Eating Out and About

Yesterday (Friday) was a hectic day! Bobby and I drove into the city to drop off a bunch of stuff at our apartment (we’re moving in this weekend), got a parking ticket ($95 – wtf), picked up Bobby’s new suits (they’re beautiful – Michael Kors), ate out twice, I got a mani cure, and we both got ready for my friend’s wedding today (Saturday).

We did the lunch special at Edo Sushi. I got chicken and broccoli again ($5.75; steamed) and Bobby got Salmon Don ($12). These are Droid pictures. The special comes with soup (miso for me)…

And then you get your entree. Mine came with rice on the side but I saved it to make fried rice later.

Edo’s is my favorite Pennington restaurant.

Dinner was at a new place called Pho 99; it’s Vietnamese. It’s up on Route 27 past Princeton. I opted for the papaya salad with shrimp (my usual). It comes with peanuts and a nice Vietnamese dressing. I also add hoisin sauce.

It was actually quite average and much smaller than I’m used to. Bobby offered to share his very large bowl of pho with me (beef noodle soup) and I happily obliged.

The pho was delicious. The broth was really good; so was the beef; the noodles were just average though. I’m like Heather; I don’t have beef often, but sometimes it just hits the spot. This was super lean and thinly sliced.

I have to go get dressed and ready for the wedding (it’s at 2:30pm)… after the reception we’ll do some more moving or wait until tomorrow.

Holding myself accountableI have not gotten in a good workout this week or last week at all. I want to get back on track with that. I haven’t even been able to do my standard walking or yoga. I’m writing this here for answerability. Maybe I’ll try to get a walk in before the wedding. I have also been eating grapes by the pound, and I need to stop for the sake of my skin, tummy, and wallet (grapes are expensive; they make me bloat; I just had a facial – I don’t want to ruin it). The facialist said to cut back on sugar and I want to listen to her (I know she’s right).

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Your workouts will get back on track when I give you the week passes for Sports Club/LA! By the time I see you it *might* be too late for the November pass, but you can use the December very soon! They have a lot of yoga there, people seemed to really like it. I wish I tried it out more while I was there.

    I also recommend Brynn Jinnett’s Transfigure on Sundays at 2:30 when you do it — she is a friend of mine and her class is amazing, think you’d really enjoy.

    Your food all looks great, especially the papaya salad.

  2. We jsut got back in town late last night, so this weekend is settling back in. I have 2 suitcases of laundry to do and a week’s worth of blog posting. I stupidly forgot my card reader at home, so I couldn’t blog as it happened and now have to re-cap. Darn!

    Don’t feel TOO bad about not working out, it’s not like youv’e been sitting on your bum all day! Moving is a lot of work, too!

  3. You’re doing fine. My friend is also preparing for her wedding and she’s stressed as well, but it’s all good. 🙂

    How will eating grapes give you bad skin? Thought fruits are good for you.

  4. I prefer Bobby’s salmon ! They look delish:-)
    I love phos too. but I can never figure out why all pho noodle place are followed with a number/ do you happen to know what they mean?
    I don’t have any specific plans for this weekend – but I do have plans that finishing up my paper! 🙂 have fun at wedding!

  5. Papaya salad is crunchy and sour and delightful. As is pho, but in a different, beefy, savory way… mmmm… can’t believe I used to hate it!

  6. Love that pho soup! I’ll have to try to recreate that. You been through so much lately, I wouldn’t sweat the no workouts!

    Have fun at the wedding!

  7. hope you had a great time at the wedding! lovely pho, i’ll have to try that sometime 🙂 wegmans is amazing… and what is this good news you speak of?? yay:)

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