Raw-kin’ Exercise

Instead of chatting about more raw-kin’ salads (I’ll get back to them tomorrow), I want to talk about fun exercise that I’ve been doing lately.

I’ve been doing yoga – mostly on my own, but yesterday I did Podcast #23 (30 minutes) from Hillary Rubin. You can search for her name in the iTunes store or go to her site; she has free podcasts. This routine was okay. It was a level 2/3 and some of the parts were hard to follow… I tend to start doing my own thing if I don’t like what the podcast is doing, and I only followed with her for maybe 10-15 minutes and then finished up on my own. I’m looking forward to trying some of her other podcasts though.

I’ve also been using OnDemand’s Exercise TV (Comcast) – did you know they have free videos to watch online? Here are two that I’ve done recently:

Here is a list of all the free workout videos that you can watch online with Exercise TV.

If you’re ever curious about what I did for exercise in a day, check out my Workout page… I usually update it every day. I could probably be more helpful with linking to workouts, so I will try to do that more often.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet today. I’m thinking Kendell Hogan’s dance routine (30 minutes), followed by some yoga, and then some retail cardio (aka shopping at Gap).

Some more word origins for you…

  • exercise – first used as we use it today (“condition of being in active operation”) in 1340. It came through Latin and Old French (“keep busy, drive on, remove restraint”). If you break it down: ex– = “off” + arcere = “keep away, prevent, enclose”. The oldest it’s traced is back to Proto-Indo-European, *ark- = “to hold, contain, guard”. It might have originally been talking about driving animals to a field to plow (which is how I feel sometimes about exercising). Some more recent variations include dancercise (1967), jazzercise (1977), and boxercise (1985).
  • gadget – recorded first in 1886, gadjet (but said to date back to 1850s). It was a sailors’ slang word for any small mechanical thing or part of a ship for which they lacked/forgot, a name. It might be from the French word gâchette (“catchpiece of a mechanism”) which is a form of gâche (“staple of a lock”).

I apologize for the lack of pictures today, but I hope this post helps next time you’re in need of a new workout idea. Happy Wednesday! I can’t believe the week is half over. I can’t believe August is more than half over. This week/month/year has been flying by for me.

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  1. Love this post! I love how motivated you are to workout at home. I can never get myself to do it, aside from that one Jillian Michaels challenge month. I love my Core Fusion DVDs but just can’t care enough to actually DO them. I admire you!

    I am really enjoying the word origins! Gadget is a great one!

  2. Thanks for the links and ideas 🙂 My gym will be closing for one week when these will be handy!

    I can’t believe it’s August too–craziness!

  3. thanks for all the great links maggie. i like hillary rubin’s podcasts too, but tend to do my own thing, especially sometimes when i dont understand her audio cues. either way…it works out for great yoga!

  4. Hey! We’re applying to school at the same time! Maybe we’ll end up at the same place.. I was even thinking stanford if bobby was close by.. but they’ll have to accept me first 🙂

  5. thanks for trying my classes. I know what its like to want to move your body and it sometimes is different than in the class. (that is the gift of a yoga podcast) check out the other classes…. for most I have the sequence listed…. You can also check out my DVD which is easy to follow and you may do better with having a visual aspect. http://www.hillaryrubin.com.

    I appreciate your honesty and when you do another class love to hear how it goes.


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