in the city of Chicago!

  8. i always loved the back to school feeling…jitters, new school supplies, all of it!

    hummus and pita and falafel oh MY!!

  9. My daughter LOVES going back to school – it starts in two weeks and I think she’s been ready for over two weeks!

    Every time I see falafel it looks so good – I’ll have to make it one of these days!

    Hope all is well with you Maggie!

  10. One of my good friends goes to Cornell, but she never mentioned all this lovely food to me (she’s not a health foodie like I am though)! Hummus, falafel, and dessert??? Sounds like my kind of place 🙂 Maybe I should visit before she graduates (eek, which is next year!).

    I’m still in school, and I do miss the back to school feeling already, haha. But, I haven’t been in school since March, so this break is a wee bit longer 😉

  11. I am definitely missing getting ready to “head back” to college! I graduated in May, and September will ALWAYS be the “new year” for me, not January! I’m actually starting school in a few weeks on my Master’s degree, but I’m back living at home for awhile…and I’m not on my own, and it’s just not the same atmosphere at all…I’m going to miss it so much! 🙁 So I hear ya girl!

  12. UGH i’m in the process of going back to school, and I don’t want to work just yet- haha so it’s choosing the lesser of 2 evils 😀 I actually love school and learning, I just hate registering for classes, taking placement tests and feeling at the bottom of the totem pole all over again.

  13. i want those falafels! they look so good. and i’m starting college in a couple of weeks…i THINK i’m ready! at least i hope i am!

  14. I love hummus and falafel and cous cous and all that. Great now I know what I want for dinner! That all looks so good right now!

  15. Panic in Level 4 sounds like something Chris would love. I’ll have to recommend it to him.

    I totally miss school. If I was independently wealthy, I would go back and just take random classes as my job. 🙂

    Aladdin’s sounds like my kind of place. I’ve always heard Ithaca was pretty dreary. Did the weather get you down?

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