Be Beautiful!

You may have noticed that I changed my layout (again). I’m very indecisive and I can never stick to one thing for an extended period of time. I like changing wordpress themes into styles that I like. (If you have a blog and ever want help, just let me know – I used to do this for a living.)

I have a new favorite product, and I have no idea where to get it.


Heather sent me this for my birthday and now I’m addicted. It’s a Vosges Goji Bar. I’ve been trying to savor it slowly, but I think it’s doomed to be finished today. I made it last almost a week, which is good. I’m going to check Whole Foods and Cost Plus first. I hear it’s also sold at Nieman Marcus, so next time I’m in the city (San Francisco) I might try to find it there.

The bar has a hint of salt, which brings out the amazing goji berry flavor. Vosges seems like a pretty cool company; they have other crazy flavors like bacon (!), oaxaca, ginger & wasabi (called black pearl), and woolloomooloo (hemp, macademia nuts). I love it. Thank you Heather!

Another thing I’ve been loving recently is Bare Minerals makeup. I’ve been making an effort to feel great about my appearance ever since my birthday and my abandonment of raw foodism. This includes wearing makeup, wearing clothes that make me feel cute, and eating things that I love. I got the starter kit ($60) and I’m so glad I did. I know that Bare Minerals is not the best natural makeup (it does have a few scary chemicals), but it has been working for me. It even came with a DVD that explains how to put it on! This is my new prep station:

15 bare minerals

My skin is generally quite problematic, but I’ve seen a dramatic improvement over the last few days due to half a dozen things I’m trying: MSM supplements, Maca powder, new makeup, Origins oil-free thing (in picture), not touching/picking at my face, and no more detoxing (see, I really did mean half a dozen = 6 things). I don’t know which one of these things fixed my skin, so I guess I’ll have to keep doing all of them.

I mentioned cleaning and organizing a few days ago (I spent my birthday night cleaning – by choice). A clean and clutter-free house makes for a very happy Maggie. I have a few bags in the back of Bobby’s Saab to take to Goodwill and I made this jewelry box so that I can access my jewelry quickly and easily. Organization makes me happy.

16 jewelry

This was so simple to make. I took a cardboard box (I think it was from freeze-dried apple chips; yum), and stapled tissue paper on it. I save tissue paper from my purchases (Anthropologie has the best). I hung my dangly earrings on the sides and put the other stuff in the middle (I made that brown dish in ceramics).

Bobby has a class all day today, so I’m on my own. I’m gonna work out, drop off an application, eat some Greek yogurt (yes, dairy is back), and chill out. I’m also going to listen to songs from this website. Heather’s brother started this awesome site (Start My Song) where songwriters can upload their new songs – a lot of them are really good. I’m listening to the Country station now.

Enjoy your Saturday! What was the last thing you did to make yourself feel beautiful?

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  1. I washed my hair :P… does that count? And I bought some new hair stuff. I’m not really big on make-up, I wear eyeliner, but that’s about it. Mostly because I’m too lazy for anything more. But I love the creativity: very nice box and very nice lay-out…
    Actually, if I could get a little advice on the lay-out thing… I’m (kind of) ok with my lay-out, it’s just that I want to change colours and I want to be able to have a left sidebar as well… any idea on how I can do that and still have a custom header?

    Lots of love!
    P.S. I’m glad I found a muffin fan, now I feel that at least someone’s rooting for that team ;P

  2. chocolate with salt? yeah~ give me that and I’ll be happy 😀
    I have the same set of Bare Minerals and I love it! It’s so easy to wear and it looks very natural! I’m a too lazy girl to spend 30 in on the makeup, so this <5 min makeup is really good for me.
    I love cleaning and organizing. I just cleaned out the kitchen after my parents ate crabs today.. and looking a clean kitchen actually makes me happy! 😀

  3. That jewelry box is so cute! You’ve inspired me to finally clean me room today 🙂
    I put on makeup and painted my toes recently, which made me feel pretty 🙂

  4. mmm.. i’ve been to the vosges store here in chicago and i’ll admit the free samples were delicious but no way would i spend $7.50 for a candy bar! well maybe for a special gift.. but not for myself, i’d probably eat it all on the way home 🙂

  5. I am such a whore for anything Bare Escentuals! I am a makeup artist and absolutely adore their makeup. It’s the best everyday makeup and their kits are stunning. Have fun with it and if you have any BE questions, e-mail me! I’m a BE expert. lol

  6. i love the new look maggie, and i LOVE bare minerals makeup. im totally bare bones when it comes to makeup…blush and a finishing powder is all. these products are truly quality. for skincare, i swear by aveda.

    im thinking we would have either made the PERFECT roomies, or we would have killed eachother with our organizing obsessions. haha!

