Japantown Eats

On Sunday we went to a new farmers’ market: the Japantown farmers’ market. This Japantown (Nihonmachi) is in San Jose, but there are others as well, most notably the San Francisco Nihonmachi. The market ended at noon and we were running late (as usual) so we weren’t able to explore much. I did manage to get some kohlrabi (4+ pounds for $3):

16 kohlrabi

My dad introduced me to kohlrabi a while back; he told me the best way to eat them is peeled, sliced, and dipped in fresh salt. I love it. They are quite easy to peel – I actually slice them first and just pull off the skin. It comes away easily.

I also got fresh plums and some green grapes for freezing. I got firm, tart plums in an effort to make my fruit consumption slightly less sweet. It works in my head.

Anyway, back to Nihonmachi (Japantown). Nihon is the Japanese word for Japan, says Bobby, and machi is the Japanese word for city or town. It’s an adorable little square of San Jose, about 8 blocks long and 1 block in width. After the farmers’ market, we went to a ramen place for lunch. Bobby got this, and I stole some:

13 miso ramen

I was holding out for my green juice when we got home. This was miso ramen: ramen noodles topped with various veggies (bamboo – my favorite, scallions, sprouts, seaweed, and maybe others), some pork, and a perky swirly fish cake.

Speaking of Japan, my kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) love is back in full force. I had about 2.5 pounds of it, steamed, last night and I had some the night before as well. I can’t believe I went so long without it!

Have you ever been to a Japantown/Nihonmachi? Or another very cultural town?

P.S. I wrote about language & thought at my other blog – if you’ve ever read 1984, you might enjoy this.

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  1. I still never liked my kohlrabi, and after getting it three weeks in a row in my CSA box, I declined it the fourth visit!

    Those noodles look great though!

    I love China Town in Chicago – when I lived closer, I went a lot more – now I am 60 miles from it, and rarely get down there – but its probably the best food I’ve ever had!

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. I used to go to Little Tokyo in LA all the time with my pops, love it so much!! That was my first intro to sushi and mochi 😀 He also took me to little India which is in Artesia which is equally awesome and delicious!

  3. I’ve never been in japan town anywhere in the world….I’d love to go to one because Japanese stores are just amazing, everything seems perfect and tiny! 😀

  4. you eat the most interesting and unique foods!
    I would have never met Kabocha if it weren’t for you!

    we don’t have a japan town near us (I don’t think) sushi restaurants are as close as we get

    i’m off for some love of words!

  5. I wish we had a Japan town over here! We do have a large Japanese market though–Uwajimaya. The only __-town we have here is China town, which I don’t go to very often. The ramen looks delicious (haven’t had a bowl in forever!).

  6. not a fan of kohlrabi…gosh a veggie im not that fond of! there aren’t many. 😉

    what the heck is a perky swirly fish cake?

  7. Hi Maggie!! I’ve definitely seen those kohlrabi’s around, but i had no idea you could just slice and eat!! that’s pretty awesome!!

    I’ve been to the Japantown in San Fran, but i wish it were bigger!!! At least one exists though, i won’t complain. Chicago has NONE, so…better look on the bright side huh? 😛

  8. Which bay area farmer’s market do you like best? I’ve only been to the Mountain View one, and it is SO EXPENSIVE! I feel like I’m getting ripped off. Are the other ones any better?

  9. I’ve never even SEEN Kohlrabi — what does it taste like? It looks like a radish/jicama from outer space 😉 I LOVE trying new vegetables, and will have to seek this one out…

    And while summer is fading and so will the amazing (although sweltering, at times!) weather, this means that we will have more winter squash at our disposal, and cheaper! Plus…one of my favorite fruits is coming into season: PERSIMMONS! Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to one or two at a time :-/

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