Souen Macrobiotic Restaurant: The Best Lunch Ever

This morning after meeting (3rd week in a row!) Bobby and I went to Souen, a macrobiotic restaurant, for brunch. You might remember that I experimented with macrobiotics last year (actually it was just over a year ago this month) and I really enjoyed it. I cultivated my love of kabocha and I learned a lot about how the food we eat impacts the way we feel. Here are some resources:

So today I wanted to try going back to macrobiotics again. I opted for “Brunch A” ($8.50 – well worth it!! Huge portions for me):

  • Kenchin-Tofu Drop Soup: tofu, shiitake, burdock, carrot and watercress in kombu kuzu broth.
  • Corn Bread or Spelt Bread (I got corn bread, duh – with miso tahini dressing)
  • Steamed Vegetables (carrot, daikon, squash and greens)

Bobby got “Brunch B” ($11 – oddly enough this was less food than Brunch A):

  • Yuba: steamed tofu “skin” marinated in kombu-shiitake broth.
  • Mixed Grain of the Day (basmati wild rice)
  • Goma-Ae: steamed special greens with black sesame sauce.
  • Goma Tofu: soy free, creamy and nutty sesame “tofu”.
  • Stewed Vegetables: cooked carrot, gobo, yam cake and lotus root in tamari broth.

I thought this was possibly the best lunch/brunch I have ever had. And there were flowers, soy sauce, and sesame seeds:

feb 28 2010 006

My soup came first. Bobby and I actually swapped soups because we each liked the other’s better.

feb 28 2010 008

The cornbread was really interesting (in a good way) – it was not very sweet at all and tasted healthy (again, in a good way). It came with miso tahini dressing (I finished this dressing and got more – so good). Two related recipes that I made before:

feb 28 2010 007

My veggies came last. The kabocha was ripe and perfectly steamed. The carrots and daikon were also perfectly steamed. Even the kale was delicious! (Sometimes I think it’s boring.)

feb 28 2010 010

Here was Bobby’s spread (clockwise from top left: spinach, rice, tofu skin thing, sesame tofu thing, and soup):

feb 28 2010 009

I thought that Bobby’s gomae (steamed spinach with sesame sauce – I have a recipe here) was really yummy. He thought it tasted a little bit like dirt, but I honestly thought it was great. I also thought his goma tofu (tofu made with sesame) was good, but he didn’t like the texture much. Next time he is getting fish. We’re going to bring his mom here when his family visits in March (!). I think she would appreciate it.

Brunch dessert was a piece of Macasure chocolate. I saw it at Whole Foods yesterday and picked it up. Really good! Bobby liked it too.


I’m gonna end with a mantra that I was contemplating this morning during my hour of silence:

May everyone be happy, well, and peaceful.

How was your weekend?

19 Replies to “Souen Macrobiotic Restaurant: The Best Lunch Ever”

  1. I love Souen! Did you go to the one near Union Sq. or the one in Soho? I actually think the Soho one is better…

    Hope you have a restful Sunday evening!

  2. well you know that i am in love with your brunch dishes!! mmmm delicious 😀

    and that kabocha definitely does look perfectly steamed.

    beautiful mantra!

    have a great week

  3. Looks good! I don’t think I’ve ever tried kale, it looks good on that plate, though! I hear a lot that it can be bitter, so I always get nervous about foods like that since I’ve never cooked them b4.

  4. oh… that must be my favorite brunch too… you have to take me to that place next time I go to NYC. That kabocha looks really ripped… sooo good!!

  5. I also think the Souen in Soho is much better in both atmosphere and service. I’d love to go back soon too. Glad you had a wonderful brunch.

  6. i LOVE cornbread! i just made some quinoa cornbread the other day. it was very healthy and interesting with the quinoa crunch. not sweet at all!

  7. Maggie, I so admire your ability to always eat healthy! I wish I had the dedication, and I do try…but I struggle haha that food looks scrumptious though! 🙂

  8. That restaurant looks like so much fun! Gorgeous setting, too. I don’t like sweet cornbread, so the cornbread you had looks perfect. What a nice variety for brunch 🙂

  9. Your brunch looked delicious and healthy which is such a surprise (for me) to see. At the risk of sounding like a lunatic, I am SO in love with kabocha lately that I’ve been craving it for desert! It’s delicous 🙂
    Loved your mantra, too.

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