The Great Fat Animal Experiment

Nope, I’m not talking about these lazy boys (cats… or as we call them: fats).

I’m talking about some new dietary things I’ve been trying. The changes involve fat and animals. Like steel-cut oats cooked in water and almond milk, then topped with organic butter and maple syrup:

I take food to work in these containers. Here is another, better picture of steel cut oats from the other day (this is after the butter had been stirred in).

I cooked (makes ~3 servings):

  • 4.5 cups of water and almond milk (I did half and half)
  • 1 cup steel-cut oats (the “serving size” is 1/4 cup)
  • few dashes of salt
  • cinnamon optional
  • …in my rice cooker.

Just be careful as it cooks – unless you have a very large rice cooker it will overflow. What I like to do is let it start to boil (on the “cook” button), and then turn it to “warm” and let it sit overnight. In the morning you have creamy, chewy, luscious steel-cut oats. They’re just as good as Jamba Juice‘s.

Or how about this guy…

Veggies cooked in 1-2 tablespoons of organic butter, topped with whipped full-fat cream cheese. I actually didn’t have this yet because my boss bought us lunch today (snow day!) – so I saved it in the fridge for tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on diet and healing? Do you think that food can really have that much of an impact on your well-being?

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  1. i absolutely believe that diets can be instrumental in healing health problems. i’ve had gi problems for years–and i can literally feel my body’s “offness” when i eat certain foods. ive yet to figure out my “ideal diet”–but i really do think that, for each person, there exists a dietary approach that allows them to achieve their most optimal level of health.

    whoa that sounded way serious. in lighter commentary, looooooove the cream cheese and veggie combo! it’s one of my go-tos!

  2. I think diet can be VERY healing. I was on the pill for 8 years and coming off, I felt very weird and unbalanced. I didn’t know if my cycle would be normal. I have a lot of good fats in my diet and my cycle has gone back to being extremely regular. I feel like my system is working as it should. In my past, I used to restrict fat (sometimes less than 10 grams a day… I have 7 to 8 times that now, roughly). My period used to be really irregular, or non-existent, even though my weight was higher then. Weird.

  3. I love how cats lounge around! Check out Peanut’s pics today! lol

    I definitely think that food has a huge impact on your well-being. Because without enough of it, you aren’t well. I found that out real fast!

  4. I love the veggie’s with cream cheese YUM!That’s a good alternative to bringing a salad to work. Will do! Thanks!

  5. Ohh Maggie I’m so sorry to hear about the birth control problem! Summer of 08 I had a really bad reaction (you can email me if you want personal details – just don’t want to discuss in comments) and it freaked me out BIG TIME. I stopped birth control immediately and wouldn’t even take Tylenol for headaches. I wanted nothing foreign in my body. This lasted for about 6 months. When I was ready I made an appointment w/ my gyno, did tons of research beforehand, and talked everything over w/ her. We made a decision about a diff. option Idiff. pill) that I tried and love now. Not saying that’s right for you, or for anybody, but just saying that I know what it feels like and just take your time, heal, get your mind and body back in order, and then take baby steps making sure you’re educated along the way!

    I definitely feel like diet is in direct connection w/ your well-being! Your body is essentially a machine that you have to give fuel to. If you put the wrong fuel into your car it’ll have bad reactions and/or break down — the same goes for your body! I think you always make healthy decisions, though, and being aware of what your body is telling you is incredibly important – something you always listen to!!

    *huggggs* I hope this new diet works out for you!

    And, on a lighter note, I’m having a give away on my blog so head on over!!

  6. I truly believe that diet is the key to healing yourself. A few years ago, I did a 5 day juice detox at a healing retreat center and it was an amazing experience. You may not think that what you put in your body matters, but trust me when I saw the toxins that came out- I realized that you really are what you eat.

  7. I agree completely. I was having similar issues and was just put back on the pill. Well, about a month ago I decided to stop taking the pill. My body is still adjusting but I think its for the best, all those hormones can’t be good!

  8. You and HEAB with your animal fats… 🙂 Still, I agree that the birth control is not a fix for messed up menstrual cycles, but only a quick patch. I’m seeing my OBGYN at the beginning of next month to see about restarting my period without birth control pills. It will be interesting to see what she says!

  9. Most definitely. I know avocado gets such bad reps, but I love it and it’s good fat! I find myself more satisfied when I incorporate some fat into my diet. I also have hormone issues (I understand you don’t want to go into personal details in public) and gyno scares m, lol. But we all have to face the music sometimes, right?

    Take care Maggie. You’ll be alright. 🙂

  10. IT’s almost scary how much of an impact food can have on your body. I’m a HUUUGE believer in the healing powers of traditional chiense medicine, and they use all herbs to concoct natural healing remedies. It works EVERY time i’ve take them.

    I totally use my rice cooker for oats too! It makes my steel cut oatmeal sooo creamy. 🙂 Go Asia! hahaha

  11. Yes, absolutely! Food definitely impacts your well being. We have to be conscious of what we put in our body if we want to be wonderful on the outside. 🙂

  12. I think diet definitely has an effect on healing and how your body feels in general. When I eat clean, I feel a million times better than when I’m eating poorly. I haven’t had much experience with birth control pills (only went on them for 7 months), so I haven’t experienced the hormonal imbalance, but I do feel that when I eat more animal fat, I feel “better” and my body feels healthier. Great post and I hope it works for you! 🙂

  13. your acupuncturist is a genius really… animal fat is where it is at… i have been known to go through a container of cream cheese in a day…and not the “whipped” stuff lol… leaving in shame now

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