Long Busy Day + Cake

Today was the longest day. The internet was down at work all day (and I was the one on the phone trying to get it back on again) and now I think my blackberry is dead! At least I have cake.

i love you cake whole foods

I bought this chocolate piece of heaven on Saturday during my Whole Foods trip with Marina; Bobby and I broke into it last night (it was one of my Valentine’s day presents to him). Then we had it again tonight – it is a chocolate cake with rich fudgey topping.

I wanted to share one of my presents from Bobby:

feb 15 2010 003 feb 15 2010 004

Sabon soap! This one is a coconut and olive oil base, and it’s vanilla and coconut scented. It’s great for the skin. I adore Sabon and it’s closeby.

After dessert (pictured above) I had dinner:

bacon veggies cream cheese

  • goodies: bacon and coconut oil and whipped cream cheese
  • healthies: Brussels sprouts, broccoli, peas, and corn
  • spicies: cinnamon, chili powder, garlic powder, and Kikkoman ponzu sauce from Foodbuzz (love this stuff!)

I also had some black beans. My acupuncturist told me to eat black beans so I obliged. I topped them with some maple syrup, salt, and more whipped cream cheese (Heather, I blame you for this addiction!). I think I will have to try without the syrup next time – too sugary.

black beans maple

Moving on… I wanted to do an exercise update. I am back to my gentle routine of walking, and I couldn’t be happier. I walk to work in the morning (2 miles) and I try to get in another half mile or so throughout the rest of the day (running an errand for example). I haven’t been doing as much yoga. I did do my DVF exercises (Diane von Furstenburg exercises) 3 times this past week though. They are relaxing stretching moves.

Just goes to show, you don’t have to exercise a lot to stay thin! Moderation is the KEY. (I can say this but moderation is still the thing I struggle with.)

Another cool thing I’m doing right now is soaking my feet in hot water with epsom salts and lavender (it’s a lavender oil that the sweet Clare sent me for Christmas). Both Coco and my acupuncturist recommended this, so I figured I’d give it a shot. It’s relaxing but the water cools quickly and I have to keep reheating it.

I am off to do some work that I did not get done today (no productivity since there was no internet). I’m glad I have blogging to de-stress 🙂

What’s your de-stressor?

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  1. That cake looks sooo good! What a neat gift that soap is. Blogging is a de-stressor for me too, along with a hot bath and lots of bubbles!

  2. oh, that cake looks delicious! and black beans with maple syrup? i’ve never heard of that, but it sounds so good! i’m definitely going to have to try that!
    for me, other than blogging, my de-stressor is a nice, long, hot shower! so relaxing!

  3. Mmm these bowls of yours look so good! And I love black beans, too! Need to try w/ the maple syrup! De-stressor for me is blogging and reading novels!

  4. It’s funny, much as I love beans, I’m not a big fan of black beans. I don’t know why. Although mixing in cream cheese and maple syrup DOES sound delicious!

    I like giving presents that I can share in (such as an I Love You cake) 😀

    I walk to de-stress. Or listen to awesome music.

  5. yes yes black bean is really good for kidney system which is where blood is built, that’s why I’ve been having black bean milk so often lately 🙂 hahahha… it’s funny that your so well-known acupuncturist recommend you the same thing that I do. Soaking feet is really relaxing, it helps a lot with sleep (which is very important too, specially between 11-3AM). To keep it warm, I use a special wood bowl to soak feet and have some hot water besiddes to add in. In total you need 20-30 min, or until you feel you begin to sweat! 😀
    oh…. lovely cake. I can imagine how tasty it is.

  6. I’m always stressed as well, especially living in the city. I find just mindlessly walking, grocery shopping (hehe) or being in the steam room to be good de-stressors.

  7. That cake looks soooooooooo good! I had Monday off…. eww they didn’t give you Monday off??? 🙁 . To relax I take epsom salt baths like atleast 4 times a week (it works for me ) I buy the huge bags and go through a bag in a week. I love anything lavender too. My bf got me a bunch of yoga and work out dvds for my wii fit. The Jillian Micahels one kicked my a** omigod. I am sore today. Anyway I need to try that veggie stirfry with creamcheese it looks so good!

  8. I agree — you don’t have to exercise a ton to stay thin. I go for a half-hour walk 3-4 days a week, and I do about 45 minutes of yoga 3-4 days a week. That’s it. I hardly ever sweat. Ever. I feel very healthy and at peace. I used to exercise much more intensely (about 2 hours/day). I’m the same weight now as I was then. I’d actually like to gain some.

  9. I think your diet of moderate food and moderate movement are fabulous and inspiring. I saw that you did some Sadie Nardini yoga a while back — I love her yoga! Intense but fun. I’d like to try her fertility sequence.

    You and HEAB with your cream cheese… 😉

  10. I usually read your blog on Google Reader so sorry if I’m late to this but I like your design.
    Do you read 101 Cookbooks? She has a kabocha lentil soup recipe this week and of course I thought of you.
    And I love hearing your experiences–I’m totally with you on the “different strokes” theory of foods. I have some vegan friends who’ve never looked better and others who are always freezing and losing their hair. Glad you are able to find what is working for you!

  11. I don’t know whats up with the internet and work but ours wasn’t working today so me=not a happy camper.

    I cook, take a bubble or cuddle with my puppy to destress. Sometimes all three, sometimes just one but all of them work like a charm!

  12. I know, I know, I’m totally addicted too! I love that you eat dessert before dinner. Hehe, and that soap sounds amazing. I love gifts like that. Good job Bobby!

    Moderation…couldn’t agree more Maggie, and thank you for the constant reminders. I need them!

    De-stressor for me is a good pedicure. I love them!

  13. Glad you enjoyed the cake! Btw, I tried Spice (actually I tried 2 of them this week!) and I loved it! Thanks so much for the recommendation. I wrote all about it on my blog and credited you, of course! 🙂

    My favorite de-stressor is blogging… that and talking to friends either through e-mail or on the phone.

  14. I absolutely LOVE walking and when I worked in the city, I walked everywhere. Now I live out in the sticks, but I try to walk 45 minutes at lunch every day – it really breaks up the day!

    Maple syrup + black beans? Interesting combo!

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