I Love Chipotle Burritos & Grits. And Wedding Planning.

Today I got Chipotle for lunch. My fajita burrito had…

  • Wrap (why don’t they have whole wheat yet?)
  • Rice (yum! I love the way they season and butter this)
  • Carnitas (shredded pork)
  • Extra fajita veggies
  • Tomato and corn salsas
  • Lettuce

I ate a little more than half and put it away (I was at lunch with Bobby). Five minutes later I was still ravenous (Bobby was just finishing up his burrito – exactly the same as mine but with beans instead of fajita veggies) so I finished it off. Yum.

Ah, here was my breakfast today – grits with coconut oil and maple syrup. My dad used to make grits all the time when I was growing up. Actually – he still does. Every time Bobby and I go to New Jersey he makes us fried grits and they are amazing.

feb 23 2010 017

I have been very busy wedding planning this week (did I mention I’m trying to plan a wedding in 5 months?). Luckily it’s a simple wedding and I already have the dress ordeal behind me. It was not an ordeal at all.

Anyway, I didn’t get to do my walking yesterday and then I didn’t walk again today (raining). So tonight I plan on doing my Diane Von Furstenberg exercises (sometimes I call them DVF exercises or dvf stretching). I haven’t been into yoga lately but that’s okay. My interests come and go in phases (not that yoga is going – it’s just not top priority right now).

What’s your favorite burrito? What do you put in it? Where do you get it?

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  1. LOVE Chipotle! This is going to sound really weird, and they hate me there, but I get “burritos” there with only fajita veggies and LOTS of guac. I miss it!!

  2. Ah, Chipotle is so good! I’m a big fan of burritos and wraps. I like to stuff as much as I can within a malleable bread product, basically. I usually do some combination of beans, avocado, sauteed veggies, cheese, and tofu at home. I like going to Sharky’s when we get take-out, or El Torito for a sit-down spot.
    Oh, and I planned my wedding in 2 months, so it’s totally possible 🙂 We got engaged in December and married in February. We just did a thing at the courthouse though, and a party at my parents’ house the next day. It’s amazing how much there was to plan still! At least you have the dress (and it’s beautiful)!

  3. Chipotle…have not been in a couple of weeks, and do you know I’ve never had one of their burritos? I like to get a huge salad with a bag of chips. I’ll take my carbs fried and covered in salt & guacamole please. Thank-you. 🙂

    Been walking walking walking myself. Yoga not so much, but the mat is always there. Sunshine and 60 degrees is not!

    Best of luck with the wedding Maggie. When’s the date? It’s going to be beautiful and perfect!

  4. Just went to Chipotle for the first time. Felt like I was in the line for the soup nazi cuzz everyone knew what to do but me.
    I ordered the vegetarian burrito with hot red salsa and corn salsa, and guac. I didn’t realixe you could get cheese!

    Next time I will try the salad with chips and dip or another burrito with cheez 🙂

  5. I have been there with that Chipotle burrito. Those things are addictive and so hard to stop eating once you start, but then you get soooooo thirsty! Haven’t seen one in years, i’ll live through your fun story. Glad to hear you found your wedding dress.
    Grits and maple & coconut oil….yummmmmm

  6. I’m not a fan of cilantro, so I don’t really like Chipolte. I think I’ve had it twice but they had a lot of cilantro and that makes everything just taste off to me. I love the little build your burrito graphic though! We have Qdoba here which I used to love and I would get their burrito w/ black beans and extra fajita veggies and corn salsa. J’s family eats like the same 3 foods in constant rotation and never gets sick of it, though. So at one point his mom was asking us to get Qdoba burritos for everybody ea. Sunday for a few months and even THINKING about it now makes me feel sick to my stomach. I’m so turned off by it. Ick!

    Ok HOW did I miss that you found your wedding dress?! Of course I want to see it!!! I’m a FOOL for wedding stuff. I love watching all of those shows on TLC and blogs and stuff. I’m going to be one prepared lady if/when I ever get proposed to. It’s all planned in my head, I just need a green light to make it a reality! hehe

  7. you are my hero! maggie this “go with the flow” stuff is pretty great. im working on it too, and working it. it feels great when i let it flow.

    i also LOVE that you went to your meeting sunday. i hope it is something that will continue to be positive for you!

    lots of love, have a happy wednesday!

  8. I’ve been wondering why Chipotle doesn’t do WW wraps yet, too! Yes, that site freaks me out, but really, Chipotle is so fresh and clean that there are really worse calories to be eating, right? Your combination sounds delicious 🙂 But wait, none of their famous guac?! 😉

    My favorite burrito is anything loaded with guac, salsa, and beans 🙂 Sometimes I get the burrito bowl or salad to lighten it up, but other times only the wrap will do!

  9. I used to down an entire 7 layer burrito at Taco Bell when I was younger (and that’s not to say anything about the other fast food I used to eat …). The chipotle one looks much nicer 🙂

    I’m so impressed that you’re planning a wedding in 5 months. I can’t wait to hear more about it!

  10. I love burritos !!! that lime rice is always my favorite and can never get enough of it! even though every time I got bloated after eating in Chipolet 😀 haha

    I didn’t know you are going to get married soooooon!!
    Big Congratulations !

  11. How do these fast food places manage to pack so many calories into stuff? Still, screw it! I swear I never even bother looking at calories anymore. After how closely I used to monitor every calorie that went into my mouth, it’s like I can’t bare to do it anymore!

    And don’t worry about the wedding, you’ve already got your makeup artist (if you need/want one). 😉

  12. I really want to go to Chipotle- always sounds amazing! I would get rice, beans, veggies, cheese, chicken, salsa, lettuce…go big or go home, right ? 😛

    I just did a post answering your question from yesterday…and left you a little surprise at the end!

  13. I go the HEAB route with salad and chips too! Baja Fresh actually makes the besstttt Baja burritos, i can’t wait to get one when i go back to CA!

  14. There is a chipotle four blocks from me but I never really go. I like it, but I don’t crave it. I might be a bigger fan if they did have ww wraps. Actually, I’m not really a big wrap or rice person. I just like the chipotle fillings. Yum! And maple coconut oil grits? Can you say brilliant?
    xoxox Caronae

  15. mmkay this is TWICE i have seen cipolte on blogs… i have GOT to find one down here!!!! coconut oil i like my favorite for like EVERYTHING sooooo yummmy

  16. I’ve never had a chipotle burrito, I’ve always opted for the bowl, I love lettuce!

    I LOVE grits with maple syrup. It doesn’t seem like a lot of ppl in the bloggie world eat grits, just oats! So yay, go you 🙂

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