Vegetarians Beware. Yummy Thai Food.

I mentioned yesterday that my very cool boss bought us lunch, but I neglected to tell you what we ordered! We ended up ordering delivery from Spice over on 8th Avenue. Spice is a very yummy Thai restaurant. I have been to the location at Union Square and I really liked it.

I ordered the Hawaiian Ginger and Pineapple Stir-fry (with onions, carrots, and mushrooms) and I ordered it with beef. Would I have preferred this to be organic beef? Of course. Did that fact that it wasn’t (I assume) stop me? Absolutely not. It was yummy and exactly what I was craving.

I also ordered the spring rolls (fried). I had one of them and gave the other to Bobby. They came with a very good sweet sauce. I have no idea what was in it.

Last night I used the leftover beef to make a stirfry with some veggies.

I have been using frozen veggies because they make cooking prep so so so much faster. I don’t have that much time to cook, and time will deter me from cooking (I’ve been doing takeout a lot). I cooked these in some butter and spices. Yum!

Are there any tricks you do to make cooking easier? Chopping veggies in advance? Making big batches and eating leftovers?

P.S. I had another acupuncture appointment today and I will definitely update about that soon. I need to sleep now!

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  1. I like frozen veggies too. When I remember to, I like prepping ingredients. If it’s a big package of something (ie: like 6 chicken breasts) I’ll go ahead and cook them all at once so we can eat 2 and then have the rest on hand for leftovers and go in other dishes. I do the same w/ eggs – will boil the whole dozen and peel them. Put them in a plastic container and they last a week that way. This makes it easy to slice and put on salads and make egg salads.

  2. I LOVE Spice!! Don’t they have such an incredible lunch deal? I haven’t been in too long. If you like Thai, try Joya in Brooklyn! It’s my hands-down favorite.

    In terms of making cooking easier, I rely heavily on leftovers. And, sometimes, when I’m doing more timely cooking, I’ll make two meals at once so I don’t get entirely bored eating the same leftovers for a week straight.

  3. I love Thai food!!!

    I do all of those things – chop things ahead of time, eat leftovers and make big batches of things. I am having a dinner party tomorrow and am doing a 6 course meal, so I have prepped a lot of stuff today. I made bread and I made a chutney to go in my amuse bouche.

    The book “The BIG Cook” is a great book as it has recipes that you can use to make BIG batches of dishes that can go in zip lock bags in your freezer and then into your slow cooker. I did I big cook with some ladies from work last weekend! It was lots of fun, and now I have 32 meals ready to go in my freezer.

  4. What I’ve been doing is cooking two big batches of things on Sundays, whether it be chili, or stew, or lasagna, or anything that takes longer, and then I divide it into portions and usually but two in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. I do the same thing during the week, but it’s usually fast things like pasta, stirfry, or using the slowcooker (because you just prep the veggies the night before and it cooks while you are at work). I now have a decent stock pile of healthy homecooked meals. Then on the days I am in a rush or I just don’t feel like cooking or I had to stay late at work I know I have good food waiting at home.

  5. I agree! frozen veggie is so easy and convenient, especially when you are in a hurry. I don’t chop veggie way ahead of cooking, becoz the veggie will lose its flavor….But I do cook a batch for 2 or 3 meals in weekdays, so I can pack my lunch box for tomorrow.

  6. When we have pasta or rice, I make more than we need and keep them in the fridge for lunches or other dinners later in the week. I make big batches of soup and portion them into individual containers. I chop veggies ahead (and meat if it’s needed). I LOVE my slow cooker!

  7. Love seeing your delicious Thai food Maggie!

    Frozen vegetables are supposed to be great because they freeze them at the exact perfect time – I wouldn’t worry about not chopping from fresh – plus frozen veggies are cheaper!

  8. im a big batch soup maker. when im to tired or in a rush or dont want to cook…i always have a homemade soup in the fridge or from the freezer to fall back on.

  9. Frozen veggies are a FABULOUS way to get nutrients in! Often they have even more vitamins and minerals than fresh, especially around the winter.

    I try to batch cook and save for later, especially for those those days that are super busy. Of course, it helps to have a husband who likes to cook 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear how the acupuncture turns out!

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