Branching out – new breakfasts, ramen, popcorn, and meal planning!

I’m continuing to branch out for my meals. Here are some more breakfasts.

This is a bowl of cereal – peanut butter chocolate balls (Leapin Lemurs I believe), kamut puffs, sunflower seeds, a banana, and kefir (watered down a little bit to be more milky). I had with it some delicious cookie tea from Lupicia.

This next bowl is more cereal in a yogurt mess – kamut puffs, granola, sunflower seeds, a banana, and Oikos Greek yogurt. The granola has pumpkin seeds in it. It’s from Nature’s Path. Again, served with cookie tea.

I’ve also been digging popcorn (topped with cinnamon, salt, and chili powder).

Bobby loves homemade ramen – just fresh noodles, shoyu sauce, celery, and tofurkey slices. We get the noodles in the refrigerated section of the Asian market.

And we all know I love salads. This one is topped with lots of olives, pickled beets using Clare’s recipe (more on that later – delicious), pickles, parmesan (duh), and Newman’s Own lowfat sesame ginger dressing (it’s back!).

I’ve been using a cool site called Meals Matter to try planning more of my meals. It makes me branch out and I’ve been less inclined to snack at night when I know what my breakfast the next morning will be. Though… I have to admit. Last night I had a little bit of a snack attack with apples (the ones we picked) and a Vosges Black Pearl Bar (chocolate with wasabi, ginger, black sesame seeds – I swear it’s awesome). I did make it 2 whole days with no night time snacking, and that is big for me.

What was the last thing you indulged in?

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12 Replies to “Branching out – new breakfasts, ramen, popcorn, and meal planning!”

  1. so glad to know that you’ve been having diary and no problem with that! 🙂
    i think my belly recovered from the half raw experience too! 🙂
    I love homemade ramen too!

  2. I love Nature’s Path granola! Yum. My favorite is the hemp plus.

    My last indulgence was probably the bagel and cream cheese for breakfast on Wednesday.

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog this morning. Another kefir lover… hurray! Can’t wait to try out your cinnamon+salt+chili powder popcorn seasoning.

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