A Wedding & A Move

Last night Bobby and I went to one of my best high school friend’s wedding. (I wore this dress to last year’s holiday party.) Isn’t Bobby’s new suit great? He got a black one too.

The bride was beautiful. I don’t have any pictures that actually came out, but trust me – gorgeous.

After my complaining I did get in some exercise yesterday – I did a 2.2 mile walk with my parents’ pups (down to the end of the road and back) and then I danced at the reception for a long time. The food was great as well and it was such a nice evening.

My one complaint? They stole our wedding song! I’m half kidding… We’ll probably still use it because it seems like a very popular song.

We are finally finishing the move up to the city today. We’re seeing New Moon at 1pm with some friends and then we’re driving in with my dad‘s truck and the cats.

This morning’s exercise was two yogadownload sessions recommended by Coco – 20 minutes “core yoga #1” (I’ve done this before) and 20 minutes “yoga for buns” (never did this one before). I’m off to see that movie…

Happy Sunday!

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  1. wooo!!! you both look GORGEOUS!! Seriously Maggie, you should dress up more often, you’re really really beautiful!!! 🙂
    hope you enjoyed those killing middle body yoga workouts!

  2. You guys look great! Wedding are so fun:)

    I’ve done the yogadownload for buns before, and it kicked my buns! I’ve been slacking in the yoga dept. lately. I really need to get inspired again!

  3. you are breathtakingly stunning! and Bobby cleans up nicely too :). But wow! gorgeous dress, gorgeous scarf.. simply radiant!

    I saw New Moon last night.. definitely isn’t as good as the first – but I still loved it. 🙂

  4. The accents from the scarf are great–quite the stunning pair, I must say! And don’t stress too much about the lack of activity (or what you perceive to be a lack). You’re super busy moving right now, getting settled, etc. and even though it’s not “structured,” you’re still being quite active!

    Even if you weren’t, no biggie. This is an exciting time for you right now and “life” sometimes takes over the workout schedule. However, you look great, so as long as you feel great, keep on keeping on! 🙂

  5. You two make a ridiculously good looking couple. Yes, love the suit!
    When you last posted that song on the blog, I immediately downloaded it and now listen to it all the time! I can see why someone would want it as their wedding song as well. But at the end of the day, it will still be your song because it is special to YOU 🙂

  6. OMG you guys look great!! I’m catching up on your whole x country tour 😀 I’m glad u guys made it such a fun trip, and I DO want to hear your good news!! Fb message??

  7. Well, Maggie, I’m glad you got a picture of you and Bobby at least…you look gorgeous! I love that dress! Wasn’t it freezing though?

  8. awwww you two look beautiful!

    I complain too when I need my cardio! I was just thinking about doing the core yoga…was it good?

    back on the road huh?



  9. I like your pictures ! very “sunshine” !!!
    glad you finally got some exercise. I couldn’t do it today because it’s raining outside…
    I went to see a movie too ! but not New Moon. it’s 2012. pretty cool 😀 I recommend it!

  10. OMG! You two look great. Love your dress and yes, the suit looks fantastic on Bobby. Now I have to go back and read about the move, Maggie!

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