Salad Quickie & Some Thoughts.

I have a bunch of new recipes to share, and some important thoughts, but I don’t want to forget about the rest of my salads! Here we go.

Salsa’d Salad Creation:

17 raw salad

  • Base: weird Asian greens
  • Toppings: beets, heirloom tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, red peppers, kohlrabi
  • Dressings: Herdez GREEN salsa, liquid gold elixir (mixed together before adding)

Shirataki Craziness:

22 raw salad

  • Base: iceberg and romaine lettuces
  • Toppings: beets, kohlrabi, bamboo shoots, shirataki noodles
  • Dressings: Herdez RED salsa, liquid gold elixir

Recipes: later this week.

Deep thoughts: some now; some later. As most of you know, I’ve been eating a lot of raw food the last few weeks. A few aspects of it have helped me a lot; others: not so much. Here are some things I really really like:

  1. Juicing! Obviously.
  2. Eating a lot!
  3. Fruit.
  4. Rebounding.
  5. Salads.
  6. Avoiding soy. I really, really, hate beans.

Here are some things I really don’t:

  1. No peanuts.
  2. Acne.
  3. The main meal is at night.
  4. Food combining rules are too restrictive.
  5. Not enough squash.
  6. Limited grains.

Notice how my negatives list is comprised of things that I “can’t” have. I’m working on rethinking my motives for following the raw diet (mainly improved digestion – I suffer from IBS). The diet’s not really helping with digestion that much anymore.

Here’s my new list.

  1. Throw out the list.

And instead, enjoy myself and have things like this, in moderation of course…

lemon sorbetto

This is Lemon Sorbetto with Crunchy Noodles (!) from Whole Foods. Bobby got it. It was $5 for that stinking little container, but it’s pretty delicious. It’s from a local company, so I doubt that you can get it if you’re not in the Bay Area/Sacramento Area. We had sampled it about five months ago and thought it was delicious; I think I was having too much trouble with moderation at that point to buy it. Ever since then this flavor has been absent from Whole Foods; yesterday it appeared again. So we got it.

Anyway. Enough chat. I’ll talk more about my list-less life later. I’m going to go wake up Bobby and see if he wants to come to Japantown with me. Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Noodles in sorbetto? That sounds so weird! But good. I’m glad that you’re just doing what you want to do now. I feel like sometimes rules help, but after a while they just get so restricting. I just went to the farmer’s market with Dad 🙂 I hope you and Bobby (if he decides to go) find some good loot!

  2. Really like reading your thoughts about your high-raw experience. I’m not doing high raw, maybe 50-60% because of my parents. I don’t like those things that you dislike, especially no nut butter with toasts. Fortunately i don’t have acne problem so far, maybe because i’m not detoxing enough (not high raw enough?). But the food combining thing seems to work well with my IBS symptoms, so I guess I’ll keep doing that for now. 🙂

    lemon sorbetto with crunchy noodles? that’s so interesting. what are those noodles made from? ! 😀

  3. I LOVE peanuts…they don’t like me 🙁 I hope you can find a solution to your IBS issue. I have digestion problems too. I’m doing better since I added a probiotic, using chia seeds, and drinking Kombucha’s. I don’t really know if those things are helping or if it’s in my head but i’ll take it!

  4. crunchy noodles in ice cream?? I want it!! I always mix in granola with my ice creams now, and lots of nuts. I can’t do anything short of a full out sundae anymore actually :X
    I hear you on all the negatives though I’m not doing so much raw as I”m still stuck with this idea that something bad will happen if I mis-combine.
    I understand wanting to try anything to make your stomach feel better, I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately too, but to be honest, I’ve been worried while reading your blog lately that you’re restricting yourself too much to where it’s causing you more stress than it is really helping. I only say this because I think we’re very alike in how we view our diets and I know for me this food combining is also just causing me more unneeded anxiety. I’m trying to slowly change habits but I need some extra courage to do it! Let me know what you end up working out that works best for you and maybe we can work out something for our crappy tummies together!

  5. I have to agree with Gaby, in that even though we’re only given a tiny little slice of your life and thinking on this blog, I was a bit worried that you were getting too restrictive as well (I only say this because I know we have a lot of the same issues.)
    I know that I got hooked on the raw idea for awhile and although I’m trying to keep a lot of those healthy benefits with me (avocados, how I love thee), I was getting too restrictive and structured again.

    Plus, as you mentioned, it didn’t really help the IBS. I know we look for ANY thing that can help the tummy trouble, but I think it’s just really individual and stress has a lot to do with it. Being worried about combining or if something is “allowed” can add to that. For some, it works. For others, it’s just another way to limit our choices.

    Not sure what you tried last week that worked, but if it was any type of “cleanser,” I would advise against those on a regular basis. It took YEARS for my system to return to a semi-normal schedule on it’s own (if you know what I mean) because of abuse of certain cleansing products. I’m not assuming anything, but I just wanted to let you know that for me, everything eventually worked out (for the most part) and my body is finally trusting itself a bit more.

    Do what works for you and makes you happy and healthy :). But you know that…

  6. Glad to hear you are ditching the list 🙂 You don’t have to eat 100% raw to enjoy the benefits, as I’ve heard many times . . . and everyone has their own balance !

  7. Hi – your salads are gorgeous looking – I was just wondering, do you eat the beets and brussels sprouts raw or do you steam them?

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