Good bread & some workouts

The other day I got a lovely present from Foodbuzz‘s Tastemaker program…

33 bread

Thanks! These are two loaves of Nature’s Pride bread – 12 Grain and 100% Whole Wheat. Both breads had a decent ingredient list, but I was disappointed to see dairy products there. You really don’t need milk to made great bread. The ingredient list was long, but I didn’t see anything too scary, and the lack of high fructose corn syrup was a plus. I immediately ate a slice of the Whole Wheat and promptly tossed them in the freezer to stay fresh. The next day Bobby enjoyed 2 slices of the 12 Grain…

34 bobby breakfast

This is a vegetarian breakfast of 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of toast (dry), 2 veggie sausages, and 3 veggie bacons. He loved it. He actually prefers veggie bacon and veggie sausage to the real deal, which I find very cute. I enjoy veggie bacon, but I don’t particularly care for veggie sausage (or real sausage, for that matter).

Aside from eating very yummy things, I’ve been changing up my exercise. I’ve found that even if I don’t plan on doing anything on a certain day, I always manage to get in a workout. I looked back on my Workout Page to see how often I take a rest day – I’ve had 7 rest/lazy days since the beginning of January. I almost *always* find something to do, even if it’s just 20 minutes of yoga. Treating exercise as a natural part of life, and not a chore, makes it that much more enjoyable. I never dread exercise; I actually look forward to it. As long as I keep changing it up, I don’t get bored.

I definitely wouldn’t advocate doing intense exercise every day. But the kind of exercise I do is something that you absolutely CAN do every day. Yoga stretches as it strengthens; I don’t do killer cardio sessions; I walk a lot; I’m gentle and listen to my body. I think I’ve learned what works (for me at least). Here’s what I’ve been up to the last few days…

For the last couple of weeks I haven’t been doing long yoga practices at all. Actually, I haven’t really been doing many short practices either. Yesterday I did Tom Morley’s “Buns & Thighs Yoga“, which was 20 minutes. The other activity I did yesterday was walking in San Francisco – about 3.5 miles.

I found a fun new video on Comcast’s Exercise TV (On Demand) called “Disco Abs“, featuring Cheryl Burke. It’s 30 minutes long and it’s a pretty good workout. I get really into all the disco moves and totally rock out in my living room. I did that on Saturday and Monday.

On Sunday I walked around in San Francisco (about 3 miles or so, maybe a little more). I was carrying a whole bunch of stuff so it was really tiring.

On Tuesday I did actually work myself out pretty hard (for me) – I jogged/walked for 5.18 miles on the treadmill (0% incline). This is not normal for me; I was feeling stressed and I needed a way to let off steam that did not involve pulling my hair out. It definitely worked; I felt great afterwards. I cooled down with about 5 minutes of yoga-ish stretching.

Do you take rest days? Or do you keep your exercise low key enough that you don’t need them? Do you ever crave a sweaty gym session?

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  1. I don’t take rest day purposely, because as you, I don’t do intense workouts. If I lived in a city, I’d walk more.
    I wish I had TV on demand to try new workouts at home.
    Cardio is really good for de-stress, I get one when I need it! 🙂

  2. I got that bread too thanks to my “other” site. Rob’s been eating it every day which makes me happy since more than one slice at a time is a little too high fiber for my stomach.

    I take many rest days! Once I realized I don’t *need* to workout all the time to be in shape I definitely started valuing relaxing more and not feeling as guilty. But most of my workouts now are running which is intense in itself. I also do elliptical a lot but I don’t usually push myself too hard on the ones in Rob’s building gym b/c they suck. At my old gym I was able to sweat a little more.

    When I take a Core Fusion class, that is usually my only workout for the day.

    And now I have a rebounder! Hope to use it today!

  3. Thank you! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed the milk in the bread. I’m a vegan and I signed up to review the bread because 1. I’m broke and could use as much “free” as I can, and 2. It’s bread – surely it’ll be vegan. Oh well. At least my husband has bread for a while. 🙂

    And rest days – I listen to my body. Usually I can tell if I really need a rest day (i.e. there’s a not-good pain or I feel like I’m coming down with something). If it’s just being sore, I still do something, because usually it actually helps with soreness too.

  4. I haven’t had a gym membership in several months so, I think, lately I’ve been craving a really intense workout. However, I know that when I do have a gym membership, I generally dread going–unless there’s some class I love. Without one, I’ve taken a very similar approach to you–just getting somethng that I enjoy in every day. And it’s been working great. I’ve definitely had those moments where I’ve needed to just run to clear my mind

  5. Maggie,
    I used to crave those sweaty gym sessions, but now I exercise very similar to you – just try to build it into my day when I can. Walk errands, etc. I also try and make it to the yoga studio a few times a week, but it’s hard to fit in 90 minute classes. Been doing more stuff on my own at home and loving it.

