Blogger Love and Review: Peace Food Cafe (New York City)

Last week on Tuesday night I met up with one of my favorite bloggers… Dori! She took us to a great vegan place on the upper west side called Peace Food Cafe. It’s completely vegan and they also have a lot of raw options.

Unfortunately neither of us had working cameras so I don’t have a picture of us together… but I did manage to take (crappy) pictures of the food with Bobby’s Droid. Bobby and I split 2 dishes – the kabocha sandwich ($9) and the mushroom duxelle pizza ($9.95). Dori got the kabocha sandwich too.

08 kabocha sandwich

Did you really think I wouldn’t get the kabocha sandwich? It’s actually listed as roasted japanese pumpkin sandwich on the menu. It came with some kind of pickled veggie and sprouts. It was really good, but the bread was a little bit dense for my tastes. I loved the caramelized onions and mashed squash in the sandwich. The vegan cheese and walnuts didn’t sit too well in my stomach either.

09 pizza

The pizza was amazing. The mushrooms were so good – they almost tasted meaty. I wasn’t really a fan of the roasted veggies on top but Bobby happily ate them up for me.

We couldn’t skip dessert – we got a HUGE piece of chocolate peanut butter swirl cake and devoured it.

10 dessert

This was so rich but so delicious.

And now I have to be honest… while the meal was delicious, it was not very filling. Bobby stopped at Grey’s Papaya for a hot dog on the way home and I stopped at Whole Foods for some cornbread. And this is probably why all of my pants are too tight (well, not just this one time, but in general I have been eating a lot more than I usually do). Might be time to reign it in.

More blogger love – Bekah sent me a holiday care package! These almonds and granola are wonderful. She’s a talented girl.

dec 07 2009 004

Thanks, Bekah!

Today’s question gets us into the holiday spirit… What is your favorite holiday gift (either to give or receive)? When I was little I loved big gifts, but now I actually like things that are homemade and thoughtful. I’m pretty easy to please. A fresh batch of Christmas cookies or a knitted scarf both sound perfect to me.

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  1. I can hardly tell its a pizza! looks very interesting!! haha.
    I have never seen a kabocha sandwish..but if I do sometime in the future, I’ll definitely give it a try!! they are just soo popular around the foodies!!
    My favorite holiday gift …should be man-made , card, cookies, or crafts, whatever. made by ourselves is all I need 😀
    Hope you have a great week!

  2. A kabocha sandwich? That has your name written all over it…:)
    As for gifts, I love giving the “perfect” personal gift that you know is super special. It’s usually nothing big or expensive, but rather something personal and meaningful. With that said, I’m not sure what my “favorite” gift received has been. I loved that my mom made a big donation to the Humane Society in my name last year, as we tend to do that for each other at the holidays. Anything that’s personal is great, although I don’t know what I would do without my veggie steamers and Hot Shot tea makers I’ve been given… 🙂

    Oooh! And gift cards to Harvest Health (our only natural food store.) Not personal, but so needed!

  3. One of the nicest gifts I received was a small photo album from my aunt from our family Christmas get-together. She personalized it with our family name – it was adorable. I’ve seen that Shutterfly and Snapfish offer custom-created photo albums as well, so I may consider that for some friends/family this year. Gifts like that truly stand the test of time and are so fun to look at in later years.

  4. Maggie,
    So cool you got to meet Dori, and of course you got the kabocha sandwich. How jealous am I that there is actually a restaurant in your city that serves kabocha sandwiches???? Pizza looked good too, although I don’t like it when I leave a restaurant still hungry. Bummer. You should have asked for some leftover cooked kabocha to go. 😉

    Favorite gifts? I’m like you. Love a thoughtful homemade gift. In my opinion, a girl can never have enough scarves in her life.

  5. Hahhah grey’s papaya! The one trip I have taken to NYC- being the total foodie that I am/was I def made the family stop for a grey’s papaya. Yumm.

    As for that chocolate cake! Um, definitely worth the tight pants.. that looks amazing!

    So glad you’re enjoying the goods my dear. And you’re welcome. 🙂

  6. Wait, KABOCHA sandwiches?! There are places that sell that? That’s so exciting! 😀 (But a little pricy for something I could probably make at home…) Very interesting pizza—the black stuff is mushrooms?

    I also love to give/receive thoughtful, homemade gifts, especially those that they say were “made just for me” or they were “thinking of me” when they made it :] Words like that just warm my heart. Other than that, I also love to receive kitchen appliances/gourmet food, haha.

  7. Thanks Maggie for entering my foodie giveaway and tweeting about it.

    I’m going to make myself a kabocha sandwich tonight, well kabocha on toast. I don’t have any picked veggies or sprouts. And what is that white stuff (looks like mayo or some heavy spread)?

  8. Looks like a great place, especially that cake! How are you enjoying NYC? And have you decided on a place for the blog meet-up yet? 🙂

  9. Call me a grinch, but unless it has something to do with food, I hate receiving gifts…because more often than not, people get me something I DON’T want…like clothes. Or beauty products…stuff that typical girls like, but I don’t.

    Anyway. That places looks GREAT! How can bread be dense though? What does that mean? The denser the better, right? 🙂

  10. so glad you are fitting right in ….finding all the happening places!

    tight pants are easily remidied…enjoy the new tastes!

  11. oops…forgot to add, I LOVE giving gifts more….LOVE hand made things and most people in my world don’t do that.

    scarves and a plate of cookies…it’s exactly what I am making this year! yay!

  12. Oh that looks like an awesome cafe. Vegan cheeses creep me out – so I haven’t ever eaten any, but I’m sure they wouldn’t sit too well with me either 😛
    And that cake looks to die for!

  13. question – did you ever get the zevia from the giveaway? i am going to contact them soon b/c someone else didn’t and i wanted to see what was the story.

    email me at actorsdiet(at)

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