30 Rock my socks

I’m in the middle of introducing my dad to 30 Rock. Love this show. By the way, he liked Food, Inc. a lot. He already eats mostly vegetarian (because of my siblings) and healthy foods, so it didn’t shock him too much.

Today we went up to Sausalito to be touristy. Bobby got this really good free-range, organic turkey burger from a place called Hamburgers. Apparently it’s Britney Spears’ favorite burger place (?).

17 turkey burger

I don’t know if these fries were organic, but they certainly were delicious (especially with oodles of ketchup).

18 fries

Dad and I posed with a bird by the bay.

19 me dad bird

I opted for vanilla ice cream from Lappert’s. Honestly? Not that great. It was $3.60 for this little cup and it was not worth it. It was boring and I’ve had much better.

20 ice cream

Dinner was more interesting. After we got home we went out to Roll House, a cheap and local Korean restaurant. We started off with side dishes (2 kimchis, a mayo waldorf salad thing, pickled daikon, and a fish cake dish that was super yum). Got seconds of some of these.

21 side dishes

My dinner was Bi Bim Bap – fried egg, seaweed, cucumber, carrots, spinach, mushrooms, and some other things. I topped it with lots of red spicy sauce (love). When I lifted up the egg to mix it, I found a surprise – beef. Eek. I took it off and gave it to Bobby. I don’t like to send things back. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get it all off though. My meal also came with miso soup (upper right).

22 bi bim bap

Bobby and my dad were full after dinner, but I had to get frozen yogurt to make up for my ice cream disappointment. Bobby did end up helping me a bit with this.

23 frozen yogurt

It was green tea, regular tart, mango tart, and blueberry tart. Kiwis, strawberries, and pineapples for topping. Yum.

And for today’s exercise – this morning I did Sadie Nardini’s 30 minute yoga routine – power half hour. I LOVE Sadie’s routines. I can’t wait until I’m in New York and I can take her classes in person.

What’s your favorite exercise class?

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  1. I’m with you – I’ve never sent anything back at a restaurant! I don’t want to be “that” customer, or have something happen to my next plate of food!

    My favorite exercise by far was when I was a member of Curves. I’ve seriously been considering joining again, but need to be more financially stable! I also took a kickboxing class once for college credits and it kicked my butt! I hated it at the time, panting and gasping for air, but sometimes I miss that high and the stamina I acquired!

  2. OMG I love Sausalito. I have fond, fond memories of time spent there w/ my husband on our way home from wine country trips and lovely late afternoon lunches on piers and the sky looking so beautiful just as you and your dad are photographed. This is before small human called a child entered our world 🙂

    Looks like a great day despite Beef showing up on my plate Ewwww. That would not be a send back. That would just be a ok we’re leaving now grab your purse and we’re outta here, stat. You were much more graceful than I woulda been 🙂

  3. Cool looking eats. Nothing I hate more than bland ice cream. I don’t even really like ice cream but when I do get some and its not even flavorful that’s the worse!!

    Theres a class at the Y called “Just Weights” that I like.


  4. what a fun fun time you are having with your Dad! I love the pic with you and him and the bird.
    We were in Sausalito on our Honeymoon …it’s a sweet place!
    Happy Monday

  5. Your dad is getting quite the education on his trip! Hopefully he can pass his knowledge on too.

    I am glad you got that fro yo to make up for the ice cream. We couldn’t have you walking around disappointed now, could we?

    Have a great Monday, Maggie!

  6. You and your dad are so cute. I am glad that he liked Food Inc. I still have to share it with my family… which will be interesting. I love doing yoga podcast from yoga for the people.

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