Kombucha My Kabocha

I’m eating lots of yums at my parents’. My mom made this wonderful amazing stir-fry tonight for dinner.

I don’t know the recipe, but I know it had lots of peanut butter. It was delicious. Maybe I’ll ask her how she made it sometime soon. It had all of my favorite veggies – broccoli, mushrooms, carrots (which I actually avoided because I’m trying not to turn orange), and red peppers. She’s not scared to use enough oil to make it taste good either.

This morning (and yesterday I think) for breakfast I made a really good bowl of hot cereal. I mix together…

  • ~1/2 cup of quick cooking oats
  • a few tablespoons of farina
  • cook it in water & almond milk
  • cinnamon, almond or orange extract (or both!), dash of salt

I like to top it with milk (whole cow’s milk or more almond milk) and maple syrup or honey. My facial lady told me to avoid sugar and see what happens (I know what will happen – my face will be clear), so today I had it with no syrup (but extra milk).

Uh oh. I think I have a new addiction. It sounds like kabocha, but it’s more expensive – kombucha.

The one I tried was $3.39 (yikes) and it was "GT’s Organic Botanic No. 7 Kombucha". I specifically got the one with probiotics to help with my digestion. This one was raw.

Kombucha is a fermented Chinese tea. It takes about 30 days to make; during the process various nutrients are formed (enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants, and polyphenols). It’s basically the healthiest thing you could possibly drink.

Some people say it tastes like vinegar; I thought it tasted a little bit like wine, only fizzy and better (I don’t really like wine). I’ll definitely be buying this again as soon as I can wrap my head around the price. It’s so darn pricey. I will absolutely try to make this in the future. Tips?

Speaking of yummy things, I did these 5 videos yesterday for exercise. They are each 10 minutes. Try them out! My sister loves Polly’s videos too.

Do you like kombucha? Have you tried it? Have you tried Polly’s videos yet? (It’s her birthday week by the way!)

P.S. Check out Clare’s Positivity Giveaway. She’s so sweet 🙂

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  1. Gah! How I love kombucha! Be careful, it’s addictive. I have kombucha cravings stronger than chocolate and coffee combined. Gingeraide is my fave. They all have excellent probiotics, by the way, since they are all fermented.

  2. Kombucha is so good, i love that drink, havent had it in a few months but i love the taste, it tastes like wine kinda haha but better and sooo healthy for you its amazing…but kabocha is a lot less expensive haha i agree 🙂
    love peanut-y stir fries, that looks delicious! and so do your oats, love the add in of almond and orange extracts, and i have always been curious about farina, maybe i’ll pick some up soon.


  3. Funny you posted about this because I was JUST given the opportunity to attend a Kombucha making class this Saturday!

    I’m so excited, since I also can’t afford the “habit”, lol. I’ll be taking lots of pix and notes so hopefully I can give you the scoop after the class!

  4. Another Kombucha addict here! Luckily I get them on sale all the time for $1.85 🙂 When they are a week away from expiration.

  5. Thanks for the tip! I will have to try the Kombucha and get back to you! And–you must get the recipe from your mom … it looks delish, as almost anything with peanut butter is:)

  6. get away now while you still can!!!!!!!!! i think i spent $100 this summer on kombucha alone. they are sooo effing good!! gingerberry is my fave.

  7. LOVE Kombucha. It is so delicious and addicting, but I can’t drink it because the bubbles wreak havoc on my stomach! I actually have a bottle here that I can give to you when I see you! I’ll check the date and make sure it’s still good and if it is, it is yours!

    I haven’t tried Polly’s videos (she is so sweet though!) but I plan to try soon since I have been thinking about yoga SO much lately. I definitely need to do it some more and her videos will be perfect if I ever get myself to do anything at home.

  8. I have seen blogs where people make there own. I will have to Google. I agree it tastes like some sort of alcohol, I almost feel like I am getting a buzz when I drink it LOL! For a cheaper alternative I drink Yogi Kombuca regularly.

  9. oh man, that Kombuca stuff kicked my butt once. i liked it, until i got really sick…HOWEVER it was in the midst of my (then unknown) bacterial infection. so i think it all just disagreed! did like the taste. yes, pricey, yikes. i think the one i had was rainbow colors on the bottle. it almost tasted like…a fruity beer? lol!

    thanks, you are sweet. and i ADORE polly’s vids. her DVD is great!

  10. Maggie! You do like weird and awful drinks, lol. That indonesian drink you loved so much? Nasty. I still have it in my fridge. I wish you were here so that I can give it to you. 😉

  11. Ok, I’ve been afraid to try the kombucha because everyone says it tastes like vinegar. You are the first person to tell me some people think it tastes like wine. Sign me up.

  12. You do have a special taste girl… maybe I should give it another try? 😉
    Actually I don’t know that chinese people drink fermented tea… is that really chinese? did i help with your digestion?

  13. Great blog! Never heard of Kombucha before…I thought you were talking about the squash!! I must try these Polly’s videos too – I am trying to get into yoga more and am actually doing some training (which I’ve been blogging about because I’m scared it’s not the right thing to do…), but anyways – check in if you can and add me to your roll – always looking for advice 🙂 Cheers – I’ve read good things about your blog from HEAB’s!

  14. Kombucha can be made for pennies, the companies that sell it for $4 in the health food stores are rip off artists!

    Just do a Google search on how to brew your own.

  15. Love Polly’s video as well as kombucha, the Divine Grape flavor being my favorite. I want to try making my own at home. I hear it’s not too labor intensive and much cheaper.

    Stir-fry with broccoli and peanut butter? I now love both your parents as well as their recipes. 😉

  16. hello love bug!!!

    Maggie you always make me smile and thanks for YOGA HUG via blogland! 😉 Hi to Bobbie and have a wonderful weekend, my sweet Maggie friend!! XOXO

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