I had the most lovely conversation last night with one of my favorite bloggie friends. We chatted and chatted and I walked outside (just up to 70th and back; I live on 60th). Heather and I always have lots to talk about 😉 Like how great kabocha is:


While I was walking I realized a few things:

  • For one, I really like walking. I think I might be burning myself out a little with all this intenSati.
  • Yes, Equinox and intenSati are awesome…
  • But no, I’m not the kind of person who needs (or wants) that kind of exercise every day, every week, or even every month. I like to walk. I like to yoga.
  • I do love the Equinox showers, but I think I can trade them up for some at-home TLC in the form of some new bath products.

So… I probably will not be joining Equinox at the end of this month’s Warrior Challenge. I will definitely miss EarthRise Yoga (which I went to this morning), but I’ll replace it with podcasts and yoga on my own. (This is my yoga page – full of free recommendations. I’ll be updating this soon! Stay tuned.)

Just because I’m in the city now, that doesn’t mean I can’t make time to cook the food I *really* like. For example, I came up with a lovely lunch today:

  • 2/3 cup (uncooked measure; it gets bigger in the rice cooker) brown rice, lightly salted
  • topped with a few spoons of nutritional yeast (nooch)
  • topped with some organic butter
  • steamed Brussels sprouts and sweet corn

Here is a picture of rice for your viewing pleasure (this is my picture, but it’s not from today and it doesn’t have nooch or butter on it):

jan 03 2010 003

Tonight my brother is coming into the city (he goes to school nearby) and we are going to get dinner at some vegan/vegetarian/raw place (any combination of the 3).

What are YOUR recommendations?

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  1. Yes, Kabocha is Addicting but I found an alternative addicting snack recently… steamed black corn! 😀
    changes? did I miss something?

  2. Maggie, yes, yes, yes, I so enjoyed our chat. We really need to catch up more often.

    OK, so I only baked up half a squash today for lunch. Much better. I HAD to save the other half for CD’s dinner tonight, and so it kept me from going back for more. That’s my new squash strategy. Promise half to CD. Hehe. 😉

    You know I love your walking and yoga plan. I shall join you. Hopefully, it will warm up soon…never got past the 30’s here today. Brrrr!!!!

    Lunch sounded fabulous! Have you tried the Kerry Gold butter? I just bought some at Trader Joe’s. I hear it’s the best and all grass fed.

  3. I wanna try Nooch! I almost did today, but the crowds at our WF were crazy and this pregger chick did not feel like wrestling in to the bulk bin! 🙂

  4. hey girl! ill be honest, i was stressing a little on the amount of exercise you were starting to do! glad you have acknowledged it for yourself. intensati sounds so great, and i wonder if all the positiveness of it hasnt led you to the realizations of what is best for YOU!?

    for some yoga recommendations…id like to offer my yoga choreography pages! ( i also love dave farmar.

    we must be on the same wavelength…i finally found a kabocha at my grocery after a long hiatus. i roasted it today chopped up with some spray oil, fresh garlic, stevia, maple extract, and salt. mmmmmm!

  5. i still cant find Kabocha at my supermarket- might have to take a trip to whole foods.
    once at a Fb party I was chatting with a chick who co-wrote the flat belly diet book and she was going on and on about a vegetarian restuarant in the village that her and her hubs loved and i have swiss cheese for brains becuase i forgot…. if i remember im gonna send you the link for future nommies!

  6. I didn’t even realize you had a brother…I can’t remember if I knew that or not!

    Good for you!

    I need to call my brother. TODAY.
    walking and chatting is the BEST!

  7. i will second the candle suggestion, and the good health cafe on 1st between 74/75 is a really great sort-of-hole-in-the-wall kind of place with great veg/vegan options as well as some meat choices (and pretty close to you).
    if you end up going there, check out a matter of health on 77th and first if you haven’t already; i like it better than the health nuts for some reason. (you live right in my neighborhood!)

  8. Sometimes I get tempted not to cook, because it’s so easy to run out and get something delicious at any time of day in New York! But I enjoy cooking, and I like knowing what’s in it. Have a happy Thursday!

  9. aaagghhh I MISS kabocha already. I will definitely have to try microwaving it in my dorm room sometime soon. Seriously- I read this post last night, and it made me start craving kabocha.

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