Macrobiotic Souen Meals

I am on a Souen kick (macrobiotic, vegan and vegetarian – but has fish restaurant) and I cannot get enough. For brunch Bobby and I went to Souen in Union Square. I got the Brunch A ($8.50, the best deal ever) again:

  • Kenchin-Tofu Drop Soup  – tofu, shiitake, burdock, carrot and watercress in kombu kuzu broth
  • Corn Bread (you can also get Spelt Bread or Sour Dough)
  • Steamed Vegetables (carrot, daikon, kabocha squash and greens)

Bobby got the Scrambled Tofu with Salmon ($10.50) – Served with brown rice, bread and yam and mesclun salad. You can also get this with Tempeh Bacon for $2 less, but we are not really fans of tempeh. Here is my phone picture:

I shared my soup, took most of my cornbread home, and ate Bobby’s yams. I also had a lot of their miso tahini dressing, which I posted a recipe for the other day.

When we got home we needed to relax, so we went across the street to a spa called Enliven. We got a Couples Massage – 60 minutes for each of us and we were next to each other (screen between us). It was really nice. The spa is very Traditional Chinese Medicine-y and I know they also offer acupuncture and other cool services. They have good reviews on Yelp.

For dinner I made a salmon head/neck that I got in Chinatown (I just boiled it with veggies and dill and miso). I also made a Porgy that I learned to cook at last week’s cooking class (which reminds me that I still need to post about that). And kabocha.

Tomorrow’s plans? I am going to try to get down to Souen in Soho at 10am for a talk with John Kozinski, who is apparently some famous macrobiotic dude. Then Bobby and I have a brunch double date with a friend. I think we’ll go to The Mudspot. (Anyone been there?)

What did/will you do this weekend?

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  1. You need to order from Good Healthy on 75 and 1 — they have macro options there too, and I LOVE their mexican food!

  2. Wow! You really should be a spokesperson for Souen. 🙂

    @ Dori, I went to Good Health a long time ago. It’s a very small joint. Definitely a very ‘intimate’ setting.

    I baked cookies today for a friend! Rainy days call for baked goods.

  3. Maggie, I would LOVE to read more about your days. 🙂 Esp since you’ve got a wedding coming up…you’ve got lots to share, my dear girl! Plus, I love spying and stalking the people I love but are too goddamn far away. lol.

    I think i’m gonna have a kabocha for my midnight snack tonight. That makes me happy, too. we’re two happy orange kabocha-lovin’ people! 😀

  4. hey mags! you know, don’t be sad about your kabocha addiction. if you are giving in to it, then you gave out to it too, so you can always go either way. you have the power! so dont feel badly about it and just love what you love! kabocha is healthy and yummy and theres nothing wrong with lovin’ that!


  5. oh boy..good food, friends, massages and chill time? Sounds perfect in my book.
    2 years 3 months???

    If I add up my two blogs I have in about that too! how fun!

    I have plans to get a run in tomorrow and enjoy every second of outside time I can before another week locks me up indoors!

    have a great Sunday Maggie!

  6. I need to try scrambled tofu – I am curious to see if it’s comparable to scrambled eggs. A couples massage sounds amazing, too!

  7. Kabocha is never a “sad” meal if it makes you happy Maggie. 🙂

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend thus far. I will dine at Souen someday. I WILL.

    I’m all out of tahini. Ahh, used the last of it yesterday. Must buy more, mix it with miso, and then drizzle it on everything. 🙂

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