Pancake Circus

Today we went up to Sacramento (California’s capital). We visited the capital building, which was really cool. We’re pretty sure Arnold was in his office; there was an armed guard and lots of important-looking people going in and out. We tried to wait around to see if we’d catch a glimpse of him, but no luck.

After the capital building we got lunch at a local diner-ey place. It was called Pancake Circus. It was on a top 50 list of things to do in Sacramento. I love diner food, so I’m really glad we went.

27 pancake circus

My camera managed to eat the one picture I got of my awesome meal – a belgian pancake topped with tons of whipped cream and a large fruit salad. So freakin’ good.

24 menu

Bobby got a breakfast-y dish – eggs, hash browns, ham, 2 big pancakes (unpictured), and a biscuit (unpictured).

25 bobby's meal

My dad got the lunch special – a “chicken parmesan” sandwich (which was not what you’d think – it was just chicken and bacon on bread grilled with parm) and sweet potato fries.

26 dad's meal

I so wish that I had a picture of the waffle – you couldn’t even see it because there was so much whipped cream (which I finished).

Tonight we got Sweet Tomatoes for dinner – my favorite. I’m super stuffed, but happy.

Off to watch 30 Rock with my dad… tonight is his last night 🙁

Happy Tuesday! (Or Monday night, if you’re up late.)

13 Replies to “Pancake Circus”

  1. It’s Monday night for me! Haha, it’s only 10:30! 🙂

    I LOVE diner food, too. Do you watch Triple D? Diners, Drive-ins and Dives? Love that show.

  2. Places like that are great after a night of drinking! Oops did I just say that out loud? hehehe

    Have you seen Modern Family? Hilarious!!!


  3. hahahahaahahha I am from sacramento and my parents used to love going to that place after church on Sundays when I was younger! Small world!

  4. ohhh…i’m going to be in sacramento the first two weeks of december and wanted to come to san fran for a few days…maybe a meet up!?!?!? either that or copious amounts of suggestions of what to do! i’m free as a bird!

  5. fun times with dad! i am just catching up on a million posts, and you are too cute. i am IN LOVE with your boots – where by chance could a girl get a pair of those?

    this restaurant looks epic. love it.

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