Put the lime in the coconut

I bought my first young coconut on Monday at 99 Ranch (Chinese market). 99 Ranch is about 1 mile away from my house; I can walk there easily. I haven’t been there for a while because I’ve been frequenting Han Kook (Korean market). They are both pretty cheap; sometimes Han Kook is cheaper which is why I’ve been going there. But cheaper is not always better (what?!). 99 Ranch apparently has much more selection. They have beets, kale, and young coconuts – Han Kook has none of these items. I think I’m officially a 99 Ranch convert.

This young coconut was $1.29. Compare that to $1.99 at Whole Foods! Yes, I have problems spending money. No, I don’t want to change. Thanks a lot, Dad. (I actually am thankful – I’m pretty good at being frugal now.)

18 young coconut

I followed Gena’s instructions, chopping off the pointy bit and whacking out a square (or circle?) on top.

19 opened coconut

Then I drank the juice – heavenly.

19 coconut juice

I saved the coconut meat (so easy to scoop out) to make raw ice cream, but since I don’t have a blender and my food processor can’t handle ice, I decided to just go at it plain. Why not, right? It’s a killer snack/dessert/whatever.

20 coconut meat

Even Bobby liked it plain, though he stopped after one bite – he’s not a dessert/sweets person. I finished it up.

This was the last juice I made with beet greens (all out now!):

21 beet green juice

  • GREEN: 1 whole cucumber, a whole bunch of celery, beet greens
  • FUN: 1/4 grapefruit, 1/2 lemon, 2 knobs of ginger (sorry Clare! I love this word)

I should ask Whole Foods or 99 Ranch if they can give me the greens for free. I bet they just throw them out – what a waste!

I have a confession for today, Justine-style: I am an exclamation mark addict. Every time that I post I have to go back through what I wrote and get rid of them. (Yes, there were more before I hit publish. Like that period at the end of the previous sentence. D’oh. <– former exclamation mark.)

What’s your secret?

(Word post – color terms over time. Kinda cool.)

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  1. I have yet to know the joys of young coconuts! They don’t sell them anywhere near where I live… 🙁

    By the way, I came across your blog on someone’s blogroll (can’t recall who) and I have to say, I’m glad I did, it’s a great read 😉

  2. Way to go for taking a stab at that coconut 😉

    Which brings me to my next point…I am a 😉 addict. It’s like I have something in my eye. (Just wanted to do another one but I refrained.)

  3. Isn’t the fresh coconut water amazing? You’ve inspired me to get back over to my local Asian Mkt. Butternut just doesn’t compare to kabocha!!!!!

    Just finished up some quinoa for dinner and thought of you!

    Jealous of your budget-minded ways. Something I’m working on…always!

    Exclamation points – I am the same way. I’ll look over a blog comment I left and realize I used one at the end of every sentence! 😉

  4. Haha, Dad’s frugality has rubbed off on me too. Now it’s hard for me to go shopping with my friends because I hate spending money 😛

  5. I haven’t tried coconut yet…. does it taste like canned coconut milk? why it looks so light? Can you use the liquid to make thai dishes?
    it sounds a fun adventure to cut it off! 🙂

    oh… I’m an exclamation addict too! dunno why.

  6. Do you know how long can a green juice stay fresh? I want to make one beforehand, but heard that the enzymes die very quickly after being ‘juiced’.I’m still trying to get used to the ‘green’ taste. I do feel a bit ‘weighted’ down when I’ve too much carb.

  7. Oh love the coconuts…. I have a fresh or two coconut in my fridge now always, and coconut milk and coco water and butter and oil….

    it’s my life now and I hope it will never change.

    I made banana soft serve with some cococnut meat and coco butter and cocoa powder. I used my magic bullet. it wasn’t smooth but it was late and I didn’t want to risk waking the baby anymore than I was

    but it was HEAVEN.

    glad you tried it!

  8. Great job with the coconut! Since you are not using exclamation points, I will for you!!!

    My secret is that I blow a spider. It’s so stupid, but I have a spider in my basement, not harming anything, but he is in a corner right where you come upstairs. I have a fear of it jumping on me (its pretty big) so when I am about to hit the bottom step to go up, I blow it, and it goes back in his little hole and I run up the stairs!

    When I first told my family that they just about peed their pants! 😀

  9. i am an exclamation point-a-holic too! haha. that is too funny – it is good to know i am not alone! (see two !’s already)

    how are beet greens? i have seen people eating/using them around – are they bitter? what’s a good way to utilize them?

  10. I’ll try to remember to send you our Kabocha soup recipe. It’s delicious and great for autumn.

    We have 99 Ranch in Seattle, and I’ve never been there. Now I’ll have to check it out!

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