Thursday Treats

My dear friend Dori is holding a charity auction *today* at her blog:

Dori’s Shiny Charity Auction

She’s running the NYC half marathon in March and she’s raising money to benefit Think Pink Rocks (a breast cancer charity). I’m offering up a homemade baked good – Pumpkin Fruit Cake OR Hot Milk Sponge Cake (your choice!). Auntie Jo kindly offered to help me out so we’ll be baking those goodies on Sunday for the winners.

Cream of Wheat is offering free samples (thanks for the link, April!):

Free Cream of Wheat

IntenSati Events:

  • Free intenSati class on January 23rd (Saturday) at 2pm at Equinox (19th and Broadway) (no RSVP necessary)
  • intenSati Workshop: Let Your Voice Lead! (Saturday, January 30th, 3-5pm at Equinox on Park Avenue and 33rd St.). It’s with Lindsay Davis, and it’s a 2-hour class (invigorating workout and thought-provoking writing session to personalize the intenSati affirmations and attitudes). FREE and open to Equinox members and non-members! Newcomers welcome! No RSVP necessary. If you have any questions contact Lindsay directly at

I also changed my layout and updated my “About” and “FAQ” pages (just slightly), so let me know what you think.

Happy Thursday! My mom is coming to visit me tonight, I’m going to intenSati at 6:30 at 19th and Broadway (come see me!), and I have a fun weekend planned.

What are you doing this weekend?

11 Replies to “Thursday Treats”

  1. i love the layout! and how fun to have a weekend with your mom 🙂

    no big plans for us except maybe a dinner get together with some friends, depending on the weather and if I’m not sick anymore!

  2. The new layout is so pretty!

    Thanks for the reminder to sign my momma up for the COW sample 🙂

    I never have plans on the weekends…i’m lame.

  3. The new layout is very pretty but the text is hard to read! If the font was 2pt larger and a darker grey I think it would help 🙂
    Enjoy your mom visit 🙂

  4. boy DID you ever change your layout. I almost thought I had clicked on a wrong link. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    my fav colors.
    oh yay a visit from your Mom!

    I think you are loving your NY life! It seems so fun!
    Have a fun weekend. We are working on our rental property getting it ready to rent.


  5. Maggie,
    I want to do EarthRise yoga with you. Please add that to the agenda when I visit. 🙂

    Love the new look. It’s beautiful.

    What am I doing this weekend. Was hoping to chat with you. So sorry I missed your phone call. Was going to call you after The Office, but then remembered you’re an hour ahead. Don’t want to interrupt mom time. Please please please text me if you have some down time. I have so many questions for you!!!

  6. Thanks for the free treats!

    Mom and I will have brunch at one of the restaurants that donat to the Haiti Relief. Did you see the Star-filled Charitry PHone a thon last night? Great that there are so many people giving supports to others less fortunate. There’s still love and care in the world.

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