Dinner out! Thai food & seasonal frozen yogurt!

Last night we went out to meet our cousins in Santa Clara. We went to Blue Mango, our favorite Thai restaurant. (For those of you in the area – this is the one on Stevens Creek; the other location is crappy.) Other Blue Mango posts:

We ordered 4 things to share. We got the mushroom mountain (no picture, but there are pics in just about every other post about Blue Mango!) – ”soft tofu, baby corn, bamboo, straw mushroom and bean sprout stir-fried with a bit of green curry paste, sesame seed are sprinkled on for a beautiful finish”. We also got Basil Chili Chicken (spiciness 7/10). Wonderful, as usual.

And a new dish – green curry (spiciness 5/10). This had prawns, eggplant, bamboo, red peppers, and maybe some other things. So creamy and satisfying. This is my new favorite. Bobby can’t decide between this and the mushroom mountain.

We also got crab fried rice, which we usually get. This was both of our cousins’ favorite.

After dinner we headed next door to Golden Spoon. Golden Spoon is one of the many California frozen yogurt shops, but it ranks among the best. The yogurt is creamy, ice-free, and basically a party in your mouth.

Bobby and I got the Pumpkin Pie (!) flavor and the classic vanilla. No toppings. I also tried Peanut Butter Cup, Cake Batter, and Raspberry. All delicious. The yogurt has about 25 calories in an ounce, and this size is supposed to be about 10 ounces. It was the perfect amount for two to share.

Today I think we are headed to the Japantown Farmers’ Market (maybe with friends) and I want to get a facial.

What was the last thing you did to pamper yourself?

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  1. I had my hair washed and straightened yesterday. It’s too thick for me to do it on my own – usually ends up a frizzy mess. I love my hair straight – never want to wash it again. In fact, I was going to go to a hot vinyasa class this morning, but I don’t want to sweat. 🙂

    Thai food and frozen yogurt. Perfect Maggie! Although, CD and I could never share a cup. I’d end up eating it all.

  2. Yay for thai!

    This is terrible but I’ve just realised I haven’t treated myself since my Debs (Irish prom), during the Summer when I had a facial, tanning, pedi, mani etc.
    I need to get on that stat!

    I suppose I had my hair done yesterday but that was more of a necessity than a pampering session.


  3. ooh, pumpkin pie froyo sounds amazing! and vanilla is always a winner 😀 Hmm, I haven’t pampered myself all that much lately. I did take last night just to chill and watch tv, and with my crazy week, that def. felt like pampering! I did get a massage about 3 weeks ago, but that feels like forever ago!

  4. I’ve had golden spoon before when I went to visit my aunt who lives in chino hills! It is very good… so good that I’m in disbelief at the calories, but hey, I’ll take it! 😉

    That crab fried rice sounds so GOOD! For the longest time, all I’d order from chinese restaurants was chicken fried rice, but crab sounds awesome!! 🙂

  5. All that food looks delicious!

    Hannah and I always have a back to school spa day – I had a 60 minute facial, 15 minute steam room and eye brown wax – all for $50 + tip!

  6. ohhhh a facial sounds glorious! you enjoy!

    mmmm your thai food has me dreaming about my days in thailand. thai curries are my FAVE – green is so unique and delicious!

  7. Mummm. Pumpkin pie froyo is so perfect for this time of year.

    That’s a good question that I need to figure out the answer to – it’s not good if I can’t think of something off the top my head!

  8. looks like it was a lovely night out!

    I could use some self-pampering! I’ve got a detox bath in the bathroom cupboard that’s just begging to be used…

    hope you’ve had a beautiful sunday!

  9. Thanks for finding me on Twitter! And for putting me on your blogroll! You’re awesome!!!!!

    Last thing I did to pamper myself? Have my husband take care of our daughter for a few hours today so i could walk around some shops alone and try on jeans, alone 🙂

  10. Pumpkin flavored frozen yogurt? Sign me up. One of the many reasons I love Fall is everything pumpkin comes out.

    The last thing I did to pamper myself was taking a nice long shower. Little things in life makes me happy.

  11. this place looks amazing! and pumpkin pie froyo??? I am soooo jealous of all of California’s frozen yogurt places.

    the last thing I did to pamper myself was to buy a slice of carrot cake to go =)

  12. Hi, just found your blog!
    I ADORE Thai Food, yours looks very yummy!
    That pumpkin fro yo looks fantastic, I need to check if any of the local fro you places have pumpkin flavor!

  13. i just bought some arame – your lunch is making me excited to use it. definitely going to pair it with sesame and ginger!

    i love pampering myself haha. i got a manicure and pedicure last thursday before my friend’s wedding. 🙂

  14. ooooh thai food! I love thai food. 🙂 I am dangerous around curry though, so it would be hard for me to exert some self-control over this dinner. OMG I need to got to golden spoon??? WHy don’t i live in California??? *sniff*

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