Review: EarthRise Yoga (at Equinox)

Continuing with my exercise kick…

On Tuesday morning I got up and went to EarthRise yoga from 7:30-8:30am at Equinox on 63rd and Lex (3 blocks away).

Okay – *this* is my yoga. This is exactly what I practice when I do yoga on my own. This is it!! It’s like dance… but yoga. It’s breathing and moving and flowing nonstop. It’s invigorating. Here is the description from Derek Beres’ site (that’s the instructor):

“Derek Beres is the creator of EarthRise YogaTM, a rigorous Vinyasa-based practice pulling from his decade of study in various yogic practices, as well as studies in various martial arts and dance disciplines, including certifications in Budokon and Thai Yoga Massage.”

It’s completely clear that this yoga is built on so many different foundations – martial arts, dance, vinyasa – you are constantly moving with the breath and really getting into the practice.

The hour long class had 2 major flows (each done on both sides). The flows were probably about  10 minutes per side (!). The first one went something like this (forgive me for butchering the sequence if I do):

  • leg up; knee to nose (repeat a few times)
  • leg up; knee out to the side like an L
  • lunge with back knee down and arms up; straighten legs to pyramid (repeat a few times)
  • something…
  • warrior 2 and half moon back to warrior 2
  • forward to a squat; straighten up and do a back bend (repeat a few times with the breath)
  • birds of paradise (going slowly through the whole preparation)
  • bound half moon play (!)
  • side straddle
  • warrior 2
  • something…
  • lots of side planks thrown in there
  • more stuff that I’m forgetting

That was not a very good layout of the flow; it was so long that I couldn’t even remember it at the time! I loved it though. Most of it was moving with the breath; even when we did hold poses for longer it felt like nothing. I loved the half moon bind – I didn’t even know that was a posture. And I finally got birds of paradise.

The class was set to some very cool beats (I think done by the instructor himself) and the music definitely kept the energy flowing.

There’s another one tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 63rd and Lex (same time: 7:30-8:30am) and I’m going to try to go in before work.

I am *so* glad to have found my perfect yoga class. This maybe be reason enough to join Equinox (even thought I would probably join for the showers and free Kiehl’s alone).

What’s the best exercise class you’ve ever taken?

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  1. I’m biased but I do believe Core Fusion is the best class I have taken! So glad you found a yoga class you love. Just like you’ll prob splurge on Equinox, I will prob splurge on Exhale… sigh. NYC!

  2. I love the new layout Maggie! That flower in the header is breathtaking!

    The only class I ever took was the kickboxing one and I’ve told you I thought it would be the death of me. I was, however, a member of Curves for about a year. I never really lost weight, just inches and firmed up. I was in the best shape of my entire life and it was invigorating. I loved that the most, plus the atmosphere is a lot less intimidating to me than a gym. The one I went to (they’re franchises) also did a lot of perks like Curves dollars earned for minutes worked out you could trade in for products. Another where ea. time you went around the circle one of the stations you tried to play this little basketball game and if you won everybody was really supportive and cheered you on. It was just a nice experience all around. I’ve looked into joining here but lo and behold the prices are twice as much as what they were in NC! Eeep!

  3. LOVE The new layout!!!!

    I can hardly remember my own sequences from R to L sides, done 3 mins apart when I am teaching…let alone another teacher’s 10 min sequence once i get home. Props to you girl!

    love that you’ve found your “place”. Awesome.

  4. Lovely layout, Maggie! Nice!
    I was gonna take yoga this semester…but couldn’t make the finance of an extra class. 🙁

  5. I’m always ‘surprised’ by the pain I feel even after a ‘lite’ yoga class.

    Did you get a discount for the membership? 🙂

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