  7. your site looks gorgeous! I agree, bare minerals and dove original bar soap does wonders for my finicky complexion 😀 Sounds like a great bday with some great resolutions!

  8. I like to organize too. I just wish I had more time to do it! My mom has given me a lot of Bare Mineral powder and I love it. My face is pretty sensitive and it is the only thing that doesn’t bother me.

  9. Cute new layout 🙂

    I love goji berries, and it sounds amazing in that chocolate!

    Mineral makeup is amazing. I don’t use Bare Minerals, but almost all my friends do (I found that mac worked really well for me, so I never tried bare minerals).

    Last thing I did was got my hair trimmed! The new stylist did I nice job with my hair, but unfortunately, cut my bangs too short, so I’m making the most out of it by trying out new pouffs and headbands 🙂

  10. I need to get some “natural” make-up too. Are there any other brands that might be better? I suppose it depends on skin type too.

    You can always buy that chocolate online now that it is getting cooler out (no melting in shipment!)

    Love the blog look, per standard 🙂

  11. I’m interested in Bare Minerals. Have you heard about any makeup that is better than it – w/o the “scary” chemicals? I like how the package is put togther for B.M. at least.

  12. Oh my gosh – I feel so loved in this post. Thanks sweet Maggie…my brother thanks you too!

    My Whole Foods carries the Vosges line. I first had it at this fancy schmancy chocolate tasting party I went to about 3 or 4 years ago. The goji berry bar was my favorite chocolate from the whole evening, and CD dug through the hostess’s trash and saved the wrapper. He ordered me a whole box of their various bars. Some crazy combos – I love most of them, but Goji has always been my favorite. The bacon one sounds good to me in theory since I love a good salty/sweet combo, but it tastes kind of bizarre. When our Whole Foods started carrying the bars, I was ecstatic! If you can’t find them, let me know. I will send more. 🙂

    Love your organization, and I might email you soon with some layout questions if I decide to change things up a bit on my blog. Thanks!

    Love the oat bran bowl in your header.

  13. I did a honey I shrunk the pores face mask, from simply divine botanicals, yesterday evening. I had a crazy, exhausting day, and that completely allowed me to relax. and my skin felt amazing afterwards, of course!

  14. Maggie, thanks for listening on Start My Song. Glad to hear you are enjoying the country station – love that you called it that, never thought of it that way 🙂

    Take care,


  15. Maggie Moo…love the layout! i think i have seen that one somewhere 🙂

    yay for bare minerals…sooo good, and that chocolate sounds amazing. have a fabulous week!

  16. Hm…beautiful…honestly, I never ever feel beautiful. That one part I’m struggling with, I just am not happy with my appearance ever. 🙁

    But on the brighter note, your chocolate sounds yummy! Haha, bacon?! Sounds interesting! I’d love to try that one!

  17. The Barcelona Bar (hickory smoked almonds/Fleur de Sel grey sea salt/deep milk chocolate) is really good too! I’ve heard there’s Vosges ice cream out there but I haven’t seen it…yet.

    With my friend’s wedding approaching, I got my hair cut and some color after not doing anything to it (except pull it back in a ponytail) for over a year. It’s rare that I treat myself to ‘girly’ stuff, but I was really happy I did. The feedback from Mr D didn’t hurt either 🙂

    So glad you had a great birthday! I spent part of yesterday scrubbing the kitchen and that makes me very happy when Monday morning rolls around.

  18. Bare Minerals is amazing…it’s literally the only makeup that I will wear. Lucky for me, we get it 75% off because of the company I work for, but like I said, I’m trying the makeup-free face haha If you ever need a hookup for more…just let me know!

  19. Ahhh Vosges chocolate is soooo good!!!! They are located in Chicago. I would be happy to send you some!! Let me know where I can send it to ya, birthday twin!

  20. Ahhh Vosges chocolate is soooo good!!!! They are located in Chicago. I would be happy to send you some!! Let me know where I can send it to ya, birthday twin!

  21. Vosage is located here in Chicago, but check your local Whole Foods, they are in the WF here in the suburbs, so they may be distributed throughout the WF network or soon to be.

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