  6. I do take rest days from running and try to do what I can during the day.

    I don’t get the milk in bread either! But it is better than HFCS

  7. These days my rest days are usually “active” rest days. I go for a 30 minute walk, or do some yoga, or simply run around and “work out” in the park with the toddler. In the past, I used to do a lot more high impact cardio and very long, vigorous workout sessions. And I had to take more “real” rest days… But I have learned to be kinder to my body, which actually makes me feel a lot more balanced…

  8. i love the idea of just fusing exercise as a part of your daily life! so many times i am like i don’t want to GO exercise, where if you just incorporate it, it seems less stressful. and YES, rest days are ALWAYS needed!

    have a wonderful thursday dear 🙂

  9. I love how you mix things up and just stay WAY active.
    I think on a good day for me is less than an EASY day for you, so

    who knows!

    I wish I could walk to more places …LIKE WORK

  10. I actually do some sort of activity everyday…it may even be something simple like going to the grocery store, because it is like 0.8 miles away. Haha!

    I can’t wait to see you!! Do you want to go running in the mornings? I don’t run too fast, though…

  11. I haven’t craved a sweaty gym session in a while:) I am loving yoga and I like walking. I basically just do whatever my body feels like doing each day. Sometimes, if I’m feeling a bit run down, that means I don’t purposely exercise. I used to get all freaked out about it, but I am learning that my body lets me know when I’m doing too much:)

  12. I’m going to take your thoughts into consideration when I come up with my game plan, because I just don’t feel good when I don’t move for a whole day… I need to get some yoga into my routine (I keep saying it.. but I never do it!)

    Thanks for everything, Maggie, I’ll keep in touch for sure ^^

  13. I DO do mostly what people would consider intense exercise, but I have also built myself up so that my definition of “intense” is a bit different. I spin, run, yoga, lift, or (usually) a combo of these. But I know how to take it easy with the running and spinning, by adjusting the resistance level or just slowing down (10mph average is moderate-to-slow for me). I love sweating, and oddly enough, I SMILE MORE when I pound it out. I feel blessed that I am one of those people who loves to be active and exercise is not a chore to me. I was curious, so i checked my googlecal, and I have taken about 9 rest days since the beginning of the year….I also find that, by making it routine to exercise every day, when too much comes along and you simply cannot get ANYTHING in, or if you get sick, you don’t get the “oh my god i have not worked out in a week (or two) and now i can’t work out even more” that you hear so often. You know?

    Sorry for the horrible grammar within this response 😀 I wish you lived in SoCal; I’d direct you to my second home, YAS (….it’s yoga and spin…i think you’d LOVE their yoga!

  14. Hi there! I met you on Sunday at Bread & Cocoa & I wanted to let you know that last night I was so cold that I snuggled up with a book and one of your delicious teas & really enjoyed it! It was so sweet of you to think of all of us. Thank you again and I hope we can meet again sometime.

  15. I’ve recently been taking more rest days than I should…. so I actually just made a training plan for myself (I’m doing a 5k at the end of October). It feels good to have a plan that I know I’ll have to stick to! It’s all organized on google calendar. I feel so on top of things! =P

    PS – love your blog. I’ll be adding you to my blog roll =)

  16. I take a rest day every week–The workouts I do are fairly intense and I need to give my body a break!!

    Mmm, great sounding bread!
    <3 jess

  17. I usually do cardio (elliptical, bike, power walk) for 4-5xs a week. The other days, I do either yoga, walk, or nothing 🙂 I usually take 1 full day off a week, but sometimes throw in some light yoga or walking sessions. My workouts have significantly lightened over this past year–I used to be a hard core runner.

  18. i have a similar exercise philosophy to you, and i definitely think it’s what works best for me. i’ve done the intense cardio thing, it was too hard on my body, and i dealt with an injury because of it. i like that being active is just a way of life for me – it’s not that i have to figure out when i’m going to “fit in” my workout – it’s just part of my life. i wake up excited to do yoga a few days a week. i walk all the time just to get around, and sometimes i just take walks because i feel like it. having recovered from an injury, i am so thankful to have the ability to do things like take the stairs, walk a few blocks, ride a bike if i feel like it. maybe it’s not as hardcore as people training for a race – but i have really fallen in love with the way movement fits comfortably in my life.

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