23 Replies to “Foodbuzz Festival Day 2: Hearts”

  1. All these pretty pictures with happy food bloggers! Makes me happy. I hope you have a GREAT rest of the time, though it seems like that’s pretty much guaranteed 🙂

  2. so great to meet you!! good luck with the move, and hopefully we’ll cross paths again when you’re back on the east coast 🙂

  3. ahhh so jealous, indeed.
    one day.. maybe… foodbuzz fifth annual blogger festival perhaps. LOL.

    looks like you had a blast though- totally worth it!

  4. Hi Maggie,
    I just want to wish you and Bobby safe travels tomorrow. Whenever you return to visit the Bay Area, please let me know as you two are welcome to stay with us anytime.

    Good luck and best wishes with your move! I can’t wait to read about your city adventures.

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