Souen Again: The Best Dinner Ever

Remember Sunday’s best lunch ever? I went to Souen with Bobby and I loved the food. Well, now I’ve had the Best Dinner Ever. We went to Souen last night (the Union Square location) and it was really awesome (again).

Last time Bobby didn’t like his meal much (I think he ordered the wrong thing), but last night was so different. He started out with a natto roll (fermented soy beans, brown rice, seaweed, and wasabi and ginger) ($4.00).

Then our main dishes came out. I got the Planet Platter ($8.50! great deal), which is very similar to my brunch last week. It’s a huge plate of brown rice, beans, steamed kabocha squash (!), steamed kale, hijiki seaweed, steamed daikon, and steamed carrots.

Ahh, it was heavenly. I got the miso tahini dressing (again). I am a creature of habit, yes. I finished almost all of this at the restaurant; brought home some of the rice for later but caved and had it as a midnight snack.

Bobby got the Chick Pea Croquette (3 pieces of deep-fried chick pea croquette with curry carrot sauce; served with yam and mesclun salad) ($13). It came with veggies and brown rice.

I tried a piece of a croquette at dinner and we took the 3rd croquette home (he was full from the sushi)… which I had with my midnight rice snack. Yum! These were really good but really garlicky – my mouth was so gross this morning, even though I brushed my teeth really well.

I am actually off to Souen again (Soho location this time) to meet a blogger – I have not decided what to get yet. I think the menus are different at each location. I also want to get my nails done today! I haven’t gotten a mani or pedi in ages.

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. that plate looks so much alike the balanced meal that I had in Argentina. Sooo my kind of meal! Make sure to take me to that place next time I go to NYC (well.. many other places that you like as well).

  2. Those croquettes looks so delicious!

    Have fun with the blogger lunch. I’m meeting up with a blogger today too 😉 Also, enjoy the mani/pedi. And THANK YOU again for the shopping suggestions 🙂

  3. Thanks for meeting up with me and it was a pleasure to meet you the very first time! 🙂 I never had that daikon the last time I had the macro plate at the Soho location. I got cheated, lol. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. OHhh Maggie I TOTLLY went to check out the restaurant website and browed their menu – anything you recommend is worth investigation, even if I don’t even live in the same city! hahah Th menu looks incredible! Though i’m surprised ou didn’t end up ordering any burdock! hahahah There’s a buffet in Hong Kong that i htink you would FALL IN LOVE with. *sigh* Burdock heaven i tell you!!!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful night my dear!! 🙂

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