Walk This Way

I loved all of your responses to my Back On Track post. This challenge isn’t really about the food at all; it’s about my mindset. I’m not eating what most people would call “crap”… I’m just trying to be a little more balanced and mindful. This challenge is more about exercise and motivation and the mental part of health.

To get back on track this morning, I laced up slipped on my sneakers pink crocs and headed out for a walk. It was early and I needed some extra hop in my step, so I got a big cuppa joe from 7-11. Coffee is not evil. It’s a lovely lovely drink that makes me happy in the morning. And it’s a great walking buddy.


Oh thank heaven!

I ended up walking 4+ miles while chatting away with my dad and then my mom. The last mile or so I just walked and thought about stuff.

When I got home I made some notecards about my back-on-track goals, I read some sweet emails, and I gave myself credit. It’s important to figure out ways to make sure you can achieve your goals. It’s one thing to write them down; it’s another to actually follow through. Here’s the plan…

  • Make notecards that say WHY I want these things (done!)
  • Read the notecards at least twice a day (done today)
  • Make new notecards as I need them
  • Carry said notecards with me everywhere
  • Enlist help (thanks, Bobby!)

How do you achieve your goals?

11 Replies to “Walk This Way”

  1. I’d have to think about goals too! It’s really great idea to use notecards to remind those goals! 🙂
    I’d be your walk buddy for few days! So excited!!! 😀

  2. I love walking with coffee, my favorite walks with coffee on the beach! I journal and make lists and post them to keep myself on track.

  3. Ok… However dumb it may seem… I actually rarely think about HOW I’m going to achieve my goals :P.. you mentioned some good tips, will use.

    BTW, I have something for you on my blog 😉

  4. Hey Maggie,
    sorry for my long absence in commenting. still reading though. i usually try to get to my goal by thinking of little rewards that i can do for myself when i have achieved that goal. lets say you want to work out more then maybe say okay if i work out for the next 3 weeks or so i’ll buy myself a new work-out outfit. or anything you would really want. i think humans work really well with rewards 😉
    i moved my blog, so hopefully you’ll find me at my new domain

  5. there must be something going on in the water all us bloggies eat because i think we have all been feeling this way. in fact, i am thinking of doing a similar post on this tonight. i like your notecard idea – i haven’t actually sat down to come up with goals yet, and i think it goes a long way to getting things done.

    and yes, coffee is glorious. it also makes me happy 🙂

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