intenSati, Earthrise Yoga, & Great weekend.


This weekend has been wonderful. My mom came up on Thursday night and we hung out a bit after I got off work (after I did an intenSati class down at the 19th and Broadway Equinox). IntenSati was rockin’, as usual. The instructor was Natalia and the class was packed. The energy was incredibly high. Some of the affirmations were:

  • Yes, I will raise my bar
  • I’m getting happier
  • I am worth it
  • Every single day I say: “I deserve to feel amazing, starting today”
  • I am disciplined and I am awesome
  • My heart is compassionate

Earthrise Yoga

The next morning  (Friday) I woke up early and headed out to another Earthrise Yoga class at the Columbus Circle Equinox. It was another amazing amazing class, and I’m so glad I went (I had wanted to go on Thursday morning, but I decided sleep was more important… which is why I ended up at intenSati on Thursday evening). The flow was very similar to the flow on Wednesday morning (possibly the same?) so I was able to relax a bit more (I like knowing what’s coming).


Friday night my mom and I didn’t do much, but this morning we got up and went to Home Depot to pick up paint. YES! We painted the living room today a gorgeous brown.

It really ties the room together.


We ate dinner at a lovely Japanese restaurant that Bobby and I went to once before called East (on 44th between 2nd and 3rd aves). I do have pictures (from both times, actually) but I’ll post them later.

More intenSati

Oh! And I went to intenSati with Lindsay this afternoon while my mom was “cutting in” (painting the corners/trim so that rolling is easier). I really like Lindsay’s classes. They’re generally a bit smaller than the other ones I go to, but I think that’s because she’s still a relatively new instructor. Today’s was at the 63rd and Lex Equinox. The affirmations were the same as last time.

What’s Next?

Mom and I are going to try to get to intenSati at 11am tomorrow morning. And later Bobby and I are going to hang out with Aunty Jo and Uncle Morris. We’re going to go get dinner with them (and maybe watch a football game?). And I should do some work.

What have you done this weekend?

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  1. Hee, I like that you are hanging out so much with your mom now.

    by the way, I’m worried: have you received a certain package yet?

  2. Like you, I should be doing some work. I went into the office yesterday morning and came home around 3 and have done nothing exciting since then. If I’m going to have a dull weekend, I should at least make it a productive one, work-wise.

    Have a blast with your mom! Very nice of her to help you paint your living room. 🙂 You should post pictures!

  3. I like this journaly style of writing too. And your IntenSati classes sound like a lot of fun! My family has been slowly trying to paint the whole house in order to sell it soon, and while it can be fun at times, it’s still a lot of work! It’s great that you and your mom just do it on a whim one weekend! 🙂

  4. Sounds like a fantabulous weekend, Maggie! 😀

    Love your new blog template!

    I decided to do some fasting – and yoga – over the weekend. That was my main focus. It’s really been lovely.

    Oh, and I launched my latest contest, too – want a one-pound bag of free (raw) macadamia nuts? 😉


  5. Your NYC life seems much more busy than your CA life, and you sound really happy Maggie, like you are lovin life.

    Our living room is a deep chocolate brown, and I LOVE it. CD actually picked out the color, and I was afraid it might be too dark, but I think it looks beautiful. So warm.

    Glad you had a good time with your mom, and I hope you enjoyed your evening with Aunty Jo and Uncle Morris. 🙂

  6. Yes, yes you are indeed awesome 😀

    Sounds like you had a great weekend! Mine included shopping and lazing about, and then some hardcore university work yesterday. But it was worth it to take the day off on Saturday and to just have fun.

  7. really looking forward to the acupuncture updates!

    im a believer in eastern and alternative health, but be a skeptic maggie…there are a lotta quacks out there who are looking to just make a buck.

  8. Love the new layout! Very cool about the acupuncture! I think I am loving Natalia’s classes the most. She is so energetic and happy! I am bringing my mom next week too!

  9. What did you think about your acupuncturist experience? I’ve given up on it…for now. It didn’t really help with my situation but I was relaxed after each session. I’ll give it that much.

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