New York Events (Join me!)

New York News #1:

Do you like Bethenny Frankel? She’s going on tour to publicize her new book, The Skinnygirl Dish (“so much more than a cookbook”) next month. She’s coming to the Columbus Circle Borders on January 6th (a Wednesday) at 7pm. I plan on going… let me know if you want to go together.

New York News #2:

My new friend Ann (my coworker’s girlfriend) alerted me to this Warrior Challenge sponsored by Sati Life and Patricia Moreno. If you apply and are accepted you get a month-long pass to Equinox gyms (a $180 value) so that you can take intenSati classes. You just have to commit to doing 3 classes per week for a month and attending the kickoff class (January 10th) and finale class (February 7th). intenSati is a high-energy cardio workout class created by Patricia Moreno. I applied last night.

Non-New York tipoff:

Do you have Netflix? Do you want a good workout recommendation? This morning I did a 45 minute dancey/cardio workout called “Dance Off the Inches: Calorie Blasting” that was FREE with my subscription. Netflix offers a lot of free streaming videos (I’m currently blowing through the first season of Dead Like Me) and I love the workout videos. This was my first sweaty workout in a while and I had so much fun doing it. I missed real exercise! I do enjoy my relaxed routine now (20 minutes of yoga? that’s all I need each day!) but sometimes I just crave a good workout.

I’m heading off to Miami tomorrow afternoon (to join Bobby, who’s already down there with his family), so expect another post soon – I’ll have lots of writing time in the airport. I have some great posts lined up including a recap of a Christmukkah Β party with friends (think latkes, homemade applesauce, and eggnog) and a crazy little announcement of something I’m doing next week with Dori.

Happy Tuesday! Almost Christmas!

16 Replies to “New York Events (Join me!)”

  1. I would love to join you some NYC events. Hopefully, someday.

    You know I like it when you recommend workouts, but I don’t have a Netflix description. πŸ™ However, I have been thinking about signing up for a dance class next month. I’ve just been wanting to dance lately…I think it was seeing the Michael Jackson movie that did it.

    Safe travels to Miami Maggie!

  2. It all sounds great! Sadly, I won’t be in NY till the 26th of Jan. Boo.

    Love, love, loveee Bethenny Frankel! She’s so funny.

  3. I wish I were anywhere NEAR NY…how fun would that be?
    I now officially know more folks in NY that here! jk…

    love your tips…don’t have netflix or I would so be getting free(well, not free) dvd’s.

    happy almost Christmas and safe travels!

  4. Bethenny Frankel?! I’d like to punch that woman in the face! lol I got her first book and that was enough for me. It was basically a “how to” guide on anorexia. Sorry, been there and done that. I don’t need someone to tell me to eat 2 bites of everything. But you are coming to the Spring Street Natural meet-up on Jan. 1st, right?

  5. you know if i could make it…i would be right there!

    lots of love to you – happy holidays, merry christmas and enjoy sunny miami!!!!

  6. SOOO jealous you’re in a warm climate. We’re in the middle of an ice storm that has already canceled some holiday plans πŸ™ However, enjoy your holiday, your great company and some festive treats!

    Look forward to your recap.

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