Happy Birthday to me & Chia “Ice Cream”

It’s my birthday! I’m 23 🙂 And what’s a birthday without ice cream? I made this the other night based on Erin’s and Coco’s concoctions and it came out pretty well. My food processor is not too good, but it did what it could. This ice cream is really refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Chia Ice Cream

04 chia ice cream

(Note: for Chia Gel, mix 1 cup water and 2 tablespoons of chia seed. Let sit and gel up.)


  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1-2 cups ice
  • juice from 1/4 of a lemon (<1 tablespoon)
  • 1/4 cup chia gel
  • stevia, to taste


Blend everything in a food processor. You can put it back in the freezer to chill for a little more if it starts getting watery. Enjoy.

03 chia ice cream

Unfortunately, my food processor died yesterday while I was blending oat bran (yes, oat bran is back – more on that later). So I will have to enjoy REAL ice cream on my birthday (aw darn). Or at least some really good froyo. I think if there’s one day I’m willing to suffer the dairy bloat, it’s going to be today.

I haven’t decided exactly what else to do today; maybe I’ll get a manicure. Bobby is going to take me shopping (new kitchen appliances, most likely).

Did you ever wonder about why we have names, and how names are created? Or why your parents picked your name? I thought it would be a fitting birthday topic.

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  1. Happy happy birthday!!!!!! I hope you have a fabulous day 😀 (get a stick blender! Hehe!)

    Names… I am named after my grandmother. Though had I been a boy, my mom was going to call me Duncan because she craved Dunkin Donuts when she was pregnant. Seriously. LOL>

    Enjoy your day!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Maggie!!! Your blender died on the perfect day to be replaced! Have fun with Bobby on the kitchen gadgets shopping! My favorite! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday!

    When I asked my Mom why she chose my name she said it was the only name her and my Dad could agree on. They both really loved names that the other didn’t like so they settled on one they both sort of liked.

  4. Your frozen treat looks delicious. Happy Birthday! I’m excited to see what new appliance you bring home. 🙂

    For the name…my mom was reading The Great Gatsby during her pregnancy, where she found the character Jordan Baker and loved the name for a girl.

  5. Happy Birthday!
    And I hope you do go out for some REAL frozen yogurt or something because even though I’m sure your frozen chia thing was delicious, it looks a bit like frozen blended cauliflower. Anyway, shopping for birthday presents together is the best! That way you get what you really want–kitchen stuff!

    As for the name, I was told they heard it on some soap opera at like 2 in the morning. Lovely.

    Best wishes and I hope you have loads of fun today 😀

    Sorry bout your food processor :(… but enjoy the ice-cream ;P


  7. Happy Birthday, Maggie!

    Oh, just enjoy your day. I broke down and ate cake and ice cream on my birthday. If there’s one day we should get to indulge, splurge, and not feel guilt about it–it’s our birthday! 😀

    I almost ended up being Samantha but my mom thought I looked like Michele when she saw me. 😉


  8. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday sweet Maggie, Happy Birthday to YOU! Hope it’s an absolutely fantastic one 🙂

  9. Good for you for making your ice cream! I, too, decided that I wanted ice cream on my bday haha, but instead I had coupons so went out to buy some soy ice cream. Turns out, it’s AWESOME but I’m sure your homemade chia ice cream is even better!

    Hope you had a great birthday! 🙂

  10. Yay yay yay! Happy birthday! I know I’m a day light in the official wishes, but I gave you a shout out on my blog yesterday, so that counts, right? 😉 Love the Chia “ice cream” – looks like a great way to celebrate! My Bobby just turned 23 on Sunday – September appears to be birthday month (Val too)!

  11. Maggie,

    Your Chia Ice Cream is outta this world!

    Since I had been wanting to try it for what seems like forever, I actually made it into this morning’s breakfast and added in some vanilla protein powder to the chia gel, the night before to make it into a more substantial post-morning run b-fast!

    Love your blog – keep up the great work:)

    xo Jean

  12. I found this while searching for new recipes. I had never heard of/tried chia ice cream, so I made it. Wow, was it the best thing I have ever made/ate. Simple and delicious. Do you have extra chia seeds laying around? If so I found something you can do with them possibly earn some money. It is a contest where you design your own Chia Pet. You can go to chiaart.com to learn more. If you decide to register, you can register via chiaart.com or go to chachia.me/trumpet/ which will automatically put in my announcer ID. If you register via chiaart.com then please put my code as the announcer code. 21CHA is my code. Thank you!It cost $5 or $7.50 and you can win $1,000.

    Oh, and happy birthday, for the one that was late, and all the others from now on!

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