I’m on a Droid!

This is my first post from Bobby’s new phone – the Droid. It’s Google-y and fun. Dare I say better than an iPhone? I’ll be quick because this keyboard is teeny.

So breakfast: a huge bowl of oatmeal from Denny’s with some fresh milk and brown sugar. Lunch was a variety of “fresca” items from Taco Bell. Surprisingly good. And my last Warren pear. We got to Albuquerque around 5 and met up with our friend (we’re staying with him tonight). We got dinner at Paul’s Monterey Inn…

We started with bread and butter and a bean soup (not vegetarian – with pork). The bread was warm and fresh.

For my main dish I got a Cobb salad with chicken, Bacon, avocado, eggs, tomatoes, olives, and blue cheese.

Dessert, you ask? Lots more bread with butter and my favorite after dinner mints.

Off to hang out now. Crazy day of driving tomorrow. Thanks for all the good luck wishes and my apologies for the lack of commenting and reading. Have a great night!

18 Replies to “I’m on a Droid!”

  1. Good luck on the traveling!! All the food looks so good and I love your kitty! And anything Droid I LOVE. Star wars geek here!!!

  2. Go Droid! Please let Bobby know BJ think he has great taste.

    Have fun on your trip and stay safe. Will you post your itinerary so that we can follow along – where is Maggie? I think it’s incredible to travel cross country and would like to do the road trip at least once in my lifetime.

    Stay safe!

  3. Fun!

    Love that the kitty is able to be loose in the car. I’d love to do that for mine, but he’d turn into a spaz, which is a shame! They should be able to not be cooped up in the carriers!

  4. wooo!! so cool that you can blog on that phone… even upload pictures! I guess it’s a good entertainment for the long driving trip!
    getting close to 40 hours? I hope so. I can imagine how tired you are. šŸ™‚

  5. glad to hear your trips going well! and you’re managing to still take pictures of your road side eats.. i’m impressed. šŸ™‚ when my eats aren’t exciting/good pictures, i usually don’t even post them. c’est la vie.

  6. Hi there – one of your kitties looks just like mine! And I agree traveling in the car with kitty cats is not so fun. Mine gets car sick – who knew. I end up having to keep him in the cage most of the time or he’s a mess.

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