Review: Core Fusion DVD (and an award)

Who else is doing Dori’s Core Fusion Challenge? The goal is to do a Core Fusion class (or DVD) 4-5 times a week for the month of January… intense, but exciting. I went over to Exhale Spa on Sunday and picked up my DVD: Core Fusion Body Sculpt.


The DVD is 50 minutes; it’s broken into 5 sections of 10 minutes each. The first section is arms, the second is butt, the third is thighs (or is it thighs then butt?), the fourth is abs, and the fifth is stretching. I haven’t done the fifth one yet.

Each 10-minute workout has a short (1 minute) warm-up, then about 7-8 minutes of yoga and ballet (in my humble opinion) inspired strength training, and then 1-2 minutes of stretching. When I first started I thought it was wimpy. Two minutes later my legs were shaking and I wanted to die. But I pushed through and the end of the workout came way quicker than I expected. I did all 4 sections (arms, butt, thighs, abs).

I did this yesterday (Monday) morning, and I’m not sore today (Tuesday)… I credit this to the very good stretching in the DVD… or delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). I might be achy tomorrow (Wednesday)! If I feel alright (I think I’m getting sick…) I’m going to do it again tomorrow morning – and maybe even do the stretching segment if I have time.

So far – I love Core Fusion. I hate strength training, and this is much more down my yoga/ballet interest path. Plus, I want my butt to look like the one on the DVD. And those abs! Here’s to hoping that’s me in a month 🙂 Thanks for the intro to CF, Dori!

Another blogger friend, Elizabeth (who I met at Foodbuzz) gave me this sweet Beautiful Blogger Award. Elizabeth is a Beautiful Blogger herself! Thank you, friend!


I’m supposed to list 7 random facts about myself. In no particular order…

  1. I love to sing. I haven’t been in a choir for the last 3 years or so, but I have been in various choirs for more than half of my life (age 8 to age 20). I sang in Carnegie Hall when I was 10 and I’ve gotten to tour all over the US. I’m a soprano!
  2. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
  3. I secretly enjoy greasy Chinese food. Er… guess that’s not a secret anymore.
  4. I like to rearrange furniture. We just did our apartment on Sunday (it looks nice!).
  5. We don’t get cable. I don’t miss it either.
  6. My favorite color is purple.
  7. I’m currently reading The Likeness by Tana French (thanks Tina for the rec!). I started it in Miami, then forgot I had it, and for the last two days I haven’t been able to put it down in my free time (what free time? I think I’ve only read it for 2 hours total…).

And I’m supposed to pass it on to 7 people. I was going to cop out like I usually do, but I’m actually going to give it to 8 amazing and beautiful blogger friends because I just can’t narrow it down to 7:

  • Dori (Dori’s Shiny Blog)
  • Clare (Yogi Clare Bear)
  • Cindy (A Sparkle A Day)
  • Gena (Choosing Raw)
  • Averie (Love Veggies and Yoga)
  • Christina (Dinner at Christina’s)
  • Coco (Balance, Joy & Delicias)
  • Heather (Heather Eats Almond Butter)

And now I’m going to bed so that I can get better. I firmly believe that a good night’s rest can cure just about anything.

What do you do to feel better when you’re sick?

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  1. Awww thank you so much!! I’m so excited about this! 🙂

    When I was little my favorite color was purple, which I pronounced “popple.” hehe Wow Carnegie Hall that is awesome! I’m a horrible singer myself!

  2. I sleep and stop and rest , as that is what my body is really CRAVING.

    get better my friend and THANKS for the wonderful compliment!

  3. Yes, I hope you wake up feeling much, much better! I haven’t been sick in a while, but a brisk walk outside, tons of lovely homemade soup (preferably by mommy dearest) and a break from work does the trick.

  4. Yay thank you! So glad you liked the DVD, it is a doozy. They’re coming out with live ones that are like a real class soon! And a core fusion yoga one, so excited.

    The challenge is actually the DVD min 3 times a week! The 4 – 5 was just for myself but of course u can do the DVD more often!

    I love greasy chinese food too. I crave it sometimes. I miss the ease in which I used to eat it as a child.

    I suck on cold eeze when I’m about to get sick and it seems to do the trick. Feel better!

  5. sounds like my kind of workout too! I want to try that! 😀
    thanks for passing me the award!
    I hope the good night sleep made you feel better!

  6. Tana French is great.

    And THANKS for the bloggie award! I’m so honored. I’ll be passing on the love soon 🙂

  7. Ooh, thanks for the DVD recommendation! I did gymnastics (before I got freakishly tall) and I’m always looking for something to fulfill that strength feeling. I love yoga, and have been considering taking beginning ballet or something. This DVD sounds like a good start 🙂

  8. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up either (still)! And my favorite color is also purple.

    I also believe that sleeping really does heal the body… it’s not just my opinion, but a scientific fact too! 😉

  9. Thanks for the award Maggie! I didn’t know you sang or that your favorite color was purple…kind of figured out the Chinese thing though already. 🙂

    I want that girl’s butt on the DVD too. What is she wearing exactly? It looks like my yoga headband. 😉

    Lots and lots of rest, and 1000 mg vitamin C three times a day plus a shot of wheatgrass. I’m not feeling so hot myself. Should have had the wheatgrass!

  10. omg!!?? thank you maggie! this is my very first blogger award badge!!! i am so honored, humbled, and apparently, beautiful! thank you friend. 🙂

    sorry you are gettting sick maybe…yes majorly up the vitamin C like by a million! i drink lots of teas, especially ones that are sweet to my sore throat like licorice based teas. the past 10 days with my headcold, it has been below zero here, so soups are perfect for sickness and warmth. ive made some gentle ramen broths and ginger broths.

    and sleep. even if you take something to knock you out (nyquil or whatever) let yourself do it and sleep.

  11. This is a great review, Maggie. I never would have looked at this DVD if you wouldn’t have mentioned it was 5 small segments…that is really appealing! Am I right that no weights are required, and that it is all your own body resistance? Sounds like a great DVD.

  12. i LOVE learning more about my bloggies! i don’t have cable either, and ya know what? 98% of the time, i don’t miss it one bit!

  13. So, they started playing 30 minute segments of these on FitTv this month. I am so with you. I started doing it thinking this is really simple. Then my legs started to shake like crazy. I could feel muscles in my back that I did not even know existed and I work out 5 days a week religiously! I think it is important to work out in different ways and doing different things. It keep it interesting you totally work out different muscle groups. I hope you are feeling better!

  14. Controversy. All of these weight loss programs that people are pitching on these late night informercials. The question that I have is why is it on late night. That makes me wave a red flag. If you want to a good midsection then the information here will more that suffice.

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