The juice IS worth the squeeze

Some favorites

Pimp my juice:

30 juice veggies

  • greens: romaine lettuce, napa cabbage, celery
  • bling: 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 granny smith apple, 1/2 lemon, ginger knob, mint

Smooth Jazz Juice (dessert):

34 dessert juice veggies

  • rhythm: celery, 1/2 cucumber
  • melody: 1 asian pear, 1/2 fuji apple, mint, 1/2 lime

Another morning, another Pimp My Juice

35 morning juice veggies

36 morning juice

I’m really loving juice.Β I’ve also discovered that not only am I a juice addict, but I’m also an avocado addict. I had a craving for one on Friday night (midnight snack) and I ate it straight with a spoon and a little bit of coconut butter. It was a smallish avocado and it totally hit the spot.

I have been havingΒ frozen fruit (typically grapes or cantaloupe) at night. Chocolate just doesn’t cut it for me for dessert (::gasp::) – I’ve never really been a chocolate person. Fruit is my dessert of choice, but I try to let dinner digest for several hours before digging in.

When I make my juices, the one thing that I have to add is citrus – whether it’s lemon or lime, that zest eliminates the green taste. The ginger is also zesty; Bobby is not as much of a ginger fan as I am so I have to add it at the end if I’m making a juice for both of us.Β Mint is also a fun addition. These green juices with mint, lime, and cucumber make me think I’m drinking a mojito in the morning… eek! And I don’t ever ever drink.

Gena raised an interesting point today about favorite foods. What are your top 5 favorite foods? I’ll recap later with my thoughts and my own favorites.

20 Replies to “The juice IS worth the squeeze”

  1. Lovely juice combinations! I’ve got to get juicing again!

    Right now I’ve been OBSESSED with apples. I’ve already had 3 before noon today!

  2. Now I want a juicer!!! Those recipes sound great. I am addicted to avocado too I love it on my salads and in my sandwiches the best ones are the home grown ones. My grandma has a tree so once a year I get a bunch it’s awesome! 5 foods I can’t live without are

    Dark chocolate
    fresh greens
    oatmeal with bannanas and cinnimon
    peanut butter

  3. Those juices look so good! I need a juicer, after seeing how much juice you’ve been making πŸ™‚ I think my top five foods are hummus, blueberries, mango, avocado, and salsa. I’m not sure though, I like so many different things…

  4. my top five, in no particular order: raw cashews; dark chocolate; dates; nectarines; broccoli. although, those last two may be substituted with whatever fruit and veggie is in season and particularly awesome at a given time.

  5. Look at those juices. Will you send me some? Think they will hold up in the mail?? hahaha I love ginger also. I always look forward to getting sushi because of the ginger they serve on the side. 5 favorite food??

    1. peanut butter
    2. chocolate
    3. brussel sprouts
    4. any fruits
    5. ?

    There are so many I cant decide!!!!!!!!!


  6. My favorite 5 foods? Hmmm… Can I have 6? LOL – I’d have to say frozen blueberries, macadamia nuts, almond butter, spinach, Oikos organic Greek yogurt, and chocolate. Yeah, that’s 6! Oops! πŸ˜‰


  7. I love that you are naming your juices πŸ˜‰
    Rice, bananas, yogurt, salmon, and shrimp. I enjoyed Gena’s post too. I guess I am somewhere in between the two ends of the spectrum?

  8. yeah~ Love their names…. I’ll definitely making these combos when I get back.
    favorite 5 foods? Kabocha, corns, greens (especially arugula lately), dark chocolate and fresh baked bread! πŸ˜‰

  9. I’m so glad you are figuring out what does/doesn’t work for your tummy! Four days without bloat sounds AWESOME!!! I’m still working on what works for me.

    I LOVE lime in my juice. I have never tried cabbage yet. I think I have some that needs to be used though. Are you eating mostly raw these days?

    Have a great day!!

  10. Oh, not sure what my favorite 5 foods are. I am really loving a new raw breakfast cereal that I have been making lately, and of course there is spinach, sunbutter, cherries and chocolate(which I’m not supposed to have:).

  11. Ack! Not a chocolate person – how is that possible? πŸ™‚ Actually I know plenty of people who don’t like chocolate – but I just can’t imagine it.

    I love:
    Peanut Butter
    Sweet Potatoes

  12. I LOVE that you are loving your juicer and such wonderful juices you are making!

    I’ve been on a break.

    don’t know why?

    I bought a carrot apple ginger from Sprouts last night!

    I am addicted to avos too, and coconut butter, oatmeal cookies, bananas, and all sorts of coconut products (feel like I have dairy back in my life)

    these are the staples and I go from there. of course veggies galor (right now it’s mushrooms)

    oh well.

    Happy Monday

  13. My top five favorite foods are:
    Mashed Potatoes

    Other than the mashed potatoes most of my favorites are foods, not the end products. I also found Gena’s post to be insightful.

  14. Spinach, berries, fish, dark chocolate, crusty bread. Honorable mentions to mango, champagne, peaches, peanut butter and coffee.

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