DVF Exercises – DVF Stretching – Diane Von Furstenberg Workout

I mentioned last night that I’m reading Diane von Furstenberg’s Book of Beauty. She has a quick (15-25 minutes, depending on what you do) exercise routine to start your day (or end it?) and I’ve done it twice so far. I did it last night (Sunday) and this morning (Monday). I hope to do it again tonight (Monday), because it’s fun and simple.

Diane has some great advice in her book. I bought this cute dress from Target today ($29.99) because of what she said. Jill and I had a girl-date and we went to Target and Whole Foods (mmm… more on that later).

Cute button detail.

Me playing around.

I’ve made some changes to Diane’s exercise routine, so I’m just going to write out what I would do. Maybe later this week I’ll do demo pics.

Begin standing, hands at your sides.

  1. Arm Stretch: Inhale the right arm up and stretch to the left. Exhale the arm down. Repeat on the left (inhale the arm up, stretch right, exhale down). Repeat 5 times on each side.
  2. Rolldown: drop your head, then fold down to a forward fold. Inhale to a flat back (like in yoga), exhale down again. Roll all the way back up. Repeat 2-10 times. (I do 10.)
  3. Breathing: lie down on the floor with your knees bent. Inhale thru the nose and exhale thru the mouth with your hands on your ribcage. Repeat 5 times.
  4. Leg stretch: stretch out your legs. Hug your right leg to your chest, then put it back on the floor. Repeat with your left leg. Do this 5 times on each side.
  5. Rolling like a ball: hug your knees and roll side to side and up and down.
  6. Leg cross: put your arms out in a T. Bring your right knee to your chest; drop it to the left and look right. Bring it back and place it back to the floor. Repeat on the left. Do this 5 times on each side.
  7. Leg cross 2: same position as #6. Instead of dropping your knee to the opposite side, drop it to the same side (right leg drops right). Repeat on the left and do this 5 times on each side.
  8. Bicycle: hands stretched out over your head, knees bent with feet on the floor. Bring your right knee to your chest and straighten it up, lower it down. Repeat 10 times and then do the left. You can do it backwards another 10 times too!
  9. Bicycle crunches: do 40 bicycle crunches (20 on each side, alternating).
  10. Bridge: do “bridge pose” (from yoga). Exhale, lifting your hips to the ceiling; inhale down. Repeat 5 times with the breath.
  11. Leg kicks and circles: lie on your right side. Do 10 kicks (leg lifts) and 10 small circles. Repeat on the left side.
  12. Arm stretch 2: sit cross-legged. Inhale the right arm up, stretch to the left. Exhale back down. Repeat on the left. Do this 5 times on each side.
  13. All fours: get down on all fours. Straighten your right leg behind you, toe pointed. Flex your foot as you bend your leg, keeping your thigh parallel to the ground. Straighten and point. Repeat 10 times, then do the left side. You can do leg lifts from this position too (good for the butt).
  14. Child’s pose: roll down to child’s pose and rest for a few seconds. Roll up to sitting.

You should feel relaxed and ready to start the day. You can actually pick and choose some of these exercises to do while watching TV, reading, talking on the phone, etc… I like them a lot because they’re not intense and you can fit them in throughout your whole day. I plan on doing some more tonight while I watch TV.

This routine took me about 25 minutes this morning; I think I might have done some extra reps so it might normally be shorter. The routine reminds me of when I was doing a yoga flow every morning. Not the same movements, but they are both relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

What’s your exercise routine like? Do you do the same thing every day or do you switch it up?

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  1. I try to keep a good variety with my exercise routine–never doing the same thing over and over, with the exception of yoga, but no yoga is all the same 😉

    The routine sounds really relaxing!
    <3 jess

  2. That’s what I call a perfect little black dress. You can dress it up or down and the accessory possibilities are endless. Is it a knit dress?

  3. whoa, gorgeous dress, Maggie!

    I tend to do the same thing everyday. About 35-45 minutes of cardio (mix of elliptical and walking) and then 15 min stretch and abs. Also do yoga twice a week 🙂

  4. That dress looks great! Very chic! I wish I had some spending money – I’d make a disasterous dent at Target!

    You know, I was just talking to Johnny about how I’ve let all exercise go and I really want to find something to ease back into it slowly. I think this might just do the trick! Thanks for typing all of that out for us I’m going to try it for a few days and see if I feel better!

  5. Great tips and I do 20 min run in the a.m. which is 2 measely miles. Then I do 20-25 min of yoga. The whole thing takes me 45-50 mins . It makes me feel productive before I even do anything else all day. As a mom, if I dont do that pronto in the a.m. the day can slip away and so it works for me.
    Cant wait to hear bout the book some more!

  6. I love that work out routine!!
    I just took up yoga again, and am loving it!
    If I dont get to yoga.. then I do a similar workout to what you just posted 🙂

    LOVE that dress. you are stunning!

  7. I actually do the same thing everyday. I wake up, and go out for a 4-mile run. That’s about it. I need to start branching out, but I just adore my runs!

    I LOVE YOU in that dress, Maggie! Look GORGEOUS!

  8. You make that dress look like a designer purchase! I can’t believe it’s from Target. Just goes to show it’s not what you pay, it’s how you wear it 😉 I want it now!

    Sounds like a pretty useful and fun book, I’ll check it out! Thanks!

  9. Adorable dress!

    I really don’t like switching up my routine. Although I know I should…I guess I like to keep things boring haha 😉

  10. Great dress!

    I like the idea of a 20 minute, gentle workout first thing in the morning. I may do some of it right now… I try to switch up my workout but end up doing a lot of the same things… I definitely need/want to do more yoga.

  11. I LOVE your new dresss!
    I love your morning stretch too..I have been doing an easy yoga stretch first thing in the mornings and I try TRY to jog or walk most nights. It’s been hard making at least the jogs consistent but working on it.
    weekends are for changing things up..walks, hikes…whatever I can get out to do!

  12. WOW that dress looks fab on you!! LOVE it! What a great Target find! You have such a tall elegant frame it looks amazing on you. That book sounds interesting as well. Donna Karen is also another fashion maven who is very intouch with health. She practices yoga and a high raw vegan lifestyle.

  13. Cute dress! My routine is at the gym club. Monday: cardio class. Tuesday: pilates. The rest of the week I usually pop in for a 30 minutes workout, 15 minutes on an elyptical machine and 15 minutes walking fast on a treadmill.
    That being said, I could not wake up 25 minutes earlier for a workout routine, mine has to be mid day or end of the afternoon 🙂

  14. Cute dress. I love it when I find good finds at Target. I typically try to mix things up in my workouts. Though sometimes I do plan things out and it ends up being similar. I do like changing things up every now and than. It helps keep the body guessing and learning new things!

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