Exercise on a stressful trip?

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This sitting in the car thing gives me lots of time to think, but not much time to stretch my legs. Here’s what I’ve done the last few days for exercise…

  • Tuesday: packing up the last of our belongings. This was 3+ hours of lugging things up and down 3 flights of stairs + cleaning. Fab workout.
  • Wednesday: 10-15 minutes of yoga stretching at our friend’s house. I ended with a headstand. (The pic is sideways I think.)
  • Thursday: 10-15 minutes of yoga at night with Bobby. I led us through a simple but invigorating routine.
  • Friday: yogadownload‘s ” lunchtime yoga” podcast (20 minutes) in the morning before we set out.


Right now we’re on the road towards Nashville; last night we were in Tulsa. We should make it to my parents’ house by tomorrow (Saturday) night. I’m super excited for something in Nashville tonight… any guesses?

How do you fit in exercise while you’re traveling?

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  1. I won’t guess because I think you told me before leaving. But wondering if you stopped in IN or IL at all and what that was like? I can’t believe you are just a day’s away to your final destination.

    Stay safe and sound.

  2. When I travel, I like to book hotels with exercise rooms 🙂 If I can’t get an exercise room, I like to spend some time in the pool or do a few strength moves in the room 🙂 Your headstand looks great!

  3. I love to fit in at least a bit of cardio, usually walking, and if not I start to “itch” for it!

    But worst case scenario if I am stuck in a car all day, it helps to do a bit of quickie strength moves – push ups, wall squats, etc. It just gives me a bit of much needed energy!

  4. rockin the headstand! love it.
    i’ve come into headstand a few times, but can’t hold it long enough for a picture. baha. 🙂

  5. That is a really cool pose…I have seen coco doing that too, kind of s scared me at that time :-))
    I really admire that you still can take some time exercising while you are traveling! when I am travelling, I normally do lots of walk (seldom take bus or metros), so walking 8-10 hours per day should be a good workout. plus, I always find I drop a size when I come back from holiday 😛

  6. I thought you were climbing the walls too!

    Unless there is a blizzard outside, my husband and I find a place to go for a walk whenever we travel. Just moving our legs keeps us sane and feeling better.

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