Gourmet Park and Nutty Butter Fats

The other day I got a package from Maranatha – 2 jars of nut butter. They sent me one jar of no-stir peanut butter and one jar of no-stir almond butter.

feb 18 2010 007

Let me tell you – I thought I didn’t really like almond butter… I was so wrong. This almond butter is great. Both the almond butter and the peanut butter are slightly sweetened with organic cane sugar.

feb 18 2010 011

Thanks, Maranatha! I can’t wait to experiment with these. So far I’ve just had them plain, in oatmeal, and on rice cakes.

I work long hours so recently I have been going to Gourmet Park for dinner. My favorite thing to get is the unlimited topping salad for $6.95. You pick a base (I get romaine), one “meat’” (I get either bacon or shrimp, depending on my mood), and unlimited gourmet toppings.

feb 18 2010 002

This one had (I think I’m forgetting some): roasted oily eggplant, roasted oily Brussels sprouts, broccoli, roasted peppers, corn, peas, water chestnuts, baby corn, mandarin oranges, artichoke hearts, sprouts, and probably some other things. I always get the honey mustard dressing on the side.

Gourmet Park also has a sale on their prepared food after 6:00pm – it’s all half off. So I get prepared food for $4/pound (normally $4/half pound).

feb 18 2010 003

This one was some Asian-inspired cooked salad of broccoli, black sesame seeds (Coco likes these!), peppers, and some other unidentified veggies. Underneath (hiding) are a bunch of oily peppers. I’m really into oily veggies lately – they are so good. Fat is good.

Tonight I got a big dish of something with cauliflower. It was Indian-inspired, I think.

feb 18 2010 012

I topped it with some beef, salmon, and crab (salmon and crab are in that left corner). I also got some oily eggplant and some mashed potatoes. Very filling. Gourmet Park is helping me eat a variety of foods without having to worry about planning my meals.

In terms of exercise I’ve been sticking with my walking routine. Today I actually walked 4 miles instead of 2 because I walked home from work while chatting with my parents.

How often do you talk to your parents? Sometimes I talk to them every day and then other times I will go a week or even more.

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  1. I talk to my parents usually once or twice a week. I used to be a lot better about it in college, but now that my life has gotten 10x busier I usually only talk to them once or twice a week. I really should get better at that!

  2. Yum, these look delicious! I’m totally jealous that you have all these awesome eateries a short walk away! We jsut have fast food nearby and nothing that has fresh yummy salads like that!

    I email my mom 2 or 3 times a week to catch up and talk to her on the phone maybe once a week. Depends more or less if we’re getting along or not!

  3. Salad looks good!! I talk to my parents every few days. We email a lot, does that count? But on the phone maybe 3 times a week. We also do ichat now, so that is fun.

  4. Rice cakes and nut butter…mmmmm..
    I chat with my Ma about once a week or more, it’s nice to keep in touch since we are so far away.
    We will do ichat once junior comes along, we bought my parents a camera for their puter and switched them to a mac for Christmas 🙂

  5. I have some maranatha cashew macadamia right now. Love it.

    I talk to my parents usually once a week or so, more depending on what’s going on in my life.

  6. I love those cooked food from that place… they might not look pretty but I can imagine how tasty they are! 😀
    I talk to my mom once a week now, I should do it more often, i’m just lazy and don’t want to let them know how stressful I am.

  7. I just tried MaraNatha Almond Butter – the “Raw” version and had a hard time getting my spoon out of the jar! Yum. This no-stir, creamy version looks great. What’s your favourite way to eat Almond Butter? I like the rice-cake topper (bananas & a drizzled agave included) but also as a dip for apples or celery sticks!

    I talk to my parents generally once a week on – Sunday mornings are our usual. This year, they started using speakerphone so now I talk to them at the same time, along with any other family members or friends that happen to be around!

  8. I don’t talk to my parents near the amount I should but now we’ve decided Wed. nights we’re going to be meeting for dinner. We’ve been doing this the past few weeks and I look forward to those nights.

    I LOVE almond butter!

  9. There’s one of those by the fiance’s old apt on 69th street that I was obsessed with. Such a good deal and you get soo many veggies in one meal! I talk to my parents about 1-2 times a week, but we email as well. It’s tough with all that goes on, but I think it’s important to stay connected.

  10. I go through phases with talking to my parents. I hardly ever talk to my dad on the phone, but I talk to my mom often. I used to talk to her every day, then went a while with minimal talking…now we talk about once a week. I like to make calls when I’m walking 🙂

  11. I need to check that place out! It is hard to find unlimited toppings in NY! I talk to my parents every couple of days. Talking to my mom on Aim as we speak haha.

  12. No stir nut butters? Cool! because it’s the stirring part that really annoys me.
    I love talking to my parents…I try to call them as often as possible. 🙂

  13. yum yum I just love maranathas nutbutters, almond butter is my favorite by far. Your prepared meals look deelish! I wish I could buy something like that around the store around here! 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend.

  14. The food from Gourmet Park looks so good! Wow. All of it! Yum!
    I’m new to reading your blog but absolutely love it!
    Happy Friday!

  15. my mom has passed away and I don’t talk to my father – but I talk to my godmom once a week

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