Raw Peanut Dressing

Remember how I ate all the creamy out of the chunky peanut butter? I found a use for those peanut bits – and there was even some creamyness that I had missed. I made a raw salad dressing – well, raw except for the cooked peanut butter – but you could easily sub in raw nut butter instead..

Raw Peanut Dressing

08 peanut butter dressing raw


  • ~1/2 cup (raw) (pea)nut butter (you could use a different nut butter of course)
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin
  • 1.5 tablespoons each of rice vinegar and apple cider vinegar
  • 1.5 tablespoons bragg’s liquid aminos
  • 3 cloves of grated garlic
  • stevia, to taste
  • 1/4 cup water (or more)


  1. Blend everything but the water in your food processor. Then add the water and use more if needed; adjust to your desired thickness. It will thicken more in the fridge.
  2. Serve over raw salads or use as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, sushi, etc…

This used up just about all of the crunchies that were left, so I used the near-empty jar for my morning protein oat bran (soy protein powder).

14 pb oat bran

Word origins:

  • peanut – the word was first used in 1807. Before then it was calledΒ ground nut, ground pea (1769). Originally from South America, the peanut plant was traded into Africa and Peru (1502) and made its way to China by 1573. The termΒ peanut butter was first seen in 1903.
  • raw – comes from various words in Old English, Old Norse, German, and Proto-Indo-European; the various meanings were uncooked, raw, congealed, bloody, raw flesh, hard, flesh, not cooked, thick blood, thick fluid, serum. Not exactly the pure and healthy meaning it’s taken on recently, huh?

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  1. You know I have no problem discussing digestion, so I’ll jump in here… πŸ™‚

    Actually, I have the same problem. Years ago I ate TONS of PB and nuts with no problem, and then all of the sudden I was in misery from one bite (this was pre-veg days, as well). I had to completely stay away from it for years, but then a couple years ago I decided to try the natural PB again.

    For awhile it seemed OK, but recently I’ve noticed that I have a much harder time with it than I used to (I get crampy and gassy and for some reason, I get super thirsty?) I did switch to almond butter and found it to be a bit better, although I still try and eat it only at night when I know I’ll be home and/or sleeping (in other words, I’m scared to bring it to work again).

    Curious to see how it works for you…not glad you have the same issue, but glad I’m not alone!

  2. never noticed PB bloated me… maybe because I haven’t had it for a long time! Just love AB! πŸ™‚
    what’s bragg’s liquid aminos that you mentioned many times?

  3. oohhh thanks for the recipe…i’ve always wanted some good homemade concoctions to make!

    also am reading the time travelers wife right now – totally amazing! i am almost halfway through. i am trying to finish it before i see the movie!

    p.s. love your word origins πŸ™‚

  4. I too love peanuts and peanutbutter even if they do not love me. I find I can get away with eating a little, but as soon as it’s the main event (like a peanutbutter sandwhich, or straight from the jar) I suffer. I think it’s God’s way of teaching me moderation because I could easily eat a whole jar in a sitting otherwise! I also have problems when I combine peanutbutter with dairy, but I think that has more to do with me being lactose intolerant… I also do better digesting homemade/natural peanut butter than Jif or Skippy.

  5. Woa – nut butters combine as starches??? I thought they combine as nuts/seeds???? I’m so confused now lol

    Also, I forgot if I already told you that I’m giving away a SpiBelt (running belt with pouch) on my blog if you are interested πŸ™‚

  6. Let us know how you feel after almond butter as it could be one of two things –

    Peanuts have a natural mold the grows on them. If you are sensitive to molds or have some bacteria overgrowth in your intestines this can make it act up and your stomach will hurt.

    If the AB makes it hurt too, it may just be the nuts. They are quite hard to digest completely raw (in general) because they have phytic acid. Soaking them overnight before eating (and then drying out if you want) can help to break this down and make them more digestible – something that has worked for me. Though I haven’t made a soaked nut butter and have heard it might be quite difficult! Another option would be nut butter from sprouted nuts (Living Gourmet I think it’s called, makes this) but it is really $$$$

  7. I’ve heard lot of people have trouble with peanuts becuase of the mold. So, ditto what Amy said above. That stinks since it’s your favorite nut butter, but perhaps you could love almond butter just as much? πŸ™‚

    Your salad dressing sounds delicious Maggie. I want to make it soon!

  8. I actually don’t eat peanuts …unless…they are covered in chocolate in a “cup” form…(but rarely…REALLY)

    but … not usually a prob.

    I do eat a considerable amount of almond butter (maybe a tablespoon a day) and no worries there.

    YOUR RAW PEANUT DRESSING looks so good…I think I will give it a try!

  9. im not having nut issues…yet. but i only recently started eating nuts and seeds. im like you, and ignore the fact that im gassy/bloated since it seems like a chronic thing…i have no clue if ill ever actually be “normal” and i guess ive just accepted it :/

    have you seen time travelers wife yet? im nervous the movie is gonna suck – the book was one of my faves ever.

  10. Raw veggies have been the culprit of my bloat lately πŸ™ I just sure hope peanut butter doesn’t have anything to do with it too…that would be upsetting! But I’d still eat it, I’m with ya on that πŸ˜‰

    Love the idea!

  11. No trouble digesting peanuts but definitely some trouble with the oats. Dont know if its an allergy or what? Peanut sauce is looking delish. Did you try Natalia Roses’? Hers is pretty similar. Its really yummy!


  12. Thanks for the recipe, Maggie! Sound muey delicious πŸ™‚

    I’ve heard many people have issues digesting peanuts (but not other raw nuts). I think that peanuts were more recently developed, and so it is harder to digest for some people (info from Brendan Brazier). Almond butter is supposed to be easier to digest, so good luck with it!

  13. mmm, that dressing looks delish! I haven’t known anyone personally with peanut digestion issues, but was just reading last night about why legumes are difficult to digest … and peanuts are a legume!

  14. Love your twist on using the leftovers! I don’t get side effects from peanut butter thankfully! I do get the same symptoms if I OD on dairy though.

  15. great job on the leftover use! I love using leftovers in fun ways as well!

    How did you get those photos with links to similar posts? such a great idea!

  16. Hey Maggie – I don’t have problems with nut butters, but I don’t eat them that often, maybe that’s the difference?

    Love the idea of your dressing with cumin!

  17. yumm that dressing looks totally omg worthy!
    I dont have trouble digesting nut butters, but i try not to consume alot of them at once ethier just incase. πŸ™‚

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