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As the name of my blog might suggest, I love salads. If you want to make me happy, give me salads, oat bran, and kabocha (I actually haven’t had kabocha in over a month). I’ll do anything you like.

After securing a profusion of new vegetables on Saturday, I started creating complex salads filled with fresh veggies and fresh ideas. I made this fine specimen that very night…

10 raw salad

  • base: organic iceberg and red leaf lettuce
  • organic cluster tomato (whole foods)
  • watercress (han kook)
  • enoki mushrooms (han kook)
  • corn (han kook)
  • dressing: raw peanut butter dressing

I topped it off with my raw peanut dressing and it was heavenly.

While I was at Han Kook (Korean grocery) I happened upon these…

12 korean chips

I’m not sure what they’re called. They are slightly sweet, fried, chip-like Korean snacks. They have black sesame seeds in them. They are undeniably addicting, and probably quite dangerous in large amounts. They come in a smallish bag though (probably only 3 servings) so I was able to buy them without fear… and now they are gone (tragic).

I used to eat these at my friend J’s house in high school. I loved going to her house not only for the good company, but for the amazing food. Her mom was a wonderful cook and introduced me to all sorts of exotic Korean dishes. I think that’s where my love of food was cultivated. They thought I was so funny because I didn’t like rice, even back then.

I actually have more things that I want to post about (salads, exercise, yoga, books, and more!) but I’m going to hold off so that maybe I can start posting once a day again. Here are some more words for you!

  • blog – from 1998. short for weblog (from as early as 1994 – but not meaning online journal), which is (world wide) web + log. this one’s pretty self-explanatory 🙂
  • bagel – comes from Yiddish beygel, which is from Middle High German boug– = ring, bracelet. bagel = small ring/bracelet. cool!

18 Replies to “Salads Raw-k My World”

  1. Your salad looks beautiful! I wish I had some! Mine are getting blah-zah bc I am not putting enough effort to making them more exciting…and i DID THAT bc I wanted to try and make them simpler…

    round and round she goes.

    but YOURS looks lovely!

    Is that RAW CORN?

    I have to have my daily ear tho also! isn’t it just the BEST on salad? who woulda thought!

    glad you will be on more soon! missed ya!

    Kabocha is popping up around my stores new everywhere… Fall is coming so does that mean so does the squashes? MMMM

  2. Even though I’m Korean, I don’t think I’ve had those before, but they do vaguely look familiar. How can a chip-like snack with sesame seeds not be good? I will be looking out for those 🙂

  3. To be honest, those snacks look a little creepy to me, but they may just be delicious!

    As for salads, I am obsessed lately. Maybe it’s the weather, but my favorite combo right now is spinach/romaine, raw corn, tons of greens (broccoli, sprouts, peas, etc.), summer squash, shrooms, red pepper and avocado all tossed with plain Greek yogurt. Gotta take advantage of the summer produce while we can!

  4. salads make me happy too!!! 😀 I’ve been devouring one big salad everyday….. I guess I’m not short of veggies. 😀
    following the sentence, if you want to make me happy, give me veggies, oatbran, kabocha and dark chocolate!

  5. love the big salads – i can never get enough. btw, i am loving the words of the day you’ve been including. i’m a linguistics nerd too! 🙂

  6. Girl, give me a salad and I will be one happy camper. Especially if there is an array of toppings to choose from. Still avoiding the kabocha? Why are you not eating it? Have a lovely hump day!


  7. Asian snacks and crackers are so addictive and amazing. And I always consider Asian “junk food” to be so much healthier than American junk food…even though many times it is still very processed!!


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