Day of Eats & TOMATOES. TWSS.

Why not? I haven’t done a day of normal food in a while. I was looking at my post from last year on October 11 when Bobby and I went strawberry picking. It was so fun and I remember the day well. It’s cool to have a record of exactly what I did last year at this time.

But back to yesterday. Not everything is pictured, so I hope I remembered to mention everything. Disclaimer: everything pictured was eaten; not everything eaten is pictured. I like to think that this day is a good example of intuitive, varied eating. Let me know what you think.

I started the morning off with fresh goji-nutty-biscotti (recipe to come) that I baked last night. They are semi-healthy, but not overly so. I had 5 of these guys dipped in some cookie tea and a little bit of chocolate peanut butter. A little while after I did some yoga on my own (30 minutes).

03 biscotti

Bobby and I trekked out to Borders early in the afternoon; I snagged an unpictured apple with almond butter on the way out the door. We stopped in to the fruit stand next to Borders where I had a few nibbles of cookie samples. Peanut Butter was the best (duh). After Borders we made a grocery stop at Trader Joe’s where we got (unpictured) samples of the Organic Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup. In a 1 cup serving: 100 calories, 2 grams fat, 16 grams carbohydrates, 1 gram fiber, 5 grams protein. They added creme fraiche and crispy bread; it was tasty.

Came home, made a lunchy snack. Arame (seaweed) from Heather, some sweet tomatoes, and leftover gingery chickpeas. Topped with Newman’s Own Lowfat Sesame Ginger dressing. Had 2 bowls of this. Lunch dessert: 2 tablespoons dark chocolate dreams peanut butter (unpictured).

01 arame chickpea tomato salad

We ended up buying that soup we sampled, so I heated that up for dinner along with salads. My salad was spinach, parmesan, pickles, olives, tomatoes, arame, sprouts, sunflower seeds, and the rest of the chickpeas. I topped my soup with kefir (my idea), sprouts (Bobby’s idea), and some Morningstar veggie bacon (my idea).

02 tomato soup salad dinner

Dessert was faux cheesecake (cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, mashed banana) and 3 large handpicked apples spaced throughout the night… and the rest of those yummy tomatoes.

Do you like tomatoes? I love them in just about everything: unsweetened organic ketchup (Biz and Holly!), plain, stir-fried, in sandwiches, in salads, etc… Bobby likes tomatoes sometimes but he doesn’t like when they squirt in your mouth (that’s what she said) so he avoids the little bite-sized ones that I love.

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26 Replies to “Day of Eats & TOMATOES. TWSS.”

  1. Haha, I just found your blog on Twitter! And yes, I am following you now 😉 I luuuurve tomatoes. Often times I’ll just slice up a tomato and eat it as is. I get your fiancee’s thing about the squirting though. I often end up covered in little seeds after eating cherry tomatoes.

  2. Just a question on your faux cheesecake…in this post you mention it’s cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and banana, but when I click on the link, that post’s recipe doesn’t include yogurt. It looks yummy, and I would like to try it!

    Looks like you had a fun weekend with some good vittles…:)

  3. Food looks good babe. I think I am the only person in the blog world that does not like PB&Co.

    Can you believe that Holly doesn’t like ketchup?? hahaha I couldn’t live w/o my unsweetened ketchup!! Well maybe I could but my squash fries wouldn’t be nearly as good!

    My mom loves that TJ’s soup you bought. Its her fav!

    Tomatoes? Love those freaking things. I used to eat them like an apple with salt and pepper sprinkled on each bite when I was little.

    Have a fab Monday beautiful lady!!


  4. no twitter for me yet 🙂 I’m slow on technology and really just don’t want one more thing to keep up with, actually 😉

    I LOVE tomatoes. Love them.

  5. a great relaxing day indeed! 🙂
    I like cherry tomatoes in salads and plain! I also like to make egg scrambled with tomatoes.

  6. goji nut biscotti! sounds AMAZING!!

    i have made that same faux cheesecake using cottage cheese greek yogurt and banana! it tastes just like cheesecake but full of protein and flavor!!

    oh and LOVE tomatoes esp in a tomato mozz salad!!

  7. Yummy! I want to have a day exactly like that, sounds so relaxing! And I can’t wait for the biscotti recipe
    I put yogurt on soups too! As well as other foods like tacos, potato latkes, etc, it’s kind of a sour cream replacement.
    It’s rainy and gross here so I’m waiting for that to stop so I can get some groceries, WF samples here I come!

  8. I loooove tomatoes! I always hated them as a kid but finally grew into them. Garden fresh tomatoes are heavenly in the summer.

  9. I stronnngly dislike raw tomatoes! I’m w/ Bobby – when they squirt in your mouth it’s gross! I can eat little chunked up raw bits on tacoes and stuff if it’s all mixed in – I don’t need to pick those out, though. So maybe it’s just the goo in the center!

    All the pics look great! You’re making my tummy rumble!

  10. Thanks for following me on Twitter! Love your blog! I trekked back and took a peek at your “faux cheesecake” recipe…that looks SO good — I’m definitely making that one!!

  11. Haha, I like it when it squirts me 🙂 My favorite tomatoes are the grape or cherry ones. The big ones can be tasteless sometimes (not sweet enough for me). Although I love anything with cooked tomatoes from ketchup, marinara, to soups!

  12. Those bars look good!
    I don’t care for tomatoes, really. I like sun-dried tomatoes, but I really don’t care for them raw. I think I am just weird, though!

  13. My favorite line ever, “they are semi-healthy, but not overly so.”

    I can’t wait to see your goji biscotti recipe. I’m not sure what to do with all that I bought and think this could be a perfect treat to bring to the office and share.

  14. haha thanks for the mini shoutout! i do LOVE tomatoes, just not in ketchup form. how that makes sense is beyond me 🙂

    i am in NEED of your biscotti recipe – that looks amazing miss maggie!

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