A Stir fry & Apple picking

Keep reading for our apple picking adventure. Up first…

The other day I made a great stir fry for lunch – shrimp, snap peas, Brussels sprouts, okra, red peppers, bok choy, and maybe some other things.

10 veggie stir fry

I played around with my camera settings for this photoshoot. I think this was a lower aperture…

11 veggie stir fry

And so was this (different angle though)… Which do you like best?

12 veggie stir fry

I sauteed everything in a fair amount of sesame oil, added some garlic and chili powder, and ate it after it cooled. One of my weird food quirks is that I don’t eat anything super hot or super cold. I like to cool my food in the freezer before I eat it, and if I’m eating ice cream or froyo, I let it melt first or I zap it in the microwave for a few seconds to get it soft.

Bobby and I headed down to Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville, CA on Sunday for some apple picking. We got about 16 pounds – can’t wait to make some serious yums with them. I’m thinking:

Here are a few highlights from the day.


What would YOU make with 16 pounds of apples? (Probably more like 9 or 10 pounds at the moment… I eat a lot of apples.)

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  1. Oh how I love apples! Beautiful photos, maggie 🙂
    If I had that many apples, i’d finally try your macrobiotic apple pie that I have been dying to taste! Looks like you and Bobby had a great day–thanks for sharing. Sending you much joy in your apple baking adventures!

  2. I like stir fry pic #3 the best…and all of your apple picking pics look great! That was quite a balancing act with the stirfry bowl-risky move with such delicious stuff.

    That’s exactly what D does with hot food, he makes his eggs and they go into the freezer; ice cubes in oatmeal and oat bran too. I’ll tell him he’s in good company 🙂

    I’d try something savory with the apples, that soup sounds wonderful. Maybe cut them in half and bake with oatmeal and raisins?

  3. This looks like so much fun!! I would make applesauce . . . or just sauteed apples (I love sauteeing them with a little orange juice, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger!)

  4. My husband won’t eat anything too hot or cold either! He always puts his meals in the freazer for a minute to cool them off!

    Looks like you had fun apple picking! I love your ideas!

  5. Anything with brussel sprouts get my attention!! YUM!

    Girl, I have a great recipe for a healthy apple bake. I will have to email it to you. So many great things you can make. Muffins, bread, pies, smooshed apples served with pork, sweet potato and apple casserole, or mashed sweet potatoes and apples, I could go on and on for ever….

    Look forward to seeing what you make 🙂


  6. that stir-fry is so much like what I’ve been having for dinner lately… it might be called as whatever you throw in, adding the power weapon: sesame oil! 😀
    love your apple picking pictures. I just realized that Bobby and Star share something in common…. their kindness, even through their eyes! 🙂

  7. I like the 3rd photo best!

    With that many apples I’d be making apple bread, applesauce, and apple crumb pie.

  8. Ahhh finally some pictures of Maggie!! 🙂 And such great ones with the apples too. I’m so jealous of the apple picking fun you look like you’re having…you actually look quite serious at your job too. hehehe

  9. Apple picking sounds like so much fun. I think I’ll have to take the toddler… 🙂

    I would make some baked apples first since I haven’t had any in a long time…

    I like the second picture best.

  10. juice! JUICE, and apple sauce and cobbler.
    LOVE apples! ESP this time of year.

    you are so beautiful and look so happy and relaxed picking apples with Bobby!

    LOVE IT!
    what a nice day!

  11. I would eat them a loooot. Just fresh. But I would also make tons of applesauce, some apple muffins or a pie definitely. The pictures are just amazing!

  12. What a fun day! Hmm, well I have 6 lbs of organic apples in the fridge right now, and am asking myself that very question. So far, we are just snacking on them, so I will have to get back to you on that!

  13. I like the 3rd pic!

    I think I’d munch through half of them like you. The rest I’d probably make apple sauce, applie pie, or baked apples as a side or dessert. I’m a simplest. hehe

  14. Apple picking looks SO fun!! I wanna go!

    I would make a rustic apple tart, applesauce, baked apples with a spicy, creamy, sweet rice filling (totally just made that up but it sounds good!) and so much more. 🙂

  15. I just can’t get enough of those gorgeous pictures! I really need to get an SLR sometime (not now, college student here, haha!).

    I would definitely eat a lot of those apples just plain for sure 🙂 Hmmm, I love a good apple crisp! Or fresh applesauce, mmm!

  16. What fun! There are orchards in Watsonville?! Thanks for sharing. I was looking into going apple picking in Apple Valley but the idea of driving 3 hours one way didn’t appeal to BJ. I told him there would be apple bear once we arrived though. Still, not interested.

    Did the orchard sell pies or any other apple goodies? This sounds like it would be a lot easier drive than to go to Placerville.

  17. Maybe some homemade applesauce or an apple crumble? But of course, save enough to have around for eating 😀

    I love the last picture of the stir fry!!
    <3 jess

  18. ohhh…apples! i so need to get home so i can go apple picking before it’s all over!!! and i would make my mom’s (very sugar laden) applesauce cake recipe, passed down from my grandma…such a great cake!!!

    and that stir fry looks great too!

  19. I think I liked Picture #2 the best, and I so want to go pick apples…I’ve been eyeing the HoneyCrisps at Whole Foods, but they’re $2.99 a pound. No way!

    If I had endless pounds of apples, I would make homemade applesauce as well as your macrobiotic apple pie. CD loved that recipe!

  20. CUUUUUUTE maggie! as for your stir fry picture…i like the first one. the bowl isnt too bright but the food is a good density and the attention is on the food, the brighest spot. the angle is best for the food IMO. what kinda apples did you get?

  21. I want to go apple picking! Unfortunately Texas is not really known for its apple orchards…. :\ But the asian supermarkets here have the most enormous (think small melon sized) apples! So I”ll have to make due with those.
    I think I’d also give in and eat most of them before doing much with them, probably with almond or cashew butter. And I’m sure I”d then go on to make apple muffins – you need to try this! –>http://www.lazyorganizer.com/blog/?p=2326
    And lots of apple pie oats of course.
    You also look adorable in those pics as always! 🙂

  22. I love apple picking! That’s one of my favorite Fall things to do back in Michigan. Homemade applesauce and apple butter is amazing! Baked apples are super yummy, too 🙂

  23. Wow Maggie!!! Your photos are sooo gorgeous!!! I miss reading your blog! Oh school! At least tomorrow is hump day right?

    That stir fry looks amazing!! I spy cute little shrimpies!! Yum! I don’t like my cold food very cold, because I’m almost always freezing….but my hot food needs to be hot hot!! That’s a really cute quirk though!!

    Yay for apple picking!! I love that sweater by the way!! So cute.

    HAPPY WEDNESDAY !!!!!!!!!

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