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On Sunday’s blogger meetup we went to a cozy little cafe called Bread & Cocoa on Sutter Street in San Francisco. How could I resist the $2.99 oatmeal?

28 oatmeal

It was a humongous bowl, so I went pretty easy on the toppings. I had raisins, almonds, and in-house granola. I also added a little bit of skim milk. I actually managed to finish all but 1 bite of this gigantic bowl of oats. I brought the bloggies some homemade tea bags…

27 tea presents

For lunch we went to the Ferry Building to get our favorite – Delica rf-1. It’s a Japanese delicatessen with the most amazing salads. I got the 3-salad combo; Bobby got the 2-salad + a main item combo. Bobby got Wasabi Garlic Potato Salad (Garlic potato salad with wasabi mayonnaise, edamame, snap peas, and romaine hearts), Spicy Burdock Root Salad (A spicy mix of braised burdock and konnyaku (mountain potato) tossed with thin slices of white onion, celery, julienne carrots, and wild mizuna), and for the main item he got Tofu & Chicken Patty with Hijiki (Free-range chicken and organic tofu patty with hijiki seaweed and carrot; served in a sweet soy sauce).

29 bobby delica

I got the Spicy Burdock Root Salad, and a double serving of Hijiki and Soybean Salad (Hijiki (seaweed rich in calcium, iron, and fiber) mixed with dried soybeans, edamame, konnyaku (mountain potato), daikon, wild mizuna, fried tofu, and kuko (wolfberry)).

30 maggie delica

I think we go to Delica almost every time we head up to San Francisco. It is probably the best food I have ever eaten. I’m not kidding. It’s that good. We’re heading up to SF tomorrow so I’m sure we’ll be back.

What is your favorite restaurant, and where is it? What do you get?

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  1. that oatmeal looks delicious!

    My favorite restaurant actually closed a few months ago! They just reopened with new chefs and the menu is totally different. I’m hoping it will be just as good 🙂

  2. Oatmeal looks delicious! My favourite restaurant is a diner (!) in New York. It’s owned by a Greek family so there is a heavy Greek influence on traditional diner options. I love it more because of the memories than the quality of the food… 🙂

  3. yum! those oats look sooo drool worthy!!! well done!! 🙂

    oh man I have SOO many favorite restaurants!! There is this one restaurant called stella in boston and they have the most amazing salmon with speghetti sqaush and grape tomatoes! it is just amazing! I love discovering new restaurants!!

  4. You have to take me to that place, I want to try those salad combos, sounds fantastic! 🙂
    my favorite place to eat? restaurants in Argentina, those that I went again and again during my last trip. What do I get? Squid and octopus! 😀

  5. My fav rest. is in Utah, it is called Tony’s. Its a little hole in the wall italian rest. I get rigatoni with meat balls, salad and yummy bread. oh man i want it right now!

  6. We really love Giovanni’s Pizzeria off of Lawrence and 101. It’s our favorite in the sense that if we happen to be nearby, we’re compelled to go in for a slice. I like many restaurants, but none have the same spell over me like Giovanni’s does.

    Before I forget, I was wondering if you want to go grocery shopping together sometime at Ranch 99 or the likes? Need an expert to help me pick out a Japanase squash. :- ) Now that the weather is cool, I plan on steaming and baking more in the kitchen.

  7. I’m in that Ferry Building several times each year and I’ve never eaten there — I’ll put that on the Must Try list. Thanks!

  8. Delica sounds amazing! I have to go there if I ever go back to SF!

    Hmmm, I can’t choose a favorite restaurant, but a really good restaurant is one called Araya’s Vegetarian Place near campus and they have delicious Thai food there (went there yesterday)!

  9. I’ll have what you’re having! YUM

    I am such a mood person.. you’d have to ask me…what’s your fav pizza, or salad place, or seafood…not one type of fav food…

    however, that being said, I never EVER turned sushi down..

    did I say EVER?


  10. those oats look good, and so does that lunch! wow!

    and my favorite restaurant is either rutabegorz in fullerton, ca or sipz fuzion restaurant in san diego, ca. both awesome vegan/vegetarian places!

  11. Maggie,
    I want to meet up with you in San Fran and eat big bowls of oatmeal and to Delica rf-1, K? 🙂

    My favorite restaurant? I love Horn of Africa, a local Ethiopian place, and I also LOVE Houston’s, but Nashville doesn’t have on anymore. Adam’s Mountain Grill in Manitou Springs, CO is also high up on my list. Too many to choose from!

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