Review: Macro Vegetarian (Macrobiotic Vegan Food – New York)

You guys might have noticed that I’m eating a lot more meat and being a lot more adventurous in general. But don’t think that I’ve forgotten my veggie roots! Being in NYC has been an amazing foodie experience so far and I’m excited to try new things… but I haven’t lost my love for yummy healthy foods – I’ve just been experimenting a little.

This weekend (Saturday I think?) I went back to my macrobiotic roots. Last week I found a cool natural foods store on the upper east side just a few blocks from my apartment. It’s called The Health Nuts, and it’s on 2nd Ave between 63rd and 64th streets. It’s awesome.

I picked up a bunch of prepared foods made by a company called Macro Vegetarian. I’ve uploaded pictures of the Sesame Noodles and Chicken Lo Mein (fake chicken) but I have actually tried a bunch more since I last uploaded pictures. Both of these were amazing, and Bobby agreed. This is my kind of vegan macro food! Of course I doused them liberally with nooch (nutritional yeast, for new readers).

My favorite (out of all the ones I’ve tried; more reviews to come) is definitely the Chicken Lo Mein. It’s awesome. I actually picked up more today. These are perfect for lunches at work and dinner at home when I’m too tired/busy to cook… which is every night. I am so thankful for these products.

A note on nooch – it’s an awesome source of vegan protein and vitamin B12 (which sometimes vegans or vegetarians are lacking). In 1.5 tablespoons (16 grams) there are: 70 calories, 1 gram of fat, 6 grams of carbs, 4 grams of fiber, and 8 grams of protein. 8 grams in 1.5 tablespoons! Want to hear the vitamins? In 1.5 tablespoons of nooch you get 670% Thiamin, 290% Niacin, 250% folate, 20% zinc, 4% iron, 590% riboflavin, 480% B6, and 130% B12. It’s so healthy and so delicious. I put it on everything.

Can’t forget dessert… Newman’s Own Newman-O’s (Oreo knockoffs).


Any new food finds recently? I ask this question every few months, because I’m always looking for new buys, especially now that I’m embracing prepared foods.

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  1. I’m clueless bout macrobio foods. I know Diana soap and choc did some posts on them but for some reason i had no mental reading comprehension/retention with that!

    “especially now that Iā€™m embracing prepared foods.” why are you? I ask only out of curiousity? I am thinking b/c you are trying to cook in a smallish kitchen? I have gone back to buying some food bars and snackie foods. For the first 3 yrs of Skylar’s life, she pretty much ate NO prepared foods. But now that Im teaching more, she’s older, and I would like a little break, I do buy some snacks and bars. Nothing great though. AFter homemade, it’s all rather meh to me.

  2. I’ve been in the biggest food rut! Unfortunately that means a lot of take-out and I didn’t make as wise choices as you, I’m sad to say! šŸ™

    I like this company in the frozen organic foods, I forget the name but it’s right by Amy’s — they have chili rellenos and it’s delicious!!

  3. I’m not sure about new food finds – not much interesting here at the moment. But I do know I’m a big fan of Macrobiotic food! I still need to put up a review of that awesome Macrobiotic place in Amsterdam! I don’t know what it is with that kind of food, but it just relaxes me and gives me inner zen šŸ˜€

  4. I like that name!!! Macro Vegetarian —can’t stop thinking about the macro-econ and micro-econ class!! haha šŸ˜€
    looks like you are really having fun in NYC . so many good place to try out, lucky you!!

  5. Yay for the macro! The Thai veggie chicken and the macro sushi are my favourites- have you been to Westerley Market yet? Not far from Columbus Circle and has an amazing selection of awesome stuff.

    Most recent discoveries…acorn squash (oh, my…), microwaveable pumpkin pie, Annie’s Woodstock dressing.

  6. Trader Joe’s spinach and artichoke dip is AWESOME! It’s less than $3 and it takes about 4 minutes in the microwave. It may not be “new” to everyone, but it’s fairly new to me and I love it!

  7. Nooch does have some great nutritional value, but I can’t seem to get over the taste, I don’t know why but it kinda makes me gag. Makes me glad I’m not a vegetarian though! haha

    new food finds? My yogi chips! I think you saw them on the blog, can’t remember.. and microwaved egg whites I discovered today TWICE,are sooo much more fluffier than stove top. I had no idea. šŸ™‚

  8. I am fresh out of Nooch and my Sprouts isn’t selling it in bulk…How am I gonna eat Kale without it? boo
    I am having fun playing with flours…coconut, millet, garbanzo…lots of fun crackers, pattys and pancakes.

    fun fun

  9. psst. Get black sesame seeds. Try it! Try it! I just posted a fabulous recipe…
    Oh, and what about chorizo? Spicy lovely things…and maybe you can try a new kind of grain. Do you like grits?

    I think my school sells some of those macro-diet stuff in the convenience store. I have not tried them yet…

  10. Hmmm… new foods. Nope. I’ve been eating the same old, same old. Although I did try a frozen Amy’s Thai meal the other day that was decent.

    I’ve never tried Nooch – worth it for those of us that live on (cow’s) cheese?

  11. Maggers!! I have missed you babe! I am glad you are enjoying your foodie adventures in NYC :). How fun. I would definitely be engrossed in all the new things as well. That veg food looks great and my hubs and little one love the Newman’s Own oreos. They say that they taste better than the real thing!

    Hope your holidays have been fab!!


  12. You have to try the Macro Vegetarian Thai Dumplings – they are the best! You can eat them straight out of the container if you’re antsy, but they’re even better heated up in a skillet.

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  14. Sounds nice if some one else is picking up the tab but I can’t afford this place. Their new expansion is impressive though. I just miss the old WOK 63 & their 3.95 lunch special w/brown rice that used to be in that corner.

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