New York Events (Join me!)

New York News #1:

Do you like Bethenny Frankel? She’s going on tour to publicize her new book, The Skinnygirl Dish (“so much more than a cookbook”) next month. She’s coming to the Columbus Circle Borders on January 6th (a Wednesday) at 7pm. I plan on going… let me know if you want to go together.

New York News #2:

My new friend Ann (my coworker’s girlfriend) alerted me to this Warrior Challenge sponsored by Sati Life and Patricia Moreno. If you apply and are accepted you get a month-long pass to Equinox gyms (a $180 value) so that you can take intenSati classes. You just have to commit to doing 3 classes per week for a month and attending the kickoff class (January 10th) and finale class (February 7th). intenSati is a high-energy cardio workout class created by Patricia Moreno. I applied last night.

Non-New York tipoff:

Do you have Netflix? Do you want a good workout recommendation? This morning I did a 45 minute dancey/cardio workout called “Dance Off the Inches: Calorie Blasting” that was FREE with my subscription. Netflix offers a lot of free streaming videos (I’m currently blowing through the first season of Dead Like Me) and I love the workout videos. This was my first sweaty workout in a while and I had so much fun doing it. I missed real exercise! I do enjoy my relaxed routine now (20 minutes of yoga? that’s all I need each day!) but sometimes I just crave a good workout.

I’m heading off to Miami tomorrow afternoon (to join Bobby, who’s already down there with his family), so expect another post soon – I’ll have lots of writing time in the airport. I have some great posts lined up including a recap of a Christmukkah Β party with friends (think latkes, homemade applesauce, and eggnog) and a crazy little announcement of something I’m doing next week with Dori.

Happy Tuesday! Almost Christmas!

16 Replies to “New York Events (Join me!)”

  1. I would love to join you some NYC events. Hopefully, someday.

    You know I like it when you recommend workouts, but I don’t have a Netflix description. πŸ™ However, I have been thinking about signing up for a dance class next month. I’ve just been wanting to dance lately…I think it was seeing the Michael Jackson movie that did it.

    Safe travels to Miami Maggie!

  2. I wish I were anywhere NEAR NY…how fun would that be?
    I now officially know more folks in NY that here! jk…

    love your tips…don’t have netflix or I would so be getting free(well, not free) dvd’s.

    happy almost Christmas and safe travels!

  3. Bethenny Frankel?! I’d like to punch that woman in the face! lol I got her first book and that was enough for me. It was basically a “how to” guide on anorexia. Sorry, been there and done that. I don’t need someone to tell me to eat 2 bites of everything. But you are coming to the Spring Street Natural meet-up on Jan. 1st, right?

  4. SOOO jealous you’re in a warm climate. We’re in the middle of an ice storm that has already canceled some holiday plans πŸ™ However, enjoy your holiday, your great company and some festive treats!

    Look forward to your recap.

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