East Japanese Restaurant Review & Contemplation

I had my first acupuncture treatment this morning. So far I am very impressed with Nicholas Steadman, but I’ll probably write a more thorough review after I’ve gotten it again (I signed up for another session on Thursday night). I think I am very lucky to have found this.

Here is some food! Bobby and I have been to this Japanese place called East 3 times now. We have definitely learned what to get. The menus have pictures for every dish:

jan 15 2010 010

jan 15 2010 012

I like to get tea (complimentary) with my meals.

jan 15 2010 021

The first time we went I got this grilled broccoli. Kind of a ripoff ($2.50 I think), but very good.

jan 15 2010 024

Bobby got this burdock noodle soup with tempura and fish cake things. He said it was delicious and finished it… I got to taste the broth though. Pretty yummy.

jan 15 2010 025

The first night he also got this salmon roll ($10?). I’m not that much of a sushi person, but I tried it and I thought it was alright.

jan 15 2010 026

I had to get a salad, and this one rocked. It was only $6 and it was huge.

jan 15 2010 027

And I got this grilled salmon (miso glazed, $9) and horseradish with some sort of roe. I actually chopped most of this up and put it in the salad – so awesome. If this were cheaper I would get it again (it was a fairly small portion).

jan 15 2010 028

The next time we went with my mom (she had been up to help me paint). I got the salad again ($6). It is gigantic and probably the best deal I’ve seen in New York.

jan 27 2010 015

My mom got a bento box which came with a small salad and miso soup.

jan 27 2010 014

That night I got the chicken teriyaki ($5 something?). Ahh, this was delicious. It came with a piece of broccoli and a piece of carrot.

jan 27 2010 016

This was the rest of my mom’s bento box – seaweed salads, rice, salmon teriyaki, tempura, and a roll. I helped her 🙂

jan 27 2010 017

Bobby got a soup again that night. I don’t remember which one. Or maybe this was the burdock one and the other one was something else. Anyway, this was delicious as well.

jan 27 2010 018

And that same salmon roll (I want to say it’s called salmon lover’s).

jan 27 2010 019

We went again last night for Salmon Thursday! Lots of salmon dishes were super-reduced, so Bobby and I went all out for salmon. Happy couple:

feb 5 2010 013

I got the salad yet again. Bobby got that salmon roll yet again.

feb 5 2010 011

feb 5 2010 010

Then… I got something called “salmon neck” for just $4. This plate is twice the size of a normal dinner plate. So huge!! It wasn’t all meat though (bones, eyes – you know – the usual).

feb 5 2010 014

It came with some horseradish stuff. Bobby also got a natto roll (fermented soybeans – I do NOT like this).

feb 5 2010 016

And another ridiculously cheap salmon roll (normally $14 or something, but on Salmon Thursday I think it’s $8).

feb 5 2010 017

Wow, what a lot of delicious Japanese food. I would highly recommend East. They have a few other locations as well. Bobby was the mayor briefly at this one, but he was ousted just last night.

What are your weekend plans? I am going to IKEA!

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  1. So much salmon! Bobby’s roll looks delicious — it actually made me miss salmon for a minute. I’ve been to East on I think 27th street for karaoke. Don’t remember the food, but I know I got a roll. I don’t understand this Foursquare thing.

  2. salmons have necks!? who knew. man that grilled miso salmon looks *wipes up drool*

    very excited to hear more about acupuncture maggie! blessings and hugs for your weekend…

  3. Yay IKEA!! ARe you going to decorate your kitchen?

    Didn’t know salmon has necks…I’m not a fan of Natto either. If bobby likes it, he must be hard-core!

    By the way, $2.50 for 4 pieces of broccoli? Comeon!!! What a daylight robbery!

  4. ahhh salmon thursdays sound like my kind of day! i looove salmon (rolls, salad, grilled, etc). 😀 if i ever venture into nyc, i’ll have to stop at East, for sure. i also have no idea where i want to be in a year/two/three. i’m finishing up my master’s degree this spring and then…?? who knows… but i can’t say i’m 100% ok with not knowing, like you are. i wish i were content with it, though!

  5. oh boy that food looks so amazing and I am so craving some salmon right now. thanks for bringing us along mags.

    IKEA….take me take me. I just heard they have these honeycomb storage things (like in yarn shops where they display yarn… and I want one. We dont have one nearby or i’d be dragging hubs down there!
    have fun

  6. Nice! Which Ikea are you going? I’ve yet to visit the Brooklyn location, but the LI one is closer to me. Are you going to buy furnitures? I love the kitchenwares that they sell.

    I’ve to do HW this weekend, but also taking my mom other for Restaurant Week. She deserves a break. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  7. My weekend plans involve staying home sick unfortunately. 🙁

    I was lucky to get out last night though and have dinner with an old friend!

  8. My weekend has been really nice and relaxing so far. Long run and yoga tomorrow. I have recently really started liking Japanese food, and you really can never go wrong with salmon.
    Have a happy Sunday!

  9. Hahhah i’m totally feeling the love for Japanese food and for the awesome salmon rolls. I would definitely pull a maggie and order a salad with grilled salmon. YUM. I also love japanese seaweed and baby octopus salad….mmmm…tasty..

    P.s. Come check out my $50 safeway giftcard giveaway!! Everyone needs some extra grocery money! 🙂

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